LIVE Ukraine-Italy 34-25 basketball, 2023 World Cup qualifiers LIVE: the home team tries to escape


LIVE Ukraine-Italy 34-25 basketball, 2023 World Cup qualifiers LIVE: the home team tries to escape
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Collects a couple of free Polonara.

41-30 Great block by Fontecchio on Mykhailiuk, but the ball ends up in the hands of Herun free: two points from the average.

39-30 Forcing by Gallinari from the average, basket in his perfect style.

39-28 Len’s half-hook, Italy again above the double-digit disadvantage.

37-28 Ukrainian transition closed by a splendid support from Len, very nice to see his coordination.

35-28 Pair of free throws for Sydorov, who scores only one.

34-28 Adds Ricci, Gallinari’s first entry into the field in the match with 4’09 ”to play in the second quarter.

34-27 CURLY! He takes the low post, leans left and draws the extra free!

Great Italian circulation, but before the support of Datome there is a foul in attack by Melli.

34-25 Lonely insane play by Sanon leaning against the glass.

32-25 DATOME! Of technique, -7 Italy.

32-23 Biligha dunk, which keeps the blues on their feet in the complex moment.

32-21 Another Bobrov triple.

29-21 Biligha corrects Biligha’s entry to the basket.

29-19 Triple on reception from Tkachenko’s throw-in.

26-19 Sydorov’s triple without rhythm, Pozzecco’s time out arrives after these two not-so-exciting minutes.

23-19 Ukrainian fast transition with Sanon leaning on the basket.

21-19 Pustoviy still moving away.

The second quarter begins.

TOP SCORER – UKRAINE: 8 Mykhailiuk; ITALY: 12 Melli

Thus ends a first quarter full of interesting motifs, in which Nicolò Melli dominates in a blue key.

19-19 Great basket away from Pustoviy.

17-19 Make the additional Melli.

17-18 MELLI! He beats Pustoviy in speed, backs up, scores, is fouled and will be free extra!

17-16 Pustoviy goes to support just when the last minute of the fourth begins.

15-16 Misunderstanding Melli-Fontecchio, Tkachenko takes away the ball and nails it with both hands.

13-16 AGAIN NIK MELLI! He leaves in Pustoviy, Bobrov’s help doesn’t work and there is support! Bagatskis’s time out arrives, the only one who really plays at home here as a Latvian.

13-14 MELLI! Triple and first overtaking Italy getting in the middle corner from Mannion!

13-11 1/2 Bobrov, 2’50 “at the end of the first quarter.

Bobrov looks for the entrance, Ricci tries to limit him: do it, two free given the shooting movement already started.

12-11 Melli from six meters primed by Spissu!

12-9 Great stepback of Mykhailiuk from the media.

10-9 Splendid blue circulation that finds Melli alone in front of the basket: dunk!

10-7 FONTECCHIO! For the triple!

10-4 Mykhailiuk again taking advantage of the weak side.

8-4 Finally Fontecchio! On the triple from Polonara spat out by the irons it is he who finds the rebound in attack.

6 ‘at the end of the first quarter.

8-2 Loose ball, Italy that concedes too many possessions to Ukraine and Mykhailiuk goes to support.

6-2 Lukashov uses Herun’s block to use the scoreboard well.

4-2 Tonut passes the baseline and rests.

4-0 Lukashov for Len who supports in transition.

2-0 Mykhailiuk with the rebound dunk in attack.

17:31 Two-ball! First possession Ukraine.

17:30 The two teams with their quintets enter the field, it’s about to begin!

17:29 QUINTETS – UKRAINE: Lukashov Mykhailiuk Bliznyuk Herun Len ITALY: Spissu Tonut Fontecchio Polonara Melli

17:27 After the ceremony of the hymns, the final stages of the warm-up and then it will be a two-ball!

17:24 Ukrainian players wrapped in the flags of their country, it’s the turn of the national anthems.

17:21 Less than ten minutes to go!

17:18 On the other hand, Italy has played six games in Riga. Just think that the first five are from the European Championships in 1937, another era, another sport that had totally different rules and much lower scores. In the Latvian capital, the Azzurri returned for the European qualifiers in 2010, winning 68-69.

