Lube at the SEVENTH heaven (Photo / Video) Perugia annihilated at the Eurosuole Forum, CIVITANOVA IS CHAMPION OF ITALY


Lube at the SEVENTH heaven (Photo / Video) Perugia annihilated at the Eurosuole Forum, CIVITANOVA IS CHAMPION OF ITALY
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TRIUMPH – The tricolor remains on the red and white jerseys, Sir crushed in three sets in Game 4 of the very final played in a very warm palas, which pushed Blengini’s men to the enterprise. It is the 7th Scudetto in the history of the cooking club, the third consecutive and the fourth in the last five editions. THE PARTY EXPLODES

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The Lube party explodes: Civitanova is again Italian Champion

La Lube rejoices: he is Italian Champion for the seventh time in his history

from Mauro Giustozzi (picture of Federico De Marco)

Seven times Lube. Civitanova confirms itself as champion of Italy, Perugia wiped out in three sets (25-23, 25-16, 25-21) and game 4 of the Scudetto final puts an end to the series (3-1 for the red and white), assigning the tricolor to the men led by coach Blengini. The Eurosuole Forum, sold out tonight and seventh man on the pitch, returns to being the scene of the club’s Scudetto party, which for the fourth time since the club moved to the coast celebrates its most important victory.


AND’ the third tricolor in a row, the fourth in the last five editions, the seventh in the history of the cooking club. One domain. A title that, as the patron Giulianelli had prophesied before the start of the series against SIR, it represents the consecration of something historical and of a long period of hegemony in Italian volleyball (read the article).

finale-lube-perugia-gara-4-FDM-8-325x216A Lube «which is always the team to beat, the one that always reaches the bottom, the one that never gives up. And we often turn out to be winners in the finals. This is no small thing. It is an immortal Lube I would dare to say ». And this team is truly immortal, orchestrated by coach Blengini, capable of an almost unthinkable comeback against Trento in the semifinal under 2-0 in the series and to impose himself with authority against the usual rival of recent seasons, who had dominated the regular season with a lot of field factor in favor in the final. The party, tonight, is all red and white.


The tricolor therefore remains on the shirts of Lube which is celebrating the seventh championship in its history, the third consecutive, the third personal also of coach Chicco Blengini. Ivan Zaytsev’s second returned from Russia to keep the promise made to the company when he left. At the end of a difficult season, complicated by many injuries and which until now had given more disappointments than joys to the cooks.


The red and white fans at the Eurosuole Forum: tonight is the Scudetto party

Victim, once again, the usual Sir Safety Perugia as happened also in the last two editions of the Scudetto final, even if the Umbrians in the regular season this year had won two games out of two against Lube. In a palas full of enthusiasm and passion, the Marche region commanded and played a perfect match for attention and concentration, leaving the crumbs to a Perugia that denoted the inconstancy shown in this final part of the season and the bad evening of several players, the ‘ex Rychlicki above all.

finale-lube-perugia-gara-4-FDM-6-325x216 One-way game, with Lube who had an absolute dominance against an opponent who was annihilated in the service and above all on the wall in a challenge that for large stretches was incredibly unequal given the clear superiority shown by the Marche. Where many were the protagonists from the usual priceless and decisive Simon to a Zaytsev finally back as ‘Tsar’ in the most important race, the enlightened direction of De Cecco and the flare-ups of a Yant that did not make us regret the injured Juantorena.

finale-lube-perugia-gara-4-FDM-11-325x217It is a red and white party and a Lube party between hugs, photos, champagne for the championship with Simon receiving the award as the mvp of the final he who will leave Lube but wanted to give the club and fans with his teammates yet another triumph in a difficult season and complicated, marked by many injuries that had hitherto prevented Lube from lifting a trophy. Which happens tonight once again at home like last time, just a year ago. We are the champions of Italy, the fans inebriated with happiness sing for a Civitanova that remains on the roof of Italy. The tricolor will remain on the Lube jerseys also next season and the tricolor taraflex will not be removed from the Eurosuole Forum. The triumph of corporate and technical maturity of a team made up of men even more than champions. And in the end all the players who have created this authentic enterprise are praised.

