LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS NEXT GEN-PERGOLETTESE 1-1, the boys from Brambilla postpone the appointment with the return to 3 points


LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS NEXT GEN-PERGOLETTESE 1-1, the boys from Brambilla postpone the appointment with the return to 3 points
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90’3 – It ends here !! 1 point for one in the match between Juventus and Pergolettese: none of the 2 teams managed to return to victory, especially in the second half the bianconeri suffered their opponents, even if, at the end of the match, they went very close to the big blow with Palumbo, who hit a crossbar.

90 ‘+ 1 – Vitalucci warned.

90 & # 39; – Juventus crossbar !! Compagnon’s shot rejected by Soncin, Palumbo pounced on the ball but found only the crossbar.

87′- Another change in Juve: Palumbo enters in place of Beso.

87′- Change in Juve: Da Graca enters in place of Rafia.

85′- Vilanova warned.

81 & # 39; – Bore !! Attempt directly on a free kick, ball to the side.

80 ‘- Change in Juve: Compagnon takes the place of Zuelli.

77 ‘- Pecorino !! Shooting from the edge on the development of a counterattack, Soncin saves in 2 times and saves his team.

75 ‘- Another change among the guests: Abiuso leaves, Piccinini enters.

75 ‘- Change in the Pergolettese: Artioli leaves, Vilanova enters.

71 ‘- Expelled Lucenti !! Double yellow for the Pergolettese player, who, now, will have to play the final match with the man less.

70 ‘- Moment of the race decidedly favorable to the guests.

69′- Change in Pergolettese: Vitalucci enters in place of Iori.

67 ‘- Varas !! Hit from the edge, Garofani blocks the ball.

66 ‘- Iori !! Personal action and conclusion that goes high.

65 ‘- Another change between the bianconeri: Barrenechea exits, Sersanti enters.

65 ‘- Change in Juve: Cudrig leaves, Iling enters.

62 & # 39; – It is Varas himself who transforms the penalty, the Pergolettese equalizes, 1-1 !!

61 & # 39; – Penalty for Pergolettese !! Cudrig’s foul on Varas, the referee decrees the maximum punishment.

59 ‘- Varas !! Header from Bariti’s cross, ball just wide.

57′- Lucenti warned.

56 ‘- Atrioli !! Attempt on a free kick that ends on the side.

55 ‘- Muharemovic is shown a yellow card.

54 ‘- Pecorino !! Attempt in acrobatics from 2 steps, ball to the side.

52 ‘- Juve gaining a corner thanks to an initiative by Cudrig.

49 ‘- Abiuso !! Andreoli’s attempt on the ball, a conclusion that does not find the mirror of the goal.

18:35 – We start again !!

45 ‘+ 4 – The first half ends: the penalty scored by Beso allows Juve to go to the locker room with 1 goal ahead of Pergolettese.

45 ‘+ 2 – BESAGE !! 1-0 JUVE !! The Juventus playmaker transforms the penalty and puts his team ahead at the end of the first half.

45 ‘+ 1 – Penalty for Juve !! Villa stretches Rafia in the penalty area, no doubt for the referee.

45 ‘- Abiuso !! Header from Artioli’s cross, the ball comes out a little.

42 ‘- Change for Pergolettese: Villa does not come out, but Tonoli, also due to physical problems. In place of him there is Lucenti.

40 ‘- Barrenechea was warned.

38 ‘- Villa would not seem to be able to continue playing, Pergolettese who could soon resort to the change.

34 ‘- Barbieri tries to trigger Pecorino, closes the defense of the Pergolettese.

32 ‘- Result always stopped at 0-0.

29 ‘- Pecorino on the ground for a problem with the face, Juve’s health workers enter the field.

27 ‘- Arini warned in the ranks of the Pergolettese.

22 ‘- Pecorino is booked, he is the first yellow of the match.

16 ‘- Territorial domination of the bianconeri, guests who, however, have not risked anything so far.

11 ‘- Iori pinched offside, Juve starts again.

9 ‘- Varas !! Conclusion from the outside, high ball.

8 ‘- Bariti tries to make himself dangerous in percussion, closes the Juventus defense.

4 ‘- Rafia’s insidious cross, pushes away the host defense.

2′ – Juve Next Gen who immediately tries to make the game.

17:32 – Let’s go !!

17:29 – Teams on the pitch right now.

17:24 – A few minutes at the start of the challenge.

17:15 – The official line-up of Juventus Next Gen:

Juventus Next Gen (4-3-3): Garofani, Barbieri, Nzouango, Muharemovic, Verduci; Zuelli, Barrenechea, Beso; Rafia, Pecorino, Cudrig. Available: Raina, Senko, Sekulov, Da Graca, Compagnon, Mulazzi, Iling-Junior, Bonetti, Iocolano, Lipari, Palumbo, Cerri, Sersanti, Turicchia, Citi. Coach: Brambilla.

17:10 – The bianconeri are looking for a victory that has been missing for 3 days: Juve currently 14th in the standings with 4 points, while Pergolettese, who has not won in the league for 2 days, has 7 points in the standings.

17:00 – Friends of, good afternoon and welcome to the direct text of Juventus Next Gen-Pergolettese, a match valid for the sixth day of group A of Serie C.

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