17:15 This is the tenth overall confrontation between Ukraine and Italy; 7 victories obtained by the Azzurri, the largest of which at the 2005 European Championships, for 99-62. Speaking of the Europeans, it was precisely against the Ukraine of the Mike Fratello era that Italy lost one of the decisive matches for the 2014 World Cup.

17:12 The first images from the Riga arena, with the Azzurri in the warm-up.

17:09 It is not only the two NBAs who are the bearers of great talent on the Ukrainian roster; for a long time we have also seen Artem Pustoviy at a high level, now an expert in the Spanish ACB Liga, in which he has played since 2015.

17:06 Here are the 12 from Ukraine, among which both Mykhailiuk and Alex Len stand out:

# 5 Ivan Tkachenko (1997, 199, A, Seagulls – Finland)
# 7 Denys Lukashov (1989, 197, G, Nancy – France)
# 10 Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk (1997, 201, A, Toronto Raptors – NBA)
# 13 Vyacheslav Bobrov (1992, 203, A, Budivelnyk)
# 17 Andrii Voinalovych (1999, 207, A, Tartu – Estonia)
# 23 Artem Pustovy (1992, 219, C, Murcia – Spain)
# 25 Oleksiy Len (1993, 216, C, Sacramento Kings – NBA)
# 30 Issuf Sanon (1999, 193, G, Prometey)
# 32 Bogdan Bliznyuk (1995, 198, A, Budivelnyk)
# 44 Dmytro Skapintsev (1998, 216, C, Full Zvaigzdes Pasvalys – Lithuania)
# 52 Volodymyr Gerun (1994, 208, C, Real Betis – Spain)
# 55 Illya Sidorov (1996, 184, P, GBA Fio Banka – Czech Rep.)

17:03 This is the blue roster

# 0 Marco Spissu (1995, 184, P, Umana Reyer Venice)
# 1 Niccolò Mannion (2001, 190, P, Segafredo Virtus Bologna)
# 6 Paul Biligha (1990, 200, C, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan)
# 7 Stefano Tonut (1993, 194, G, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan)
# 8 Danilo Gallinari (1988, 208, A, Boston Celtics – NBA)
# 9 Nicolò Melli (1991, 206, A, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan)
# 13 Simone Fontecchio (1995, 203, A, Utah Jazz – NBA)
# 17 Giampaolo Ricci (1991, 202, A, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan)
# 25 Tommaso Baldasso (1998, 192, P, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan)
# 33 Achille Polonara (1991, 205, A, Anadolu Efes Istanbul – Turkey)
# 54 Alessandro Pajola (1999, 194, P, Segafredo Virtus Bologna)
# 70 Luigi Datome (1987, 203, A, EA7 Emporio Armani Milan)

17:00 Good afternoon to all OA Sport readers and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the blue debut in the 2nd phase of qualifying for the 2023 World Cup. Opposite, in Riga, there is Ukraine.

Italy-France (Bologna) – France-Italy (Montpellier) – Italy-Serbia – Italy-Czech Republic

Good afternoon to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the second phase match of the qualifiers for the World Cup in Philippines, Indonesia and Japan 2023 between Ukraine and Italy in Riga, Latvia.

Coach blues Gianmarco Pozzecco they restart their journey towards the world championship with a ranking that sees them with 3 wins and 1 defeat, therefore also with well-founded hopes of not having to sleep troubled sleep in case of double success with Ukraine and Georgia.

Svi Mykhailiuk and his companions, however, are certainly not willing to give discounts. Not on this day, which is important for Ukraine, since it is celebrating its independence (but it is also 6 months since Russia invaded the territory on a large scale). And, on the Latvian parquet, they have already made Spain suffer a lot.

Curious side: the two teams will meet again on 5 September at the European Championships in Milan. Amedeo Tessitori will not be part of the 12 of this game, and it remains to be seen if it is a clue or a simple temporary choice of Pozzecco.

Ukraine-Italy, the first match of the 2nd qualifying phase for the 2023 World Cup, will be played at 17:30. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

Credit: Ciamillo

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