LIVE Italy-Poland 0-3 volley, Nations League LIVE: Polish domination. Azzurri at the foot of the podium


LIVE Italy-Poland 0-3 volley, Nations League LIVE: Polish domination.  Azzurri at the foot of the podium
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19:39 Our LIVE LIVE text of the final for the bronze of the Nations League 2022 ends here. We remind you that at 21.00 the final between France and the United States is scheduled. Thanks for joining us. A good continuation of the evening to all friends and readers of OA Sport.

19:37 Subdued performance of the blues of Fefè De Giorgi, who suffered Poland in all aspects of the game. Many errors in the service, practically nil the contribution of the block, and obscured attack. There will be a lot of work to do in view of the World Cup which will begin on August 27th.

POLAND – ITALY 3-0. 25-16 25-23 25-20, ends with a perfect pipe of the Poles. Italy that must be satisfied with the fourth position of the Nations League 2022.

20-24 Polish invasion after an excellent service from Lavia.

19-24 Hands out of Lavia, who cancels the first match point.

18-24 Galassi’s attack is wrong. The match points arrive.

18-23 ACE Semeniuk. Poland two points from the match.

18-22 First time obviously by Bieniek.

18-21 The Polish defense ends out. Italy at -3.

17-21 Semeniuk ground point number 21.

17-20 Hands out of Romanò, the best of ours today.

16-20 ACE Kochanowski. +4 Poland.

16-19 Hands out of Semeniuk. Poland gives nothing away.

16-18 Lavia’s winning pipe, a break is needed.

15-18 Again Fornal, who pierces the wall in two.

15-17 Butryn’s service takes off, he took over on purpose.

14-17 Fornal is not wrong, displacing the blue wall.

14-16 Great point by Michieletto. Italy that has to believe it!

13-16 ACE Bieniek. It looks bad.

13-15 Lavia service is wrong, he didn’t want to.

13-14 Giannelli with the second touch mockery Bartosz.

12-14 ACE Semeniuk.

12-13 Fornal’s winning pipe.

12-12 WHAT A POINT! Spectacular defenses of both teams, and in the end it is Yuri Romanò to break through. Draw Italy!

11-12 Kurek is wrong.

10-12 Russo’s first half is out, Poland’s break arrives.

10-11 Semeniuk finds the touch of the wall.

10-10 Error also by Kochanowski.

9-10 Out of the joke of Michieletto.

9-9 And Fornal himself misses the service.

8-9 Fornal’s winning hands.

8-8 Lavia again very well.

7-8 The blue wall fails to defuse Kurek.

7-7 Hands out of Michieletto.

6-7 Kurek breaks through by pulling hard on the wall.

6-6 Hands out of Lavia.

5-6 Out the Romanò attack.

5-5 Fornal’s winning pipe.

5-4 Defense of Russo and winning attack of Lavia. Overtaking Italy.

4-4 Kurek misses the joke.

3-4 Dribble foul of the Azzurri,

3-3 The Polish reception is wrong, we are back in a draw.

2-3 Kochanowski’s service out.

1-3 Anzani’s first half does not pass, and Kurek does not forgive with the diagonal.

1-2 Michieletto’s pipe is outside.

1-1 Kochanowski’s first winning half.

1-0 At the second attempt Anzani finds his hands out. First Italian point in the third set.


23-25 ​​SECOND SET POLAND. With Kurek’s hands out, Poland took the lead by two sets to zero.

23-24 Lavia! Set point canceled, a break is needed.

22-24 ACE from Bieniek again. Two set points Poland.

22-23 ACE of a wild Bieniek.

22-22 We too are wrong at the service, this time with Romanò.

22-21 Hands out of Lavia. Final set that is decided point by point.

21-21 Bertoli’s joke on the net, who took over precisely to annoy the start shot.

21-20 Kurek is also wrong. Very foul Poles in the service.

20-20 Error in serving for Michieletto.

20-19 WHAT A PUNTOOO! Balaso and Giannelli defend the impossible, then comes the dribble foul of the Poles.

19-19 Out of the service of Kochanowski.

18-19 Anzani’s first half does not pass, but the one of the usual Bieniek wins.

18-18 Again Kurek puts the ball down without a wall.

18-17 Fornal’s joke is just outside.

17-17 Kurek finds the new tie.

17-16 Janusz’s report online.

16-16 Azzurri who do not contain the Polish service, Romanò shoots out from the second line.

16-15 Nice point of Fornal.

16-14 YES! Defense of the wall, and Michieletto finds the +2.

15-14 Lavia in two stages makes the stitch.

14-14 Out the line of Romanò.

14-13 Kochanowski’s first half is out. Italy that comes back.

13-13 Michieletto lets the Polish service run, which ends outside.

12-13 Kurek overcomes the blue wall, badly placed in this circumstance.

12-12 Hands out of Romanò. Well Yuri.

11-12 Touch of the wall that is not there. Lavia’s mistake and overtaking Poland.

Very long video check, the touch of the Polish wall is evaluated.

11-11 ACE Kurek. Poland catching us back.

11-10 Out the Romanò attack. Poland shortening to -1.

11-9 Semeniuk wall on Romanò.

11-8 Lavia judges the opponent’s service well, which runs out.

10-8 Sin. Great defense of Balaso, but Michieletto takes the auction.

10-7 With one hand Giannelli serves Romanò, who signs a new point.

