LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS U23-PADUA 0-0 – Perenzoni gives the go to the dances


LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS U23-PADUA 0-0 – Perenzoni gives the go to the dances
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5 ‘- First booked in the ranks of the bianconeri, it is Leone who ends up in the bad guys’ notebook.

1 ‘- Da Graca’s cross deflected by an opponent, first corner of the second half.

22:02 – The kick-off is now for the bianconeri, they resume with the same twenty-two as the first fraction

21:59 – The two teams have not yet returned to the field.

45 ‘- The last chance of the time is of Iocolano who collects well the low cross of Anzolin but does not find the right conclusion to center the goal. The referee does not grant injury time, so it goes to rest at 0-0.

36 ‘STILL NICOLUSSI – Good moment of Juve with the first conclusion of Leone rejected by an opponent and subsequently Nicolussi Caviglia who does not frame the goal.

35 ‘POLE OF IOCOLANO! – A very occasional one for the bianconeri with Iocolano’s left footing the post against Donnarumma beaten, then Da Graca is caught offside at the moment of being rejected.

33 ‘- To try is Iocolano, well served by Soulè, who a few meters from Donnarumma tries to surprise him with a lob.

31 ‘- Second yellow card in the ranks of the Venetians, is Hraiech for the intervention on Da Graca.

25 ‘NICOLUSSI ANKLE! – Good chance for the bianconeri who build the offensive maneuver well with Nicolussi Caviglia’s shot soiled by an opponent. Second corner for the bianconeri.

21 ‘- Still Chiricò from a distance, Israel grabs her without problems. Della Latta, without any reason, tries to steal the ball from the hands of the Juventus goalkeeper, sacrosanct the yellow pulled out by Perenzoni.

17 ‘- Another cross from Chiricò, this time it is Della Latta who does not find the goal with his head.

15 ‘- In the continuation of the corner, Ceravolo shoots from zero meters into the curve. What a chance for Padova!

14 ‘- Sharp corner of Chiricò, Israel comes out and smanaccia.

9 ‘- Light contact between De Winter and Dezi in the Juventus penalty area, the referee let it go.

8 ‘- Ajeti steals a bad ball from Nicolussi, but Ceravolo doesn’t take advantage of it.

5 ‘SOULE LIGHTS UP’ – Left of the Juventus number 10 from the edge of the area, Donnarumma deflects for a corner.

4 ‘ – Try now the Soulè cue for Da Graca well contained by Valentini.

1 ‘- Chiricò tries immediately from the edge whose left is far off.

21:01 – The referee of the match, Daniele Perenzoni, whistles the start of the match. The first ball is kicked by Padova.

20:50 – We return to the locker room, just before the start of the match.

20:45 – The two teams still intent on warming up, it is really very hot at the ‘Moccagatta’.

20:40 – The Starting XI of Zauli: (4-3-2-1) – Israel; Leo, De Winter, Poli, Anzolin; Zuelli, Leone, Nicolussi Caviglia; Soulé, Iocolano; From Graca Bench: Garofani, Siano, Stramaccioni, Verduci, Barbieri, Boloca, Sekulov, Sersanti, Palumbo, Cudrig, Lipari, Cotter

Here is the eleven lined up by Mr. Oddo (4-3-3): Donnarumma; Germano, Ajeti, Valentini, Kirwan; Hraiech, Della Latta, Dezi ,; Chiricò, Ceravolo, Terrani

20: 35- MIRABELLI to TJ: “Values ​​reset to zero, the best young players are Juventus. U23? At Milan I fought alongside them. Juve will return to dominate …”
Below you will find our interview with the sporting director of the Venetians about tonight’s match (click here to read).

20:30 – Just like Renate, Oddo’s Padova is also an opponent already faced during the regular season. Juve U23 aims to redeem the two defeats suffered in the league in front of the public friend of “Moccagatta”. Among other things, curiosity, it will be the challenge between the last two winners of the Italian Cup of the category.

20:20 – Friends of, good evening and welcome to the direct text of the first leg of the second round of the national play-offs between Juventus Under 23 and Padua.

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