LIVE Italy-Sweden 7-5, Final third place European Curling 2022 LIVE: the Azzurri stay ahead after the seventh end!


LIVE Italy-Sweden 7-5, Final third place European Curling 2022 LIVE: the Azzurri stay ahead after the seventh end!
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21:24 Unfortunately Retornaz’s inaccurate shot, Sweden can score two.

21:22 Eriksson scores a point, which is important for the Azzurri to limit the damage and allow Sweden to bring home a maximum of one point.

21:20 WHAT A RETURNAZ PLAY! The blue passes between the guards and rejects the Swedish point, missing two stones, but anything can happen.

21:18 Excellent play by Wranaa, now the point is Swedish.

21:16 Double rejected by Wranaa, two blue points remain.

21:15 Mosaner places another guard.

21:14 Magnusson rejects one of our guards by pushing him into the house, the blue points become three.

21:13 Arman rejects one of the two Swedish guards.

21:12 MAGNUSSON ERROR! Empty stones!

21:10 Sweden start by placing two guards.

21:08 Giovannella starts the eighth end by placing a stone perfectly in the center of the house.

21:06 RETURNAZ PERFECT SHOT! Italy avoids having his hand stolen and scores a point in the seventh end!

21:04 Three Swedish points before the last stone, the magic of Retornaz is needed.

21:01 Error by Retornaz, who rejects his own point, now the situation is becoming more complex.

20:59 The blue dot becomes one, but there is an abundance of stones.

20:57 Everything is decided in the last four stones, really anything can happen.

20:55 Double rejected by Mosaner, who sweeps away a guard and a Swedish stone.

20:54 There is a lot of confusion at home: 3 blue stones and three Swedish stones, but at the moment there are two Italian points.

20:52 Arman rejects the Swedish guard.

20:51 Great shot by Giovanella, who brings the blue points to two.

20:50 Sundregren places a stone against the blue one.

20:48 Giovannella places a point at the opening of the seventh end, Sweden instead places a guard.

20:45 Two points arrive for Sweden, which doesn’t give up a beat.

20:44 Retornaz succeeds in his intent, Eriksson has the opportunity to mark the second point.

20:42 Rotornaz will be forced to fail again to prevent Sweden from scoring more than two points.

20:40 RETURNAZ NOT ONE MISTAKE TODAY! Italy remains with a stone in the point.

20:38 Double failure also for Mosaner, who manages to move a blue stone making it a guard!

20:36 Arman double fails perfect!

20:35 Triple rejected by Magnusson, but still a blue stone at home.

20:33 Giovannella places the second point and Arman places a perfect guard.

20:30 The tenth end begins with a point from Giovannella and a Swedish guard.

20.27 Azzurri ahead by three points after the first half!


20:22 Perfect play by Eriksson, the Azzurri think about what to do.

20:19 PERFECT RETURN! Italy places the second point, Eriksson has to invent something.

20:17 Eriksson is also wrong, hitting his own guard, you absolutely have to score two points.

20.15 Error by Wranaa, who fails to reject the blue point!

20:13 ARMAN MAKES THE SQUARE CLEAN! Only a Swedish stone remains at home.

8:11 PM Magnusson posts a guard.

20:09 Not perfect shot by Magnusson, who touches a blue stone and does not score.

20:07 Italy immediately places a point stone, but Sweden gets in touch.

20:04 Eriksson is not wrong, two points for Sweden, which is dangerously close.

20:02 The double rejection in Retornaz fails, Eriksson can easily place the second point.

20:00 The Azzurri discuss what to do, they need a last perfect stone from Retornaz.

19:58 Retornaz rejects one of the two points, it is important to limit the damage in this end.

19:56 Perfect shot by Wranaa, Mosaner must be overcome, because now the two points are Swedish.

19:54 Great double failure by Arman, two blue stones remain!

19:53 Sundrgen places another guard, Giovannella scores two points.

7:51 PM Sundgren responds with a guard.

19:50 Giovannella places a stone perfectly in the center of the house.

19:48 THE POINT IS ITALIANOOOOO! Luck rewards us and Retornaz prevents opponents from stealing our hand!

19:47 MEASUREMENT IN PROGRESS! Italy risks having their hand stolen, we await the referee’s measurement.

19:45 Retornaz bowls well, the Swedish points remain two, delicate shot by Eriksson.

19.44 Perfect play by Eriksson, two great last stones by Retornaz are needed.

19:42 Good shot by Mosaner, who sweeps away two guards who annoyed the Azzurri.

