LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS-CHIVAS 2-0 – From Graca and Compagnon, bianconeri ok. Pogba and Di Maria enchant. Fagioli close to the goal from halfway


LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS-CHIVAS 2-0 – From Graca and Compagnon, bianconeri ok.  Pogba and Di Maria enchant.  Fagioli close to the goal from halfway
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94 ‘- FINAL – JUVENTUS-CHIVAS 2-0 – Good first for the bianconeri. Allegri’s team imposes itself on the Mexicans with a goal in each half: Da Graca opens and Compagnon closes. Well the new ones, from Pogba to Di Maria, from Gatti to Bremer.
91 + 2 –
Rovella cross, long for everyone.
90 ‘- Three minutes of recovery.
88 ‘-
Corner for Chivas, the Juve defense moves away.
84 ‘- The young bianconeri are managing this final well, with Rovella setting the times in the middle of the field.
80 & # 39; – DOUBLE COMPAGNON! Juve doubles thanks to the Under 23 youth: Barbieri kicks against the defensive wall of Chivas, the ball rebounds on the feet of Compagnon who strikes the goalkeeper at the near post with his right.
76 & # 39; – Beautiful verticalization of Rovella who fishes Compagnon in a good position, but the engagement is not happy and the defense of Chivas closes.
‘- Now Chivas field a formation very close to the starting one, while the Juventus one is nothing short of experimental.
70 ‘- VEGA COMMITS PERIN – Vega’s powerful right from the edge, but the Juventus goalkeeper is not surprised at the near post and puts in a corner.
70 ‘-
Great defensive intervention by Bremer who first blocks Vega in the area and then goes around him with his physical arrogance.
68 ‘- Punishment for Juve: Rovella bowl in the area, Cudrig only manages to touch his head and the ball passes on the bottom.
66 ‘- Swirl of changes in the Chivas.
64 ‘- TORRES ATTEMPT – Torres’ blow from distance, slightly deflected: Perin parries to the ground.
60 ‘- CISNEROS KICK HIGH! – Danger escaped. The Chivas does not exploit the punishment.
59 ‘- TWO PENALTY IN THE BIANCONERA AREA – Incredible mistake by the referee: Rovella anticipates an opponent and touches back for Perin who collects the ball with his hands. The touch is inexplicably considered a back pass and a punishment is decreed on the edge of the small Juventus area, in a very secluded position. Full-bodied barrier to protect the door.
58 ‘-
Perez forced to leave the field on a stretcher.
57 ‘- CUDRIG WARNINGS – Harsh intervention by the young Juventus player on Perez. Unavoidable yellow.
56 ‘- CISNEROS CLOSE TO EQUAL – A poisonous right-footed shot and a ball coming out just to Perin’s left.
55 ‘- Conclusion of Soulè, intercepted by Chivas.
50 ‘- Gored by Jimenez hitting very badly and not finding the mirror.
46 ‘- Allegri revolutionizes the team. In the field: Perin; Barbieri, Bremer, Rugani, Pellegrini; Soulé, Rovella, Zakaria; Compagnon, Cudrig and Aké.
Pinsoglio, Garofani, Bonucci, McKennie, Vlahovic remain on the bench.
46 ‘ – We leave with many new faces. Bremer also on the field.

2nd HALF –

– Numerous changes ready.

