London, 25-year-old waiter from Fondi attacked from behind and beaten outside a pub. He’s in a coma


London, 25-year-old waiter from Fondi attacked from behind and beaten outside a pub.  He’s in a coma
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Marco Pannone, chef Massimiliano Sepe’s nephew, had invited a customer to go out because the place was closing. His kickboxing teacher: «he has never argued with anyone, he only fights in the gym»

A 25-year-old Italian from Fondi, in the province of Latina, is in a coma after suffering a beating outside a pub in London. Massacred in punches and left on the ground at the back of the club. The boy’s name is known – Marco Pannonnephew of Maximilian Sepe chef of the well-known Roman restaurant Alfredo alla Scrofa – but still from to clarify the causes that led to the aggression of the Italian.

The reconstruction of the attack

It would appear that Marco was attacked outside the club where he works as waiter following an argument with a customer who didn’t want to leave the pub that was closing down. Now the 20-year-old is struggling between life and death in the intensive care unit of King’s College Hospital where he was hospitalized and operated on urgently with the removal of part of the skullcap in a desperate attempt to save him. Now, he’s in a coma.

The alarm of the friends of the gym

Still a dense mystery, therefore, about what happened on the night between Friday and Saturday in Brixton, a neighborhood in the south-west area of ​​the City. The family in Italy was notified on Saturday morning, around 10, via Facebook, by a friend who frequents a gym with him in kickboxing. A shocking message, arrived on the profile of the older sister where it was said only that Marco had been attacked, had been taken to the hospital and was very ill. The London police are working on the case, while the embassies are in contact to give news to family members and make inquiries.

Who is the boy attacked

Everyone hopes to see Marco return to Fondi, the southern Pontine town he had abandoned a few years ago to pursue his London dream: independence, a job, new friendships without abandoning those of the past. He was the victim of a ferocious assault, to which he was unable to respond in any way despite the fact that he was an expert in kickboxing.

The kickboxing master: «He only fights in the gym»

“No one has ever quarreled,” says his master Bruno Romanogym manager rotts of Fondi – indeed, Marco has worn out always and only in the gym». The teacher tells with emotion of his pupil, and of the contacts he had with the family shortly after learning of the story. “Everything started from here – he explains – because the gym mates were the first to be warned by London friends via social media, because the club where he worked had no contact with family members”.

“Maybe attacked from behind”

The maestro continues: «From what we know, that cursed evening Marco was attacked by a customer who had asked him to leave the club as it closed. He definitely he was attacked at shoulders– Romano continues – because the hardest blow was the fall to the ground. Now the family is all in London, we are all waiting for news. They tell us that Marco is in a pharmacological coma ».

London life

Marco loved his Fondi: «We were in contact – says the master – and every time he came back he came to train, to review his friends. He liked this sport, he had won even some regional titles. And he told us how happy he was for his experience in London. We are all shockedit is incredible that it happened to him: so kind, really polite and humble ».

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