LIVE Italy-Brazil 0-1 women’s volleyball, LIVE 2022 World Cup: 4-6, blue in great trouble


LIVE Italy-Brazil 0-1 women’s volleyball, LIVE 2022 World Cup: 4-6, blue in great trouble
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14-15 Rare mistake in Brazil with Rosamaria.

13-15 Rosamaria again diagonally. Macris can sort the game better thanks to almost always perfect reception.

13-14 Hands out of Pietrini, oxygen.

12-14 Hands out of Rosamaria, Egonu is not forcing the joke at all.

12-13 Powerful diagonal of Egonu.

11-13 Another first half of Carol. The reception of Brazil so far is deciding the semifinal.

11-12 Egonu’s attack on the field.

10-12 Sylla reception is wrong, then invasion of Orro. A time-out is enough to send the Italians into a tailspin.

10-11 Defended first Lubian and then Pietrini. Gabi in pipe does not forgive. The blue flame has already gone out.

10-10 First half of Caral. The super Brazilian power plants so far.

Time-out Zé Roberto.

10-9 Great wall of Egonu on Lorenne, we hope it gives the shock.

9-9 Defense of De Gennaro and parallel of Pietrini in counterattack.

8-9 Finally a winning counterattack by Egonu after a defense by Orro.

7-9 Diagonal of Egonu.

6-9 Diagonal of Lorenne, who is not making the blue understand anything. The spark has never been ignited so far.

6-8 Hands out of Sylla on the second attempt.

Mazzani time-out. This semifinal is going really badly, at the moment Brazil were clearly superior.

5-8 Lorenne’s counterattack after Orro had raised really badly for both Egonu and Sylla.

5-7 Lorenne lob from the second line, here the blues have slept in defense.

5-6 Fast by Lubian. But we need something more in joke.

4-6 Fast by Carol Gattaz.

4-5 Immediately Pietrini scores, let’s see if he can change the inertia of the game.

3-5 Telephoned lob by Egonu, again Rosamaria relentless. Bosetti exits, Pietrini enters.

3-4 Italy almost always loses long exchanges, too much effort in attack. Rosamaria signs the new Brazilian overtaking.

3-3 Fast by Carlo Gattaz.

3-2 Wall of Orro.

2-2 First half of Lubian.

1-2 Egonu walled by Rosamaria in counterattack.

1-1 Wall of Danesi on Lorenne.

0-1 Bosetti immediately takes a wall from Lorenne.

20.29 However, the game is still long, the blue must believe it.

20.28 10 points for Egonu, who nevertheless made a lot of mistakes in hot moments. In this World Cup it is the big difference between her and Boskovic.

20.27 Only one wall for the blue, five for Brazil.

20.26 Italy did not play badly, but Brazil played better. In particular, the blue never found the measures on the wall, while with the joke they did not put in difficulty the green-gold reception.


23-25 ​​Egonu shoots out the counterattack of the draw. First set to Brazil.

23-24 Infinite exchange closed by Sylla, but Brazil is defending everything.

22-24 Egonu walled by Carol. It hurts.

22-23 Gabi hits diagonally.

22-22 Egonu is defended for the first time by Lorenne, then scores with the pipe.

21-22 Sylla walled in counterattack. Here Malinov really bad in the replay phase. This point can be decisive.

Malinov enters for Orro.

21-21 Hands out of Egonu, but Rosamaria’s series at the service punished us.

Mazzanti time-out.

20-21 Murata Egonu, overtaking Brazil.

20-20 Kisy Nascimento draws.

20-19 Italy contains twice on the wall, then Macris hurts us with a second touch.

20-18 Bosetti scores on the second attempt.

19-18 Lorenne diagonal, inexorable.

19-17 Counterattack by Egonu who manages to fix a bad dribble by Orro.

18-17 Egonu scores diagonally.

17-17 Lorenne again with a lob that deceives the blue.

17-16 First half of Danesi.

16-16 Parallel of Lorenne, who is doing us terrible.

16-15 Diagonal of Sylla without fear.

Mazzanti time-out.

15-15 Egonu attacks on the net. Volleyball is like this: an error on the serve can be very expensive, especially in such balanced matches.

15-14 And Brazil immediately punishes us. Defended Sylla’s attack, hands out of Gabi.

15-13 Lubian’s joke comes out. Another gift to Brazil.

