LIVE Alpine skiing, Downhill Lake Louise 2022 LIVE: fall without consequences for Paris. Unapproachable Kilde


LIVE Alpine skiing, Downhill Lake Louise 2022 LIVE: fall without consequences for Paris.  Unapproachable Kilde
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21.24 Sander is nineteenth, the German goes far: 2.70 from the leader.

21.21 Nineteenth Giezendanner at 3.23: truly incredible detachments inflicted by Kilde.

21.19 Cater also loses a lot: the Slovenian reaches 2.08 from Kilde.

21.17 Sixteenth position for Muzaton at 2.21: no one approaches Kilde.

21.15 Fifteenth position at 1.81 for Innerhofer: a test without high notes.


21.13 3.43 late for the Canadian: biblical detachment, really a bad test. At the top he lay down after a slip.

21.12 Landlord James Crawford leaves.

21.11 Thirteenth at 1.63 the American Ganong, test without jolts.

21.09 Marsaglia fourteenth at 2.44: he lost a lot in the final.

21.09 Half a second late in the intermediate third for the Roman.

21.08 Our Matteo Marsaglia leaves.

21.06 This is the ranking after the first 15 athletes who went down:

1 Aleksander Aamodt Kilde 1′ 47.98
2 Daniel Hemetsberger +00.06
3 Marco Odermatt +00.10
4 Matthias Mayer +00.37
5 Beat Feuz +00.63
6 Niels Hintermann +00.95
7 Thomas Dressen +01.02
8 Ryan Cochran-Siegle +01.12
9 Romed Baumann +01.13
10 Vincent Kriechmayr +01.25
11 Dominik Schwaiger +01.38
12 Otmar Striedinger +01.69
13 Bryce Bennett +03.34
14 Dominik Paris DNF

21.04 Sixth Clarey at 88 cents: the Frenchman performed well, too conservative on the wall.

21.03 French veteran Johan Clarey left.

21.03 Fifth Feuz at 63 cents from Kilde: the gleaning at the start and the error at the end of the wall were decisive.

21.02 Feuz earns three cents on Kilde after three intermediates.

21.01 Beat Feuz starts now.

21.00 The blue was going strong, he was in line with Kilde. Points lost for the downhill cup.

20.59 Unlucky for Paris, he took a cut in the snow and the attacks jumped as soon as they heard the lateral blow.


20.58 7 cents late in the third intermediate for Paris on Kilde.


20.57 THIRD ODERMATT! 10 cents from Kilde, third also behind Hemetsberger! He lost in the final, in the section where the Norwegian made the difference.

20.56 39 cents of margin in the middle of the race! Incredible smoothness quality.

20.55 And now His Majesty, Marco Odermatt.

20.54 Eighth at 1.25 Kriechmayr: really disappointing test for the Austrian apparently without errors.

20.53 Kriechmayr starts!

20.52 Hintermann’s action is too round and waiting: fourth at 95 cents from Kilde.

20.51 The Swiss Niels Hintermann leaves.

20.50 Third position at 37 cents for Matthias Meyer: some lines too low in the central part, the Austrian was forced to go up again.

20.49 Tight lines that pay for Mayer: 20 cents ahead of Kilde in the middle of the match.

20.48 Matthias Meyer, winner last year, starts.

20.48 6 cents late for Hemetsberger! Great performance by the Austrian: a small inaccuracy on the steep slope cost him the first position.

20.47 22 cents ahead for Hemetsberger in the middle of the race! He is building up a lot of speed and keeping the Austrian’s foot down, evidently in confidence.

20.46 The Austrian Hemetsberger leaves.

20.45 The American is third at 1.12: behind Dressen. Kilde has carved a very remarkable groove.

20.44 Cochran-Siegle part.

20.43 1.02 ahead for Kilde! A clean and attacking test: it won’t be easy to undermine.

20.43 Eight tenths ahead for Kilde! Second monstrous part!

20.42 Kilde starts!

20.41 Bennett does not keep his foot down: little confidence, little courage and abysmal detachment. 2.32 late from Dressen: a really bad performance.

