Like mother, like daughter: Deva Cassel and the new Monica Bellucci style


Deva Cassel as mother Monica Bellucci. The similarity between the two is even more evident thanks to the new long bob proposed by the young model during Paris Fashion Week. Vincent Cassel’s daughter proposed a curly hair reminiscent of her mother Monica in 2005.

From his mother he inherited beauty, poise and a strong propensity to capture the scene. Deva Casseldaughter of Monica Belluccireappeared during the Paris Fashion Week sporting a new haircut that makes the similarity even more evident between mother and daughter.

Credits: Monica Bellucci/Deva Cassel/Instagram – VelvetMag

In addition, in addition to being one of the new generation models, Deva Cassel is also approaching the film scene. Considering the family predisposition, it was only a matter of time. As well as Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, also Deva will soon debut at the cinema and for a Italian movie. In fact, she will be among the protagonists of The beautiful summerbased on the novel of the same name by Caesar Pavese. Directed by Laura Luchetti. So far Deva Cassel has graced the catwalks international by linking itself above all to maisons such as Dolce&Gabbana, in turn fond of mother Monica. Not long ago, mother and daughter divided the scene by posing as testimonials for the Italian haute couture house.

Deva Cassell curly like mom Monica Bellucci: the hair cut you like

For Deva Cassel the bestas Ligabue sings, is yet to come. At just 18, she’s already modeling it ambassadors Of Cartier it is well seen by high fashion houses. She has taken the baton from the hands of her mother and in recent years she has allowed herself several appearances on the catwalk. Carrying on the family legacy and becoming one of the strongest representatives of the new generation of models, Deva Cassel reappeared at Paris Fashion Week, albeit this time sitting in the front row. The beautiful model attended the Dior collection, showing off a new haircut that further enhances the extreme resemblance to Monica Bellucci. Both beautiful and with thick raven hair, they never go unnoticed when their time to shine comes.

Deva CasselMonica Bellucci
Deva Cassel. Credits: Instagram/Dior – VelvetMag

Her latest haircut is reminiscent of the glamorous 2000s by Monica Bellucci. Impossible to forget the actress alongside Vincent Cassel on the red carpet with her very curly bob cut. Today, however, it is her daughter Deva who pays homage to that look during Paris Fashion Week. Host of the fashion show Dior Haute Couture Of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the young model proposed a voluminous and wavy bob, with a central line. Born in 2004, Deva has strengthened the hair cut trend of the moment that she favors for short hair as also demonstrated by Hailey Bieber And Michelle Williams. Monica Bellucci’s daughter, however, has added something extra to her by making her long bob slightly retro. Inspired by her mother’s hairstyle, her rigorously curly haircut enhances the details of her face even more. Rebellious tufts touch her eyes and accompany her cheekbones, making it extremely dynamic and sometimes mysterious.

Deva CasselMonica Bellucci
Deva Cassel. Credits: Instagram via screenshot – VelvetMag

Comparing the mother’s 2000s shots with the daughter’s current ones, it’s hard to tell the difference. Strongly similar, they look like two drops of water. The only one difference? Monica Bellucci loved to wear the lateral tuftleaving the forehead freer.

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