15-12 Monstrous pipe by Paola Egonu.

14-12 This time Bosetti’s joke comes out.

Brazil time-out.

14-11 Ace from Caterina Bosetti! His serving series is breaking this first set.

13-11 Long exchange, Sylla closes it with a peremptory diagonal in the center of the field.

12-11 Along the Gabi attack.

11-11 Fast by Lubian.

10-11 Net invasion of Orro.

10-10 Parallel to Egonu, does not hold the bagher of the free.

9-10 Diagonal on the Lorenne line.

9-9 Hands out of Bosetti in counterattack.

8-9 Egonu’s attack at the intersection of the lines.

7-9 Bosetti defense twice, Gabi immediately punishes us from the second line.

7-8 Italy does not exploit a counterattack, Ana Carol walls Danesi.

7-7 Egonu diagonal.

6-7 Orro’s joke on the net.

6-6 Hands out of Egonu too.

5-6 Hands out of Lorenne.

5-5 Lubian Wall on Gabi, Sylla had received badly.

4-5 Sylla walled by Macris.

4-4 Lorenne’s devastating pipe.

4-3 Nice defense of the blue on Gabi, then counterattack by Sylla diagonally.

3-3 Egonu’s powerful pipe. No break so far.

2-3 Fast by Carol Gattaz.

2-2 Parallel push by Bosetti, Brazil protests.

1-2 Rosamaria’s impregnable diagonal.

1-1 Incisive diagonal by Caterina Bosetti.

0-1 Hands out of Rosamaria.

20.00 The semifinal begins with Sylla batting.

19.58 The titular sextet of Italy. Orro-Egonu, Lubian-Danesi, Sylla-Bosetti, De Gennaro free. So Chirichella on the bench.

19.57 Lorenne plays in Brazil.

19.55 Hymn of MAMELI! Let us join together with our Sisters of Italy!

19.53 We start with the Brazilian anthem.

19.53 It’s time for the national anthems.

19.51 The teams now finish the warm-up phase.

19.47 The probable titular sextet of Brazil: Macris-Tainara, Gabi-Pri Daroit, Carol-Carol Gattaz, Natinha.

7.45pm The probable titular sextet of Italy: Orro-Egonu, Bosetti-Sylla, Danesi-Lubian / Chirichella, De Gennaro.

19.43 Who in the field between Chirichella and Lubian? It is the great ballot for the Italian team.

19.40 Brazil, in general, evokes recent bad memories at the World Cup. The blue were defeated by the green and gold both in 2014 (2-3) and in 2010 (0-3). Taboos are meant to be broken.

19.37 There is an unfinished business with the South Americans: Brazil inflicted the only (irrelevant) defeat on Italy in this World Cup, 2-3 in the second group stage.

19.35 Good evening friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Live of Italy-Brazil, semifinal of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup. It is played in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands.

The presentation of the matchPaola Egonu best scorer? Where the Brazilians play

Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Brazil, World Cup semifinal 2022 women’s volleyball. To Apeldoorn (Netherlands) an unmissable match from inside or outside is staged, the qualification for the final act to be played against Serbia is up for grabs. Our national team is called to face the Olympic vice championspromises to be a truly titanic and on paper decidedly balanced clash: the European Champions will have to pull out their claws if they want to get the better of the green-gold battleship and continue to dream big.

There is an unfinished business to settle: last week the girls of Ze Roberto beat the sextet of the coach Davide Mazzanti to the advantages of the tie-break in a match valid for the second group stage. On that occasion Italy made too many mistakes, this time it will take more cynicism and precision to battle against the South Americans and try to win, as happened three months ago in the Nations League final. The blues know very well what they have to do: improve in the ball change phase, hit hard on the serve, increase accuracy in attack.

The unleashed spiker Gabi must be strictly marked, a real driver of Brazil. Attention also to the walls of the Carol central fort and to the offensive quality of Pri Dairot, Tainara or the alternative Rosamaria Montibeller. Italy will need broadsides of Paola Egonuof the grit of Miriam Syllaof the strenuous work of Caterina Bosettiof the walls of Anna Danesi, of the recoveries of Monica De Gennarobest directed by Alessia Orro.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE from Italy-Brazil, World Cup semifinal 2022 of women’s volleyball: news in real time, minute by minute, point by point, exchange after exchange, so as not to really miss anything. It starts at 20.00. Have a good fun.

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