LIVE Wolfsberger-Milan


LIVE Wolfsberger-Milan
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The Milan leaves behind the defeat against Zalaegerszegi and starts again in Klagenfurt: 5-0 to the Wolfsberger for the Rossoneri of Pioli, dragged by Leao And Rebic and from an inspired Yacine Adli, assists and first goal as a player of the Devil. AC Milan concluded their training camp in Austria in the best possible way, with the next luxury friendly match against Marseille on Sunday.

THE MATCH – Pioli sends almost all the owners onto the field, with Adli as an attacking midfielder behind Rebic and the pair Bennacer-Krunic in midfield. The initiative of the game is entirely in the hands of Milan, dragged by the flames of Theo Hernandez and Leao. And the Portuguese himself unlocks the match at 39 ‘: launch from the defense of Calabria, Leao elegantly puts down with the right and with the left he makes a touch below that bypasses the opposing goalkeeper. Two minutes pass and the Rossoneri double: Saelemaekers for Adli, in for Rebic and 2-0 with whom you go to the locker room. The second half opens with many changes for the Austrians, while Pioli removes Leao and inserts Messias. The Brazilian signed the trio in the 58th minute on an assist from Theo Hernandez. Two minutes later, Adli’s first personal joy in the Rossoneri shirt: AC Milan’s persistent action, Saelemaekers’ violent conclusion rejected by the defense, the ball lands on the feet of the former Bordeaux who signs the poker. Swirl of changes for the Devil who in the 66th minute also finds the pokerissimo: on the developments of a corner by Florenzi, the ball arrives on the head of Cage who, as captain, marks the 5-0 that closes the match.

Wolfsberger-Milan 0-5
39 ‘Leao (M), 41’ Rebic (M), 58 ‘Messias (M), 60’ Adli (M), 66 ‘Gabbia (M).


Wolfsberger: Gutlbauer; Novak (60 ‘Schifferl), Baumgartner (60’ Piesinger), Lochoshvili (46 ‘Gugganic), Scherzer (46’ Anzolin); Leitgeb (46 ‘Kerschbaumauer), Omic (60’ Taferner), Veratschnig (46 ‘Jasic); Boakye (46 ‘Ball); Vizinger (72 ‘Muller), Vergos (46’ Rocher). Coach: Dutt.

Milan: Maignan; Calabria (61 ‘Florenzi), Kalulu (77’ Coubis), Tomori (61 ‘Gabbia), Theo Hernandez (61’ Ballo-Touré); Krunic (61 ‘Bakayoko), Bennacer (61’ Tonali); Saelemaekers (77 ‘Gala), Adli (61’ Brahim Diaz), Leao (46 ‘Messias); Rebic (61 ‘Lazetic). Coach: Pioli.

Referee: Josef Spurny.



90 ‘- Ends without recovery, Wolfsberger-Milan 0-5.

77 ‘- Other changes Milan: Gala for Saelemaekers and Coubis for Kalulu.

75 & # 39; – Mirante puts on gloves and denies the goal to Jasic, dangerous with his diagonal from the right.

72 ‘- Another Wolfsberger change: Muller for Vizinger.

69 & # 39; – Another dangerous opportunity for Milan with Saelemaekers, a conclusion rejected by the defense.

66 & # 39; – MANITA DEL AC MILAN, CAGE! Long corner from the right by Florenzi, counter-cross from the left by Ballo-Touré and header by the defender, captain on the occasion. 5-0 Milan.

61 ‘- Swirl of changes in Milan: outside Calabria, Theo Hernandez, Adli, Rebic, Bennacer, Krunic, Tomori and Maignan; inside Florenzi, Ballo-Touré, Brahim Diaz, Lazetic, Bakayoko, Tonali, Gabbia and Mirante.

60 ‘- Changes in the Wolfsberger: in Schifferl for Novak, Piesinger for Baumgartner and Taferner for Omic.

60 ‘- POKER MILAN, ADLI’S FIRST GOAL! The defense of Wolfsberger is saved on the violent conclusion of Saelemaekers, but the ball arrives on the feet of the attacking midfielder who reaffirms in the net for the first personal goal in the Rossoneri and the 4-0 of Milan.

58 ‘- AC MILAN TRI, MESSIAS! Theo Hernandez overwhelming enters the area from the left, supports low shot for the Brazilian who thanks and puts in the net, 3-0 Milan.

47 & # 39; – Dangerous action of the Wolfsberger, Tomori closes well in a corner.

46 & # 39; – At the start of the recovery, a change in Milan: Pioli removes Leao and inserts Messias. Four changes in Wolfsberger: Rocher for Vergos, Kerschbaumauer for Leitgeb, Anzolin for Scherzer, Jasic for Veratschnig, Ballo for Boakye and Gugganic for Lochoshvili.


45 ‘- The first half ends without recovery, Wolfsberger-Milan 0-2 at the interval.

41 ‘- DOUBLE AC MILAN, REBIC! Saelemaeker triggers Adli, who turns out the assist by supporting the Croatian striker for the simplest of goals, 2-0 Milan.

39 ‘- AC MILAN GOAL, LEAO! The Portuguese striker elegantly stops Calabria’s throw, comes face to face with the Wolfsberger goalkeeper and overtakes him with a delicate touch below, 1-0 Milan.

37 ‘- Leao always dangerous: the Portuguese focuses and kicks, his conclusion is deflected to the bottom by a defender.

36 & # 39; – Milan’s insistent action, the ball reaches Theo Hernandez who kicks high from a good position.

25 ‘- Great opportunity for Leao: the Portuguese striker enters the area from the left, focuses and frees a right-footed shot that touches the far post.

21 ‘- Rebic catches Adli in the area, the AC Milan attacking midfielder falls but there is no penalty.

14 & # 39; – Opportunity for Milan: Adli triggers Rebic first, a quick low ground ball for Krunic who deflects but does not find the goal.

9 ‘- Adli’s ball for Leao from right to left, the Portuguese striker controls the area and kicks, but the azine is stopped for offside.

8 ‘- First admonition of the match: to Veratschnig for a foul on Theo Hernandez.

5 ‘- Milan’s first blaze: quick restart on the Leao-Theo Hernandez axis, the action goes out in the final for offside of the left back.

1 ‘- The game begins, the first ball for the Wolfsberger

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