LIVE Serbia-Brazil 1-0, 12-12 women’s volleyball, LIVE World Cup Final 2022: balance in the second set, very high level!


LIVE Serbia-Brazil 1-0, 12-12 women’s volleyball, LIVE World Cup Final 2022: balance in the second set, very high level!
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14-16 Boskovic’s hands-out from the second line.

13-16 MURONE BY CAROL GATTAZ ON BOSKOVIC! Santarelli calls time-out.

13-15 There is no touch of the wall, Serbia no longer has challenges.

13-15 Boskovic’s pipe escapes, Santarelli calls challenge for a possible touch on the wall.

13-14 Error in Busa’s service, ninth wrong serve by Serbia.

13-13 Stevanovic winning fast!

12-13 Pipe by Gabi, who takes advantage of Stevanovic’s slightly late wall.

12-12 Beautiful groomed by Ze Roberto to his, the green-gold technician is not satisfied.

12-12 Boskovic breaks through on the hands of the wall and brings the set back in a draw! Time-out for Brazil.

11-12 Diagonal on Boskovic’s four meters, Macris can do nothing in defense.

10-12 Popovic’s serve on the net, Brazil’s change of ball goes on thanks to Serbian mistakes.

10-11 WALL OF STEVANOVIC ON LORENNE! Serbia returns to -1!

9-11 Popovic’s first winning half.

8-11 Error in Lozo’s service. Milenkovic enters for the back lap.

8-10 WHAT A GAME! Popovic’s first half, which puts an end to an exchange in which Brazil had defended everything.


7-9 Boskovic hands-out from place two.

6-9 Winning parallel from Lozo, who tries to break free.

5-9 Defensive miracle by Nyeme and hands-out by Gabi.

5-8 There is no invasion, Serbia’s errors continue to accumulate.

5-8 Error in Lozo’s attack, Santarelli calls a challenge for a possible invasion.

5-7 Drca’s second intention lob, what a match for the Serbian playmaker!

4-7 Rosamaria wastes the +5 ball, a difficult evening for the next player from Busto Arsizio.

3-7 B by Carol Gattaz, scary ball speed.

3-6 Fast winning by Stevanovic.

2-6 Another mistake in Busa’s attack, but Serbia is committing a series of inaccuracies that cannot be allowed.

2-5 Lorenne pushed lob.

2-4 Boskovic’s impregnable lob.

1-4 Communication error between Drca and Boskovic, yet another free error of the Serbs.

1-3 CAROL’S WALL ON STEVANOVIC! The first block of Brazil arrives.

1-2 Error in the attack of Busa.

1-1 Lorenne plays on the hands of Stevanovic’s wall.

1-0 It starts with a Boskovic hands-out from place two.

20:30 The Brazil of this first set does not even seem the distant relative of the one who beat Italy two days ago. Gabi and her companions did not manage to win a set in which there were 11 free mistakes of Serbia, against 4 of the green and gold. Dominant slaves on the wall with 5 big shots, while Brazil is incredibly firm at 0. Boskovic and Busa the best in attack with 55% and with 6 and 5 points each.

26-24 ERROR IN ATTACK OF GABI! The first set is from Serbia!

25-24 Boskovic’s winning parallel, third set-point for Serbia.

24-24 Disaster of Lozo, who shoots out a placed ball. Strange choice of Drca not to play on Boskovic.

24-23 Error in Lazovic’s service. For Brazil in Pridaroit for the service.

24-22 DRCA WALL ON GABI! Third wall for the Serbian playmaker, there are two set points for Serbia. Brazil time-out.

23-22 Lazovic on the pitch for Stevanovic for the serve.

23-22 Lozo’s winning diagonal, Brazil’s titular diagonal returns to the field.

22-22 WHAT EXCHANGE! Nyeme’s defensive miracle, then Gabi takes care of it in the pipe. Change of diagonal for Brazil: inside Roberta and Kisy.

22-21 Busa passes through the wall of Carol Gattaz and Macris. Lozo returns to the field.

21-21 Boskovic’s service is wide. Fifth serving mistake by Serbia.

21-20 Boskovic’s impregnable parallel.

20-20 Pass two Lorenne places this time.


19-19 Lozo’s error in serving. Milenkovic enters for the back lap.

19-18 Rosamaria’s reception escapes, Busa brings his own ahead.

18-18 Return the favor from the nine meters Macris.

17-18 Drca’s joke on the net.

17-17 Popovic’s first winning half.

16-17 Lorenne’s powerful diagonal from the second line, 3-0 partial for Brazil, which returns to the advantage.

16-16 Lozo’s reception escapes, Gabi takes advantage of a ball close to the net.

16-15 Gabi’s scary broadside from place four.

16-14 Muroneeeee by Lozo on Carol Gattaz! Ze Roberto calls time-out.

15-14 Drca sees a gap in place 5 and finds a long winning dribble.

14-14 Lozo plays on the hands of the wall by Carol Gattaz.

13-14 Along the Busa service.