9-7 Galassi’s joke out.

9-6 Out of very little Polish service.

8-6 Always first half of Bieniek.

8-5 Lavia! Let’s go back to +3.

7-5 Bieniek again winning first half.

7-4 Perfect Romanò diagonal.

6-4 Polish wall extinguished in the Italian camp.

6-3 First half by Bieniek.

6-2 The attack by Kurek is out, first time out Poland.

5-2 Great point of Italy, which defends and finds the +3 with the usual Romanò!

4-2 Kurek’s out of service.

3-2 Out of Lavia’s attack, which thwarts Michieletto’s great serve.

3-1 Bieniek’s first half out, with the challenge that gives us a hand.

2-1 Great lob of Romanò that concretizes the excellent defense of Balaso.

1-1 Kurek’s perfect parallel.

1-0 Murooo Michieletto. First blue point in the second set.


16-25 FIRST SET POLAND. With an ACE from Kurek the Poles close the first set practice.

16-24 Romanò’s service is halfway through the network. The set points for Poland arrive.

16-23 Kochanowski owns his joke wrong.

15-23 Kochanowski’s first monstrous time.

15-22 Muroooo Galassi!

14-22 Nice attack by Lavia, who pushes on the opponent’s wall.

13-22 Another Italian invasion. Polish defense unleashed.

13-21 ACE Butryn, first set now compromised.

13-20 Defensive miracle of the Poles, who collect the invasion of Anzani.

13-19 Romanò diagonal at the intersection of the lines. It takes a substantial break to get back into the set.

12-19 Out the Romanò attack.

12-18 First half of Kochanowski who pinches the line.

12-17 Romanò breaks through on the hands of the Polish wall.

11-17 Along the Galassi service.

11-16 This time Michieletto’s play is excellent, finding the winning line.

10-16 Michieletto’s attack does not find the touch of the wall. Poland spreading.

10-15 Michieletto’s bad mistake at the end of a very long exchange.

10-14 The blue attack is foreseeable. Kurek does not forgive and finds the +4.

10-13 Semeniuk very precise diagonal.

10-12 Nice attack by Romanò, who tries to shake his companions.

9-12 ACE Kurek, maximum advantage Poland.

9-11 First half of Bieniek.

9-10 Romanò’s winning hands.

8-10 The Poles still read the Italian attack well, and Semeniuk finds the +2.

8-9 Lavia does not close the attack, Semeniuk instead breaks through the blue wall.

8-8 Excellent attack from Poland.

8-7 Giannelli’s lift is perfect, Lavia finds the point of the new overtaking.

7-7 This time the line ends up under the tape.

7-6 ACEEEEE Michieletto!

6-6 Diagonal point of Michieletto.

5-6 Force the Giannelli joke, with the ball that ends wide.

5-5 The Polish central still touches the ACE. The challenge confirms the out.

4-5 ACE Kochanowski, Poland first advantage.

4-4 Shy the Italian attack, Siwika finds the draw at 4.

4-3 Kurek’s attack wins.

4-2 Out the Polish service.

3-2 Semeniuk finds the touch of the blue wall.

3-1 Almost ace from Lavia, and Galassi completes the work with the first half.

2-1 Good attack by Lavia.

1-1 Error in the service of Romanò.

1-0 Hands out of Yuri Romanò. First point of Italy.


17:57 Audience standing for the national anthems. First the guest one, then ours. Here we are, the match can begin. Have fun and go blue!

17:54 Everything is ready in Bologna, with the speaker announcing the two rosters shortly. It will be an important test for the Azzurri, who will be involved in the World Cup from 27 August.

17:51 In the evening, at 21.00, it will be the turn of the final for the trophy between the USA and France.

17:48 Both teams come from two semifinals, clearly lost by 3-0. Italy gave way to France, while the Poles suffered the dominance of the US game.

17:44 Good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text of the final for the bronze of the Nations League 2022 between Italy and Poland. The show will begin in just over a quarter of an hour at the Unipol Arena in Bologna.

Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE written of the final for the third place of the Nations League 2022 between Italy and Poland. The European and world champions stopped in the semifinals where they were beaten 3-0 by France and the USA respectively. They will compete this evening at the Unipol Arena in Bologna to try to get on the lowest step of the podium of the event.

Coach Ferdinando De Giorgi’s blues will want to redeem themselves after yesterday’s disappointment. The clear 0-3 suffered by the cousins ​​from beyond the Alps has certainly left a bad taste in the mouth of our standard bearers. The opposites Yuri Romanò and Ivan Zaytsev will therefore try to be more incisive, and the spikers Michieletto and Lavia. Instead, Simone Giannelli will have to go back to being the usual finisher.

Poland will also show up for the appointment with the poisoned tooth. The world champions have been dominated by the United States, and will want to make up for it in front of an audience that will cheer on Italy. Captain Bartosz Kurek will play the charge, among the best in Saturday’s defeat, assisted among others by Kamil Semeniuk and Alexander Silwka.

The final for the Nations League bronze medal will start at 18.00. It will be possible to follow the event live on Sky Sport 1 (channel 201 satellite), while live streaming for free on RaiPlay. For those who have a subscription there is the possibility to enjoy the match in streaming also on SkyGo, NowTV, and Volleyball World TV. OA Sport will offer you the LIVE textual point to point. Have fun and come on Italy!

Photo: FIVB

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