LIVE Fencing, 2022 World Cup LIVE: the sabers out in the quarterfinals. Soon the foil players


LIVE Fencing, 2022 World Cup LIVE: the sabers out in the quarterfinals.  Soon the foil players
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Garozzo faces substitute Im.

20-16 The fourth assault ends and Italy expands its advantage.

19-16 Para and Ha responds.

19-15 Foconi took a blow on the Korean Ha’s jab.

19-13 Foconi with a great shot forward!

18-13 Ha finds target in close combat.

18-12 Always Foconi! The blue is striking in every way.

17-12 Bravo Foconi to find space on the opponent’s arm.

16-12 Another cynical attack by Foconi!

15-12 Foconi starts great with a jab at a low target.

Now Alessio Foconi faces Taegyu Hu in the fourth assault.

14-12 Marini closes the jab! Great attack!

12-12 Nice extension by Marini with a nice reflection.

11-12 Great offensive by Chung that closes Marini at the corner.

11-11 One jab on each side.

10-10 TWO STOCKS IN A ROW FOR MARINI! He leaves and surprises Chung after he gets up.

8-10 Beautiful defense of the Korean.

8-9 Marini parade and response!

7-9 The young blue immediately surprises Chung.

Now it’s up to Marini, world silver won in this review in Cairo.

6-9 Foconi stockpile in turn.

5-9 Still very fast Heo: second hit in a row.

5-8 Heo changes pace and surprises Foconi.

5-7 Close melee still won by Foconi.

4-7 Heo waits and scores.

4-6 Foconi manages to deal with the melee.

3-6 Heo’s parry and response.

3-5 Strenuous defense of Foconi on the Korean’s vehement attack.

2-5 Great counterattack by Ha which closes the first assault ahead. Now Alessio Foconi against Heo.

2-4 Excellent reach by Garozzo.

1-4 Parade and response from Ha.

1-3 Garozzo manages to close a long attack.

0-3 Crazy start of Ha!

0-2 Another excellent thrust from Ha.

0-1 He lowers and places the jab Ha.

It begins! He has against Garozzo.

11.13 Italy and Korea take to the platform for the men’s foil quarter-finals.

11.07 Hungary will now face the surprise Spain which has eliminated Germany against prediction.

11.05 Heavy especially the 11-1 suffered by Battiston against Battai in the fourth assault. Italy already had a good margin and from then on they had to chase.

43-45 Hungary wins and flies to the semifinals. The magiare eliminate Italy: our path in the female saber is already over.

43-44 Pustzai a moment before. Match point.

43-43 In extension with the right times Gregorio!

42-43 The Hungarian takes the iron and Gregory answers!

41-43 Two great defenses of the Hungarian.

41-41 Para and Gregory responds!

40-41 Still good Puzstai to move and score.

40-40 Puzstai lowers and hits.

40-39 ELOISA’S DEFENSE PASSAROOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! WHAT A ASSALTOOOO !!! 9-4 the partial, Italy is ahead! And now there is Rossella Gregorio.

38-38 Exceptional defenses by both.

37-37 Still everything in balance.

37-36 This time Passaro does not close the attack.


35-35 Two more hits! Wonderful Eloisa!

33-35 Aggressive Passaro !! Immediately go and strike twice!

31-35 Italy remains at -4 after this seventh assault. Now on the platform Eloisa Passaro who replaces a disastrous Battiston.

31-34 In reach the blue!

30-34 Defense and counterattack by Criscio!

29-33 Martina Criscio again!

28-33 High target taken by Criscio!

27-33 Criscio does not close the attack.

27-31 Para and Battai responds.

26-30 Katona closes the assault four points ahead. He has recovered two Gregorio jabs. Now Martina Criscio against Battai.

26-28 Gregory waits too long in this circumstance.

26-27 One jab each.

25-26 Gregory always arrives early!

23-26 Another shot by the vice-champion of Europe!

22-26 Gregory’s perfect low shot.

21-26 He gains the platform and Gregorio closes the jab.

19-25 The attack ends 5-3 for Puzstai and Italy must recover six hits. It’s up to Rossella Gregorio against Renata Katona.

19-24 Nice defense of Criscio.

18-23 Criscio decided attack who gains a lot of platform.

17-22 Puzstai continues to defend himself well.

17-21 The Hungarian answers well.

17-20 Para and Criscio answers!

Now Martina Criscio against Pusztai.

16-20 Total disaster by Battiston: assault concluded 1-11. It’s harder now.

16-19 One hit on each side.

15-18 Always comes a moment before Battai.

15-16 Another hit by the Hungarian and partial of 0-7 …

15-15 Battai arrives a moment earlier.

15-14 Battiston’s attacks are foreseeable.

15-12 Frecciata of the Hungarian.

15-11 Two saves and answers for Battai.

15-9 Criscio’s perfect assault! 5-0 and now it’s up to Battiston against Battai.

14-9 Criscio’s run and jab!

13-9 Criscio boarding!

12-9 Criscio crushes the opponent and hits her!

10-9 PARADE AND GREGORIO RESPONSE! We conclude this assault with the advantage. Now it’s Martina Criscio’s turn against Renata Katona,

9-8 One hit on each side.

8-7 Two excellent advances from the Hungarian at the thigh.

8-5 Gregory again!

7-5 Great start also for Gregorio: really fast reflexes of the blue.

5-3 SUPER MICHELA BATTISTON! Stocked in very rapid succession and Italy is already ahead. Now it’s up to Rossella Gregorio against Luca Szucs.


10.27 Tommaso Marini, Daniele Garozzo, Guillaume Bianchi and Alessio Foconi: the blue one is truly a dream team.

10.24 In the men’s foil the blues play the role of the favorites. It starts with the quarter-finals at 11.20 with the challenge against South Korea.

10.21 For the Italian team on the platform will be Michela Battiston, the European vice-champion Rossella Gregorio and Martina Criscio.

10.18 The program opens at 10.30 with the quarter-finals of the women’s saber team tournament. Italy challenges Hungary to enter the medals area.

10.15 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE on the last day of the 2022 World Fencing Championships taking place in Cairo, Egypt.

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE written on the last day of the 2022 World Fencing Championships. We have reached the final stages of this edition held in Cairo (Egypt). The last acts of the men’s foil and women’s saber team tournaments remain to be played, with Italy present in both draws that will resume from the quarter-finals.

It will start at 10.30 with the women’s saber quarters. The Italy of European vice-champion Rossella Gregorio will face Hungary, with a view to the possible semi-final against one between Spain and Germany. Gregorio, Criscio and Battiston yesterday only had to deal with the Greece practice to rise up to the quarters.

From 11.20 there will also be space for men’s foil, with Italy resuming its journey towards the podium against South Korea. force of things Tommaso Marini, initially spared in view of subsequent appointments. In the round of 16 against Brazil, Italy raised the level, conceding just 17 hits to the South Americans. Excellent performance by Guillaume Bianchi, with Alessio Foconi always able to make a good contribution. Undertone Daniele Garozzo, slipped on the bench.

The last day of the Fencing World Championships will start, as mentioned, at 10.30. You can follow all the assaults in live streaming on the FIE Youtube channel, while the assaults for the medals will be visible on live TV on Raisport and Eurosport, and in streaming on their respective platforms. OA Sport will offer you, as usual, the written LIVE LIVE of every single assault. Have fun and go blue!

Photo: Bizzi / Federscherma

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