Lukaku of fire with the agent Pastorello: a sentence does not go down to the bomber


Lukaku of fire with the agent Pastorello: a sentence does not go down to the bomber
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Today, the great agent Federico Pastorello has made some statements that have caused discussion. Not so much the public opinion, but more than anything else its clients, for example Romelu Lukakucenter forward born in 1993 of Chelsea so far the protagonist of a season that is certainly not exciting.

The statements have been so much discussed that the same Big Rom he was keen to clarify everything on social media. Shepherd boyBesides Lukakualso spoke of some situations regarding Juventus players.

Little Shepherd on Lukaku: “For the economic parameters, no one expected this situation”

Unfortunately, after returning to the Chelsea covered in gold (both he and the Nerazzurri), Lukaku he did not respect the expectations of the London environment, making people talk about himself much more for discussions with the technician Thomss Tuchel rather than for performance on the pitch.

Shepherd boy in this regard, speaking to Republicis keen to underline:

“According to the parameters of the negotiation, no one would have expected such a situation. I do not criticize the technical choices, but it is clear that there was a problem. The numbers, however, must be considered well: he is the best scorer in the squad, with a much lower number of minutes on the pitch than his teammates. The situation must be carefully considered, now we need to defend our place in the Champions League, then the Fa Cup final: Lukaku is focused on this, we haven’t talked about anything else “.

There is also a passage regarding the old suggestions on Milan And Inter:

“Much ado about nothing. He cares a lot about the club and the fans, he has never hidden it just like he did for the love for Anderlecht where he wants to end his career. But there are no negotiations: Chelsea have clarified the sale of the company, we do not know who is speaking, let alone if we are able to speak with Inter or Milan. We need to wait “.

Lukaku on social media specifies: “Nobody talks for me”

However, the response of Big Romwhich from its channel Instagram has responded in kind to the agent’s statements, and it is not the first time that a player has denied what was said in favor of the microphones by his representative, who by definition should be authorized to speak for his client. This at least in theory.

These are his words, translated, enclosed in a very simple Instagram story with a black background:

I will never let anyone speak for me. I kept my mouth shut and concentrated on helping the team, to end the season in the best possible way. So if someone from outside tries to say something about me and about the club, they don’t have to do it in my name ”.

Pastorello on Juventus: “Bernardeschi wants the renewal. Arthur: a situation that no one needs “

Shepherd boy Besides Lukaku also has some players from the Juventus. In fact, part of the P&P Sport Menagement SAM there is also Federico Bernardeschiwho less than a year ago dumped the late Mino Raiola to rely on Shepherd boy.

Bern the contract with the Juvebut his intention is clear to everyone, including the agent:

“I never believed that Federico was under discussion. Perhaps there is a play between the parts and you may feel that you are not so important in the project. But with Juventus we continue the discussions on the renewal. His will is to stay. After that, it is obvious that he must have alternatives, which exist: he does not want to go to a club that is not a top club. There Juve it is, but there are also others ”.

A clear situation also for another client, the Brazilian Arthurintended on departure from Turin due to the tactical incompatibility with Max Allegri:

“In January we were one step away from leaving, toArsenal. He is a really important footballer but now marginalized, it is also necessary to consider the National issue. He had been bought to do a different kick, with Sarri would have taken the place of Jorginho, Allegri instead asks two physically strong midfielders. There is esteem between the two, but it’s a tactical question, and I don’t make the technical choices. But it is not in anyone’s interest to continue in this situation ”.


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