13-13 Crazy wall by Drca on Rosamaria, second print of the Serbian director.

12-13 Ace from Lorenne on Lozo.

12-12 Nice shoulder from Rosamaria, which passes through the hands of Drca.

11-12 Busa breaks through on the hands of Carol Gattaz’s wall.

11-11 First point in attack for Lorenne.

10-11 Boskovic’s winning parallel, Serbia takes the lead!

10-10 Busa pushed lob, it is back in a draw.

9-10 STEVANOVIC’S MURONE ON GABI! Phone booth of the Serbian champion!

8-10 Boskovic hands-out from place two.

7-10 Carol’s first half, the Brazilian Central’s World Cup continues.

7-9 Mani-out by Boskovic, who shows up in attack.

6-9 Disastrous Bagher by Boskovic, a point given to the Brazilians.

6-8 Deep shot in place six by Gabi, Busa can do nothing in defense.

6-7 Challenge lost, all regular.

6-7 Boskovic’s winning parallel, but Ze Roberto calls challenge on a defense by Pusic, which could have fallen.

5-7 Disastrous support from Lorenne, which forces Macris to make an invasion.

4-7 Lozo passes in the middle of the wall from place four.

3-7 Out of Lozo’s diagonal, Santarelli immediately calls his players to order.

3-6 Stevanovic’s service also escapes, very contracted teams.

3-5 Rosamaria’s joke is long.

2-5 Out the fast of Stevanovic, Serbia struggling in reception.

2-4 Rosamaria’s first winning attack, 1 on 3 in attack for her so far.

2-3 Wall of Drca on Rosamaria.

1-3 Boskovic error on a very detached ball, the first break is green and gold.

1-2 The Brazilian magic begins: two great defenses of Nyeme and Gabi, the latter then finds a winning lob in the pipe.

1-1 Busa lob, which exploits Carol Gattaz’s broken wall.

0-1 It starts with a deep first half of Carol.


19:59 Brazil responds with: Carol Gattaz, Carol, Rosamaria, Gabi, Macris, Lorenne and Nyeme.

19:58 This is the sextet of Serbia: Busa, Drca, Popovic, Stevanovic, Boskovic, Lozo and Pusic.

19:57 Lots of Brazilian fans in Apeldoorn, the atmosphere is that of great occasions.

19:55 It’s time for the national anthems!

19:54 The teams are entering the field!

19:53 Serbia, after the change on the bench and after the numerous retirements, was not given among the favorites of this tournament, despite this, dragged by Boskovic, the Slavic formation is again in the final like 4 years ago and tonight they will try to repeat the title.

19:50 Brazil will have a great desire to win, both because they have lost the last two international finals played (Olympics and VNL), and because the World title is the only one missing from this national team.

19:47 Brazil have in turn won all the games, except for a defeat against Japan in the first phase. Also for the girls of Ze Roberto the moment of greatest difficulty was in the quarter-finals when, under 0-2 against Japan, a completely revolutionized sextet managed to subvert the result. The verdeoro in the semifinals then overtook Italy 3-1, in what was probably their best performance in recent years.

19:44 Serbia reaches this final without losing a single match, the most difficult moment for Santarelli’s national team was certainly the quarter-final against Poland, won only at the tie-break thanks to a wild Boskovic. The Serbs in the semifinals then overtook the United States without too much effort (3-1).

19:41 We would all want to see Italy on the pitch, but unfortunately it will not. The thing we are sure of is that we will witness a real battle between two teams that never give up and a very high technical rate is expected.

19:38 After almost a month of emotions, the time has finally come to award the world champion gold, on the field two of the most successful teams of recent years compete against each other.

19:35 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Serbia-Brazil, match valid for the final of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup.

Friends of OA Sport, good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Serbia-Brazil, match valid for the final of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup. Finally, after almost a month of pure battles, the time has come to assign the world title. The regret for the absence of Italy is enormous, but from the point of view of the show it promises to be a game with a very high technical rate.

Serbia reaches this final unbeaten: Boskovic and teammates have not lost a single match during this long World Cup, they have won the groups of the first and second phase, they have overcome in the quarter-finals, in what was a real fight to the last blow, Poland (3-2), and then beat the USA in the semifinals (3-1). The journey of Brazil is decidedly more complex, which instead concluded the first phase in third place and the second in the second, in the quarter-finals, under 0-2 against Japan, Gabi and teammates were capable of a crazy comeback and then on Thursday, in the semifinals, they managed to get the better of Italy (3-1), beating it for the second time during this tournament. Serbia will try to defend the 2018 title, but Santarelli’s team is a team in some respects very different from that of 4 years ago, a team that in a few months has already managed to be at the top of the world. Brazil will certainly be hungry for victory, the World Cup is the only tournament ever won by the “verdeoro” and in addition the girls of Zè Roberto have lost the last two international finals played: Olympics and Nations League.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Serbia-Brazil, a match valid for the final of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, real-time news, minute by minute, point by point, action after action, so as not to really miss anything. the match will start at 20:00!

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