19.40 Wranaa places a guard, Mosaner must find a rejection of his own.

19:38 Another rejection by Arman, decidedly less precise, however, than the previous one, remains a stone from Sweden at the point.

19:37 Good play by Magnusson, the Swedish points become two, but there is room for a rejection.


19:35 Good play by Magnusson, the point becomes Swedish.

19.34 Giovannella places a point perfectly behind the Swedish guard.

7:33 pm Sundgren starts the third end by posting a guard.

19:32 Eriksson’s play succeeds, but the Swedish point is only one and the Azzurri get back in the third end.

19:30 RETURNAZ DOESN’T MISS A SHOOT! Sweden will be able to score a maximum of one point in this second end.

19:28 WHAT A RETURNAZ PLAY! Reject both guards placed by Giovannella, but also move the only Swedish stone in the house!

19:28 Another mistake for Sweden, Wranaa removes the Italian point from the house, but fails to keep the Swedish stone inside.

19:26 HERE COMES THE DOUBLE REJECT! Now the dot is blue!

19:25 Mosaner tries again to fail two, decisive blow.

19:23 Mosaner finds the double reject and sweeps away two Swedish stones, however now the opponents’ points are two.

19:22 Great shot by Magnusson, who places his stone on point.

19:20 Arman fails to double fail, the Swedish guard was in any case removed.

19:18 At the moment the point is blue, Giovannella has placed two good guards.

19.16 Sweden starts by placing a point and a guard.

19:14 PERFECT LAUNCH OF RETORNAZ! Three points for Italy at the start!

19:13 MADORNAL ERROR OF ERIKSSON, WHICH COMPLETELY SMOOTHES THE BLUE STONES! Retornaz has a chance to score three points!

19:12 Good rejection by Retornaz, but Eriksson now has the possibility of rejecting two.

19:11 The Azzurri are moving well and there is a serious possibility of bringing home two points.

19:10 Mosaner places a point completely on the opposite side, making the double failure impossible.

19:09 ATTENTION! Wranaa does not find the full rejection, remains a blue stone in point.

19:08 Photocopy game also for Arman and Magnusson.

19:07 Another perfect rejection by Giovannella, the teams copy each other in this start.

7:06 PM Sundgren responds in kind.

19:05 Giovannella’s rejection arrives immediately.

19:04 Sundgren starts by placing a stone perfectly in the center of the house.

19:02 Italy’s hand in the first end, the Azzurri will have the last stone available!

18:59 Presentation of the teams in progress.

18.56 The teams are ready to enter the ice!

18:53 Retornaz and his companions will try to do better than the women’s national team which, during the day, lost the final for the bronze medal and consequently had to settle for fourth place.

18:50 Sweden is the formation that won the last Olympics, however they do not appear at this event in a typical formation and in fact have proven to be largely beatable.

18:47 Azzurri and Swedes have already faced each other in this competition, in the first day of the men’s round robin Retornaz and his companions had the upper hand 8-7 in the last end.

18:44 Sweden, on the other hand, after a round robin seasoned with three defeats, had to surrender to Switzerland in the semifinals this morning (6-3)

18:41 Italy, after 8 consecutive successes, surrendered to Scotland twice in a row, first in the last match of the round robin and then in yesterday’s semifinal loss 7-4.

18:38 The Azzurri will try again to get on the podium after the bronze won at the last European and World Cup.

18:35 Good evening and welcome to the LIVE LIVE OF Italy-Sweden, final for the bronze medal of the 2022 men’s curling tournament.

Friends of OA Sport, good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Sweden, final for the bronze medal of the 2022 men’s curling tournament. At the Ă–stersund Arena in Ă–stersund (Sweden) the time has come to assign the medals and Retornaz’s Italy will try again to get on the podium!

The Azzurri, after 8 successes in a row, surrendered to Scotland twice in a row, first in the last match of the round robin and, later, in the semifinal played yesterday. Italy, despite a very high-level match, yesterday surrendered to the reigning European champions in the ninth end and, for the second year in a row, they will find themselves playing the final for the bronze, with the hope of getting on the third step on the podium as happened a year ago. The Azzurri will face Sweden who, in the morning, lost the semifinal against Switzerland (6-3). The Azzurri and the Swedes have already faced each other in this competition, on the first day of the men’s round robin Retornaz and his teammates had the better of it 8-7 in the last end, at the end of a very exciting match. The Swedes won the last Olympics, but during the tournament they proved that they are not unbeatable, Italy has all it takes to compete!

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Sweden, final for the bronze of the men’s curling tournament 2022, news in real time, minute after minute, stone after stone, emotion after emotion, so as not to really miss anything. the game will start at 19:00!

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