20.40 The American Bennett takes off.

20.39 In front of everyone Dressen! 1:49 net: great final part and convincing proof on return.

20.38 Thomas Dressen starts, he has already been the winner in Lake Louise.

20.37 Schwaiger earns a lot in the final: 25 cents behind his compatriot Baumann. He paid for an obvious mistake in the central part, but maintained good speed.

20.35 The German Schwaiger on the track.

20.34 56 cents late for Striedinger, more cautious in the second part, probably due to imperfect visibility.

20.33 The Austrian Striedinger leaves.

20.32 1:49.11 Baumann’s time: very undulating terrain, very hard track. He could benefit powerful athletes like Paris.


20.29 The first to leave will be the German Romed Baumann.

20.26 In addition to Paris, Marsaglia, Innerhofer, Casse, Bosca, Molteni, Schieder, Franzoni and Franzoso are at the start in Italy.

20.22 The landlords also dream with James Crawford, who immediately stood out in the first timed trial and is particularly well on the snow at home.

20.18 Other names to pay attention to are the two Austrians Kriechmayr and Mayer, but also with bib 12 Marco Odermatt: the Swiss won the last World Cup and this year he started by winning the inaugural giant in Soelden.

20.14 There seem to be two main favorites: Beat Feuz and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. The Swiss and the Norwegian had great duels last season and are ready to do it again this year.

20.10 Dominik Paris has picked up bib number 13: the South Tyrolean immediately tries to hit a shot, even if the American trip has never been congenial to him in his career.

20.06 We try again to compete in Alberta, after yesterday’s poor visibility and little snow: the downhill will take place instead of the Super G.

20.02 Good evening friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the Lake Louise downhill, valid for the 2022-2023 Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup.

Hello friends of OA Sport, and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the downhill of Lake Louise (Canada), valid for the 2022-2023 Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup. After the cancellations of the free descents of Cervinia-Zermatt and the first in Alberta, the season finally begins also for the jet men. Super-G will be staged tomorrow.

The first big opportunity to shine for Dominik Paris, who this season has set himself the goal of conquering his first career downhill cup. The South Tyrolean, however, must get points right away and is looking for a victory that has been missing in Canada for too many years now, given that the first and only success came in 2013 downhill. Subsequently, two second places in 2019 and two third places in 2018 in downhill and in 2014 in super-G followed in Lake Louise.

The opponents for the blue are many, the competitiveness is high. The Austrian Matthias Mayer he won last year in the only race held (downhill) and also in 2019 he won the super-G. The past season saw an epic downhill duel between the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and the Swiss Beat Feuz, who present themselves again this year as the men to beat.

Another super hot name for a win is the Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr, who can get on the top step of the podium both in downhill and in super-G, given that he boasts three second places in Lake Louise. The hosts also dream with James Crawford, who immediately came to light in the first timed trial. To them, however, must be added the ruler of last season’s World Cup, Marco Odermatt. The Swiss also impressed in the past season in terms of speed and wants to repeat himself immediately in Lake Louise. The Swiss champion can really do anything and is ready to take center stage as he already did in the giant opening in Soelden.

In Italy there is not only Dominik Paris, but in recent weeks Mattia Casse he proved to be in excellent shape. The good results in the FIS races in North America and the second place in Tuesday’s event bode well for ed the Piedmontese can be competitive throughout the three days. There will still be eternity Christof Innerhofer, but the spotlights are also on the young Giovanni Franzoni, particularly in super-G after winning the European Cup last season. Signals are also expected from the other Azzurri, for an Italy that wants a generational change and is still looking for vice-Paris. At the start for the blues too Matteo Marsaglia, Guglielmo Bosca, Nicolò Molteni, Florian Schieder, Emanuele Buzzi, Pietro Zazzi, Matteo Franzoso.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of the Lake Louise downhill. After yesterday’s cancellation, we try again. At 20.30 Italian time (12.30 local time) we start. Good fun!

Photo: Lapresse

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