LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS WOMEN-ZURICH 5-0 – Tornado Girelli, Juve will play for qualification in Lyon


LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS WOMEN-ZURICH 5-0 – Tornado Girelli, Juve will play for qualification in Lyon
Written by aquitodovale

49′ – Hussein whistles for the end of the match, the poker trimmed to Zurich will allow Juventus to play the chances of qualifying in France with Lyon. Beerensteyn sumptuous (although out due to injury), but Girelli takes center stage with a historic four-pointer. Thanks for following our direct text, best wishes for a good evening from Mirko Di Natale.

48′ – Juve that keeps the pressure high, but is only waiting for the final whistle.

45′ – Granted four minutes of recovery.

43′ – Dangerous cut on the near post by Enz, but he doesn’t find the goal.

40′ – Beerensteyn is accompanied out of the sanitary ware, the black and whites could remain in 10 between now and the end of the match.

37′ – Beerensteyn remains on the ground, touched hard by Pando, who has already been booked, and leaves the field.

36′ SINGER! – Beerensteyn, needless to say always her, escapes a marking and puts it in the middle, Cantore anticipates everyone but misses the goal.

32′ – Out Girelli and Pedersen, for Cantore and Rosucci.

31′ BEERENSTEYN AGAIN! – The Dutchman was very close to his personal double, who was unable to make the most of a delicious Bonfantini unwrapped chocolate.

25′ – Pinther booked for a repeated foul on Boattin.

23′ – Stierli’s foul on Cernoia, for Hussein it is a foul. Meanwhile outside Bonansea and Caruso, enter Bonfantini and Zamanian.

21′ – What a cross from Negroz, his long-range shot would have left Peyraud-Magnin no way out!

18′ BEERENSTEYN! – Endless emotions at the Allianz, Beerensteyn seats an opponent but face to face with the guest goalkeeper incredibly unable to hit the goal.

16′ PEYRAUD MAGNIN! – Guardant’s mistake, Peyraud-Magnin surpasses himself on Pilgrimm.

14′ BONANSEA TRYING – As for Caruso, with his right foot, Bonansea, with his left foot, tries to do it, with the same result of finishing high above the crossbar. Juventus on fire.

13′ GOOOOOOOOOOOL STILL SWIVELS – Poker for Cristiana, penalty kick won masterfully with Friedli dirtying her. One-two devastating, that’s five Juve.

12′ ANOTHER PENALTY – Implacable Beerensteyn, again stretched out, which originates another penalty kick. Cristiana Girelli is still on the ball.

11′ TRIPLETTONAAAA OF GIRELLI – Action as a masterpiece, with Bereensteyn who unmarks Bonansea and the kiss assist for Girelli who punishes Friedli with his left foot. Hat-trick for Cristiana Girelli.

6′ – Outside Lenzini, enter Lundorf. This is Montemurro’s first substitution.

4′ CERNOIA! – Central free kick by the Juventus player, Friedli blocks it easily.

3′ – Vetterlein booked for illegally stopping Bonansea. Excellent free-kick for the black and whites.

2′ – The first shot in the second half is from Caruso, but the black and white miss the goal.

20:33 – Hussein blows the whistle, the second half has begun!

20:32 – The protagonists return to the field, the referee is counting the players.

46′ – The first half is over, with just one minute of added time, it’s Juve trio with Girelli’s brace and Dutchman Beerensteyn’s goal. See you in 15′, good break.

45′ SPOON OF GIRELLI – Girelli’s soft touch, it’s a Juventus trio!

44′ PENALTY – Stretched out in the Beerensteyn area, it’s a penalty!

38′ PEDERSEN! – Pedersen tries with her head, she too, as has already happened in some similar circumstances, doesn’t find the goal.

35′ – Yet another shot from distance, this time by Salvai, well saved by Friedli.

30′ – First substitution for Zurich: Bernauer out, Megroz in (who spoke to our microphones in the first leg).

24′ GOOOOOOOOOOL BY BEERENSTEYN – Again from a corner, Juve found a goal: Beerensteyn made the most of the corner kicked by Cernoia and with a back-heeled trick on Friedli. Third goal in two games, also counting the championship, for the Dutch player.

23′ VERY CLOSE TO DOUBLING BONANSEA – Excellent action by Juve with Bonansea whose right foot is deflected by an opponent. Juve very close to doubling, it will be a corner kick.

19′ JUVE OPPORTUNITY – Four against three of the black and white with Girelli who in a very altruistic way tries to serve Beerensteyn anticipated by an opponent. The same number 10, shortly after, tries to make herself dangerous with a header.

18′ GIRELLI! – The black and white number 10 tries again, her conclusion does not hit the target.

15′ – Zurich forward earning a corner.

11′ CERNOIA CAN’T FIND THE GOAL – Excellent descent by Beerensteyn who wreaks havoc, the onrushing Cernoia can’t find the goal.

5′ – Pilgrim sprints behind the Juventus defense and tries to surprise Peyraud-Magnin with a lob, but fails.

4′ – Zurich moves the ball, while the Allianz field seems to be holding up well.

1′ IMMEDIATELY GIREEEEEELLLI – From the development of a corner, Girelli touches it just enough to pass the goalkeeper and avoid the recovery of a defender. It is an immediate advantage for the black and whites.

7.32pm – The German whistle marks the start of the dance, the first ball belongs to the black and whites.

7.27pm – Teams on the pitch, Juventus-Zurich is about to begin!

7:18 pm – Teams back in the locker room.

7:11pm – For the moment, no new communications have arrived from UEFA, kick-off is still scheduled for 19:30

7:08 pm – The black and whites are also on the field.

19:07 – Warm-up supplement for Z├╝rich players.

6.59pm – Meeting in progress to understand whether or not to play this Juventus-Zurich.

6.50pm – Andrea Agnelli, former Juventus president, was also present in the stands.

18:45 – Field workers to shovel snow UEFA postponed the start of the match to 19:30

6.35pm – Teams back in the locker room, it’s less and less until the start of the match.

18:26 – Cecilia Salvai and Pauline Peyraud-Magnin on the pitch with the UEFA delegates.

6.15pm – Teams already on the pitch for warm-ups, it’s snowing heavily in Turin.

6.00pm – Here is Juventus’ starting XI: (4-3-3) – Peyraud-Magnin, Lenzini, Immaginant, Salvai, Boattin; Caruso, Pedersen, Cernoia; Bonansea, Girelli, Beerensteyn. Unavailable: Aprile, Forcinella, Bertucci, Duljan, Lundorf, Gama, Rosucci, Grosso, Schatzer, Zamanian, Bonfantini, Cantore.

Zurich responds: (4-4-2) – Friedli, Riesen, Stierli, Vetterlein, Pando; Piubel, Bernauer, Rey, Pinther, Pilgrim, Humm.

5.50pm – Readers, as well as friends, of TuttoJuve, a warm good evening from your Mirko Di Natale for the live text of Juventus-Zurich valid for the fifth day of the UWCL. The girls from Montemurro, overtaken in the last round by Lyon, can no longer make mistakes. The challenge with the Swiss, already defeated in the first leg, must be won absolutely, in order to get to the last game with the chances of qualifying intact.

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