47 & # 39; – FIRST HALF END – We go to rest with Juventus ahead 1-0 thanks to a goal by Da Graca. Excellent first half of the bianconeri, dragged by Pogba and Di Maria. The two new Juventus signings are giant with quality plays. Also noteworthy is an extraordinary conclusion by Fagioli from the middle of the field that comes out of nowhere.
46 ‘-
Di Maria tries the dribble with the sole and is stopped for a corner.
45 ‘- 1 minute of recovery.
Counterattack by Cisneros who takes the ball to the edge of the Juventus area and unloads a right-footed shot into the goal that Szczesny blocks.
44 ‘- Kean wins a corner
43 ‘- Pogba jumps a man on the opponent’s trocar, but misses the verticalization for Kean.
40 ‘- Pogba tries the tunnel at the edge of the Chivas area, but does not pass.
38 ‘- Alex Sandro throws for Di Maria on the left, the ball is too long.
37 ‘- No problem for El Fideo. The game resumes.
36 ‘- Accidental contact between the referee and Di Maria who remains on the ground in pain in the chest. Game stopped.
35 ‘- ZALDIVAR COMMITS SZCZESNY – Violent conclusion, neutralized in two halves by the Juventus goalkeeper.
33 ‘- MAGIC OF BEANS FROM MID-FIELD, BALL OUT – Incredible play by the black and white midfielder who sees the goalkeeper out of the posts and starts a great shot from the middle of the field that ends a few millimeters from the intersection of the posts. Amazing.
29 ‘- Di Maria serves Kean who tries the overhead kick without finding the ball.
27 ‘- The impact of Pogba and Di Maria who are literally dragging Juventus with their quality is really great.
25 ‘- Pogba looks for Di Maria in the area, a slightly long ball. Rangel comes out.
22 ‘- Ponce tries from a distance, a conclusion well out.
18 ‘- Punishment for Chivas, intercepted by Da Graca in the lead.
15 ‘- Show on the left of Di Maria who drunk the opposite player with feints, jumps him, serves Cuadrado who, however, fails to close the triangle in the area.
14 ‘- OF MARIA DANGEROUS – Photocopy action. this time it is Alex Sandro who serves in tow El Fideo who kicks with a sure shot, but finds the opposition of a defender who intercepts.
14 ‘- Pogba serves in the Di Maria area, which is immediately closed.
11 ‘- FROM GRACA BRING JUVE FORWARD !!! – On the developments of the corner, Gatti hits his head, Rangel deflects on the post and Da Graca is quick to reiterate on the net.
10 ‘- Great conclusion from distance, ball deflected for a corner by Rangel.
7 ‘- Juve tries: Da Graca kicks on the opposing defender
Di Maria’s delusion ball who catches Kean with a lob in the area, but the latter hits badly and the goalkeeper has a good game.
3 ‘- Zaldivar breaks through from Alex Sandro’s side and puts a dangerous ball in the middle: Cuadrado closes in a corner, well positioned at the far post.
2′ – Immediately a good idea from Di Maria, but stopped at the height of the midfield.
1 ‘- Race started. Chivas moves the first ball.

1st HALF –

04:58 – The teams take the field.

04:45 – Mckennie grants autographs and selfies:

04:42 –

04:32 – Bianconeri on the pitch for the warm-up:

04:10 –

04:00 –


JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Danilo, Gatti, Alex Sandro; Pogba, Locatelli, Beans; By Maria, Kean, Da Graca. Herds Allegri.
Available. Perin, Pinsoglio, Garofani, Bremer, Pellegrini, Bonucci, Rugani, Barbieri, Rovella, McKennie, Zakaria, Compagnon, Vlahovic, Soulé, Aké, Cudrig.

CHIVAS: Rangel, Sanchez, Mier, Briseno, Ponce, Torres, Garcia, Perez, Cisneros, Perez, Zaldivar. Herds Cadena.
Available Jimenez, Mozo, Olivas, Mireles, Orozco, Sepulveda, Calderon, Beltran, Gonzalez, Brizuela, Alvarado, Vega, Yrizar, Gonzalez, Ormenus.


03:48 – The official line-up of Juventus:

03:32 –

3:00 am –

1 o’clock –

00:45 – Bremer is ready, says Juventus on Twitter.

00:40 – Muscle awakening for the bianconeri a few hours after the kick-off of the match against Chivas:

00:30 – Great expectations for Juventus’ first real friendly pre-season, which at 5 am Italian time, 8 pm in America, will face Chivas de Guadalajara in Las Vegas. Allegri should start from 4-3-3 with Szczesny between the posts; Danilo and Alx Sandro full backs, Bonucci and Rugani in the middle. in the middle of the field Pogba, Locatelli and Mckennie. While in front, in the trident, space for Kean, Vlahovic and Di Maria.

The probable formation:

JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Sczszesny; Danilo, Bonucci, Rugani, Alex Sandro; Pogba, Locatelli, McKennie; By Maria, Vlahovic, Kean. Coach: Allegri.

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