finale-lube-perugia-gara-4-FDM-14-325x216For game 4 there is still another sold out at the Eurosuole Forum with the palas which is a uniform red spot of local fans and a spray of white from the guests for the second chance Scudetto of Civitanova, after Sir canceled the first at home match ball to Blengini’s men. Alongside the patron Fabio Giulianelli in the stands also the president of the Marche Region, Francesco Acquaroli, and the councilor Filippo Saltamartini and the president of the regional CONI Fabio Luna.

finale-lube-perugia-gara-4-FDM-5-325x217Teams in the field in the same sextets with which they faced three days ago. The game is played immediately with great intensity and decision on both fronts: Zaytsev in evidence in service and in attack, but a Sir responds who does not want to let the opponents run away. With an Anderson appearing in a good evening and his are the points that are worth the Umbrian 6-8. Civitanova in trouble under the net with Mengozzi and the Rychlicki wall that digs an insidious 7-11 in favor of Sir. Blengini forced to call the technical time out. A Lube returns and begins the ascent which takes place with, listen, listen, two almost consecutive walls by De Cecco on Rychlicki which once again establish parity.

finale-lube-perugia-gara-4-FDM-13-325x219Race that returns to the rails of equilibrium, with Grbic forced to replace a Rychlicki dazed by three walls taken in succession with Ter Horst. Lucarelli gives him the break (17-15) while Perugia takes refuge in a time out to rearrange his ideas. Thrilling final: Civitanova escapes with the attacks of Zaytsev (9 and 78%) and the walls of Simon and Anzani, Perugia responds with Leon’s very heavy serve that brings the Perugians back in the wake (23-22): Lucarelli’s razor burn decides on the second set ball, bringing the Lube forward. The second opens with the marchigiani who continue to raise the pace and pressure on Perugia, which struggles to keep up with the opponents with a Rychlicki out of the game. Simon and Zaytsev’s ace sign the break on 9/11, with Sir suffering in reception and collecting yet another ace of the evening that makes the cooks fly 13-10. Sir who clings to Leon’s service to stay inside the set, but it is still the red and white wall to repel the attempts of the guests.

finale-lube-perugia-gara-4-FDM-7-325x216A foul in the dribble of the guests and yet another failed ball by Rychilicki in attack allow Lube to go on 20-14 and have a highway ahead towards success in a set he had in absolute control where Simon closes with a prodigious 83% in attack, supported by an explosive Yant. Third set in which Sir must get up or her championship race will close sadly. But Civitanova strongly feels the opportunity to close the game and the series dragged by the frenzied cheering of his supporters who see the championship number seven approaching.

lube-scudetto-2022-1-325x244Giannelli misses an easy dribble, giving his opponents 14-12: they don’t want to raise the white flag and, thanks to two mistakes by Zaytsev and Simon and Anderson’s block, they put their heads back (14-17). It is of course the most battled set: Lucarelli puts it back on the parity tracks for a final that will be point to point. The overtaking Lube comes from the umpteenth mistake by Rychlicki and from the wall of Yant who signs on 22-20. Scudetto scent with the attack of Simon who prepares the bottles of sparkling wine to be uncorked. To seal the point that closes the game and gives the flag to Civitanova is the error in Rychlicki’s service.

finale-lube-perugia-gara-4-FDM-10-325x217The match report:

CIVITANOVA – PERUGIA 3-0 (25-23, 25-16, 25-21)

CIVITANOVA LUBE KITCHENS: Lucarelli 10, Anzani 7, Zaytsev 13, Yant 11, Simon 10, De Cecco 3; Balaso (L). NE .: Kovar, Garcia, Juantorena, Diamantini, Sottile, Marchisio, Jeroncic (L). Herds Blengini.

SIR SAFETY CONAD PERUGIA: Anderson 12, Solè 8, Rychlicki 6, Leon 9, Mengozzi 5, Giannelli 1; Colaci (L), Plotnytskyi, Travica, Ter Horst 1, Piccinelli (L). NE .: Ricci, Dardazans, Russo. Herds Grbic.

REFEREES: Puecher and Florian.

NOTE: spectators 3843, collection of 74,909.41 euros. Duration set: 32 ‘, 27’, 35 ‘total 94’. Civitanova: 10 wrong jokes, 5 winners, 12 blocks, 18 errors. Perugia: bs. 12, v. 2, m. 8, and. 21.












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