LIVE TJ – RENATE-JUVENTUS U23 0-1 – Juventus company, qualification in Meda


LIVE TJ – RENATE-JUVENTUS U23 0-1 – Juventus company, qualification in Meda
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50 ‘- Rossetti’s shot was central, Israel grabbed it.

48 ‘ – Breathe in Juve U23, good Cudrig at earning a free kick and letting his team breathe.

47 ‘- In double digits the Renate at the level of corner kicks.

46 ‘CUDRIG! – In one of the few clear chances of the second half, Cudrig’s shot is far from the goal of the opposing goalkeeper.

45 ‘- Carrione grants five minutes of recovery.

44 ‘THAT SCARED – Anghileri’s shot is almost a cross, luckily nobody gets there.

43 ‘- Naive Iocolano commits a foul, Renate can put another interesting ball in the penalty area

42 ‘LEO! – The Juventus full-back’s defensive coverage on Cicconi was excellent.

40 ‘- The former Newell’s exits, Palumbo enters. This is Zauli’s latest change.

38 ‘- Cramps for Barrenechea, protests the home crowd who consider it a waste of time.

37 ‘- Stramaccioni for Da Graca, it is a very conservative but reasonable change by Zauli with 8 ‘from the end. The other change concerns Soule, who leaves the field for Sekulov.

36 ‘ – Israel warned for waste of time.

35 ‘- The Renate is stocking up on corners, the Lombard team is still under pressure in search of the same qualification.

32 ‘- Piscopo, again him, trying to mess up the Juventus defense, his foray is worth a corner kick!

30 ‘- The newly entered Cudrig was cautioned for an intervention on the limit on Silva.

28 ‘- Juve keep the pressure high, but very little has been played in the last minutes.

22 ‘- Iocolano remains on the ground following a game clash on the developments of the corner. Meanwhile, outside Compagnon, Cudrig enters. Change of form for Zauli who will now take sides with the 4-3-1-2.

21 ‘- Anghileri tries from distance, shot blocked for a corner. Keeps the home team high blood pressure.

16 ‘- Outside Ranieri and Baldassin, Esposito and Rossetti enter. The Renate is played all out.

12 ‘- Cross shot by Cicconi, ball that flies over the crossbar defended by Israel.

9 ‘- Piscopo sows panic, the Juventus defenders are good at blocking him.

7 ‘ – The home crowd is rumbling, he wanted the yellow to de Winter for an intervention at the limit of the regulation.

6 ‘- More yellow, this time for Compagnon. Race that got worse.

5 ‘- Foul in the attack of Possenti, the referee whistles the foul in favor of the bianconeri.

3 ‘SERSANTI! – Close to doubling the bianconeri with Sersanti, whose left-footed shot is grabbed by the home goalkeeper.

2′ – Maistrello also ends up in the bad guys’ notebook. In just two minutes, two yellow cards already!

1 ‘- The first yellow card among the bianconeri is Enzo Barrenechea.

21:33 – The recovery of Renate-Juve U23 has begun.

45 ‘- There is no recovery: Juve goes to the break with a 1-0 lead thanks to Cosimo Marco Da Graca’s goal. We’ll hear from you in 15 ‘.

44 ‘- Bravo Iocolano to earn another corner kick.

41 ‘- On the development of the corner beaten by Anzolin, de Winter hits the ball but does not find the goal.

40 ‘- Juve escapes the opponent’s grip by earning a corner.

37 ‘- Renate complains of a penalty kick: Maistrello’s overhead kick is stopped by Poli, according to the referee the intervention of the Juventus defender is regular.

34 ‘- Excellent construction of the Renate with Cicconi last attacking terminal that does not frame the mirror of the goal.

31 ‘- Barrenechea complains to the referee, guilty of having whistled a foul that was not there.

29 ‘GOOOOOOOOL BY DA GRACA – Juve have the advantage with Da Graca, who punishes the innocent Albertoni with his head. But Leo’s cross is magnificent. It is the fourth goal of the season for Da Graca, the last one he had signed with Legnago.

27 ‘- The first yellow card of the match is Possenti

24 ‘IOCOLANO! – The first ring is from the former Lecco, a shot to the limit that engages Albertoni for the first time in this match.

22 ‘- Juve also shows up with Compagnon, the home goalkeeper is good and lucky to save the match.

19 ‘- The first corner kick of the match is earned by Renate.

14 ‘- Excellent exit of Israel that anticipates Anghileri.

10 ‘DE WINTER – Excellent defensive coverage by De Winter, who confirms himself as one of the best in the category, ahead of the dangerous Piscopo.

5 ‘- Bravo Poli to trigger the restart, then it is Iocolano who is stopped by Merletti.

4 ‘- He tries to work the Da Graca ball, but he can’t.

2′ – Pleasant temperature in Meda around 24 °, the day was sunny and very hot.

20:33 – Carrione di Castellammare whistles the start of the match

20:20 – Juve are now returning to the locker room, the warm-up is over.

20:15 – The Starting XI of Zauli: (4-3-2-1) – Israel; Leo, De Winter, Poli, Anzolin; Sersanti, Barrenechea, Iocolano; Compagnon, Soulé; From Graca. Bench: Garofani, Siano, Stramaccioni, Verduci, Barbieri, Boloca, Sekulov, Leone, Palumbo, Cudrig, Lipari, Cotter.

Here is the eleven lined up by Mr. Cevoli (3-5-2): Albertoni; Lace, Silva, Possenti; Anghileri, Baldassin, Ranieri, Celeghin, Cicconi; Maistrello, Piscopo.

8:00 pm – To get through the round tonight, Juve will absolutely have to win. No other results are allowed. In fact, even a draw may be enough for Renate to snatch qualification for the next round.

19:50 – Friends of, good evening and welcome to the direct text of Renate-Juventus U23, return match of the first round of the national Serie C playoffs.

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