Lollobrigida, the ex-husband Rigau and the fight in front of the room of the deceased with the former patron of Sanremo


Lollobrigida, the ex-husband Rigau and the fight in front of the room of the deceased with the former patron of Sanremo
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Of Flavia Fiorentino

He declared to «La vita in Directe» that he will attend the funeral. First she had quarreled with Aragozzini, former patron of Sanremo and a great friend of the deceased actress.

“But how dare you? What did he come to do? When I arrived at the clinic to say goodbye to Gina, her ex-husband Francisco Javier Rigau was already there, in her room. Inexplicable, incredible.”

Adriano Aragozzini, historic friend of the diva, who died on Monday in Rome at the age of 95 (the chapel will be set up in the Campidoglio on Wednesday) he is among the first to go to the nursing home where the “bersagliera” had been hospitalized since last Thursday. “We quarreled immediately, in a moment that should have been one of respect and silence – says the former patron of Sanremo – because he, with a certain aggression, told me: “You must stay away from this woman because they robbed her ”».

The question of the wedding between the Spanish entrepreneur and one of the most famous Italian actresses in the world was at the center of a complex legal case in which the alleged husband was accused of having defrauded Lollobrigida as she herself had declared: «Perhaps by getting married by proxy in Barcelona without my knowledge to inherit all my assets» Rigau was however acquitted in 2017 «because the fact does not exist» and, in any case, the marriage is annulled by the Sacra Rota in 2019.

Two days ago the sensational return to the scene, in which the Catalan businessman still defines himself as the diva’s “husband”. «I will not inherit anything – Rigau declared to“ La vita in Directe ”on Rai1 – but an investigation should be carried out on Gina’s properties because all her assets have disappeared. As far as I’m concerned, the investigations have already been done in depth. The ex-husband also announced that he wanted to attend the actress’s funeral on Thursday at the Church of the artists in Piazza del Popolo «Your son will decide – he specifies – but I am the widower. She’ll be in the front row »adding new details to the last days of Lollobrigida’s life:« she died peacefully with her son, grandson and me by her side. But she was unrecognizable. When she broke her femur (last September ed) I did the impossible to help her with carers, paying me: but it was impossible».

The attack against Aragozzini in the clinic, however, had been violent: «He calmed down only when he realized that I was at Gina’s bedside not for work but as a lifelong friend – underlines the journalist and record producer who accompanied her on hundreds of tours around the world – then her son also arrived Milko who asked me to give a eulogy for his mother during the ceremony».

Francisco Javier Rigau, currently on good terms with the son and nephew of the actress, Milko and Dimitri Skofic, although she had severed all relations, she had met Gina Lollobrigida in Montecarlo in 2004. Although there are 34 years of difference between the two, the entrepreneur seems fascinated by that legendary star and the actress, at least at the beginning, proves happy to that relationship, however, in a short time, turns into something else, until the factotum-godson Andrea Piazzolla arrives at his side and the fraud complaint against Rigau in 2013.

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