Lukaku to the reconquest of Inzaghi, here’s how Inter recovered


Lukaku to the reconquest of Inzaghi, here’s how Inter recovered
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It is a direct link between Roma and the Nerazzurri coach, so the Scudetto pact has already been born

Those fifteen days spent together in the summer of 2021 served to verify an instinctive, happy correspondence of loving senses. Romelu Lukaku was the grand vizier in Conte’s empire, the attacker who translated Antonio’s vertical thinking on the pitch; Simone Inzaghi, on the other hand, the coach called to fill the chasm left by the Scudetto technician. Not an easy fit, actually, but everything flowed naturally, before Chelsea ruined the idyll by arriving in Milan with a suitcase full of pounds. Rom let himself be tempted by the English sirens (and by a maxi-salary), only to regret it bitterly, and at the same time the very nature of the team that Simone had in mind changed. Now Inzaghi is the main sponsor of the Lukaku-bis and, on the other hand, the Belgian yearns to be trained by him. Rom has spent the last few months on the phone with former comrades and managers to organize this reckless homecoming in detail, but recently his attention has also turned to Inzaghi. There is a direct line with the manager and, even if there has not yet been a real long chat between the two (that will be done when the final balance is found between the clubs), the messages have been many. And they revolved around a simple concept: the Scudetto. What Romelu won, without then having the opportunity to celebrate in a hot San Siro or in the midst of a people who adored him. What, on the other hand, Simone escaped due to a chain of events in two months of strange black-out.

Tense wire

Over time London has become a rather hostile city for the Belgian: on certain particularly gray evenings, Inter matches were a nostalgic ritual that put you in a good mood. In the last season Roma was one more fan, disappointed like everyone else by the mockery of Milan. Those Devils traveling around the city by bus left him with a bitter taste: it was the scene he would have liked to experience himself a year ago and which was taken away from him by the pandemic. This is why Romelu repeated to the Nerazzurri coach (but to all members of the club) that he will be forgiven for the “betrayal” of 2021 with a specific mission: he wants to give a scissor stroke to that tricolor. He will work from day one to tear him from the Milan shirt and pin him to the Nerazzurri, with the addition of the coveted second star.

The mission

All the high spheres of the Nerazzurri, from the coach to the managers to the president Zhang, appreciated this indomitable desire for Inter expressed by Romelu, combined with his clear focus on victory in the league. The most electrified, however, is Simone, who had only needed a few training sessions to understand that the Belgian is a diamond that has not yet been completely undermined. Often in the last season at Inter he lacked a battering ram capable of knocking down the thickest walls: in slippery, dirty games, a touch from the center forward would have solved. In the open channel Rom-Simone there is still no talk of tactics and positions on the pitch, God forbid, but it is clear that the Lukaku variant would profoundly change a team that has won two titles while remaining faithful to its identity. Simone’s Inter has always pursued beauty, not strength, but with the return of the prodigal son it could also change the connotations. Sometimes, not always, he could even lower himself in order to leave the field in front of the Belgian attacker. In London they didn’t understand it, but Rom is still an American football player: making touchdowns is still his specialty.


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