LIVE TMW – De Ligt at Bayern Munich, the Dutchman landed in Germany. Tomorrow the signature –


LIVE TMW – De Ligt at Bayern Munich, the Dutchman landed in Germany.  Tomorrow the signature –
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Matthijs de Ligt will officially become a new Bayern Munich player this week. Here all the updates in real time

20.31 – He landed He landed a little while ago in Bavaria Matthijs de Ligt. Accompanied by his agent, Rafaela Pimenta, the Dutchman will support visits tomorrow and then sign a 5-season contract for 10 million a year with Bayern Munich. Who will pay Juventus 70-75 million plus 10 in bonuses.

20.10 – De Ligt arriving in Monaco – Here we are. De Ligt is arriving in Monaco. Tomorrow he visits and signs, then he will leave for the US tour with Bayern.

18.19 – De Ligt in Caselle with his girlfriend – End credits on the Juventus experience of Matthijs De Ligt: the Dutch central, accompanied by his girlfriend, has reached the Turin airport and will soon board the plane that will take him to Munich, where Bayern is waiting for him.

18.10 – Ag. De Ligt: “Everything perfect, Juve very good” – Before leaving for Munich, together with Matthijs de Ligt, Rafaela Pimenta he gave a brief interview to the journalists present: “De Ligt will do it at Bayern Munich. He is happy and Pogba is happy too. We just have to thank Juventus who have been very good, we just have to thank the media, Arrivabene and Cherubini. Everything is perfect” , he said.

18.02 – De Ligt has left Continassa – Matthijs de Ligt’s adventure at Juventus ended in these minutes: the Dutchman has left Continassa and is expected in Caselle, where he should leave for Munich.

16.30 – De Ligt’s program with Bayern – In the late afternoon Matthijs de Ligt will leave Turin together with his agent Rafaela Pimenta to fly to Munich. Tomorrow scheduled medical examinations and the signing of the contract until 2027. Then, tomorrow evening, he will join his new teammates in the USA.

13.45 – Rafaela Pimenta in Turin – Rafaela Pimenta arrived at Continassa to sort out the final details for Matthijs de Ligt’s transfer from Bayern Munich to Juventus. Then the agent of the Dutch defender born in 1999 will fly to Munich, assisted by him, to kick off the former Ajax’s adventure at Bayern.

12.50 – De Ligt tonight in Munich – Matthijs de Ligt is expected tonight in Munich. The Dutch defender born in ’99 tomorrow will sign the contract with Bayern Munich valid until June 2027: 10 million euros net per season for five years.

11.00 – De Ligt immediately on tour with Bayern? – Today Bayern Munich will leave for the tour in the United States. It is not yet clear, writes ‘Kicker’, whether the player will embark immediately with the new teammates.

10.30 The details of the contract that De Ligt will sign with Bayern Munich- In the previous days, before Bayern’s relaunch, De Ligt had agreed on his salary with the Bavarians: 5 years of contract, 10 million euros net per season.

10.00 Juventus accepted Bayern Munich’s offer – Yesterday evening, Juventus accepted Bayern Munich’s offer for Matthijs de Ligt. The Bavarians have put on the plate 70 million euros of fixed part, plus 5 of easy bonuses plus other bonuses that could raise the price up to 90 million euros.


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