Lunchflation, what it is and how much does it cost to return to the office for workers


Lunchflation, what it is and how much does it cost to return to the office for workers
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The end of the state of emergency and the new pandemic phase have changed the habits of the workers of all the world. The smart working for many it no longer exists or only partially and the back to the office caused a new economic phenomenon which has been renamed lunchflation.

What is it about? It’s a consequence of inflation of the last few months, but also of the return to normality of millions of people only in Italy. After two years in which workers very often lent their professional activity remotely, now we went back to the officegradually.

What the workers who used smart working the most noticed is that everything has changed and the world is completely different: i prices of any goods and services are much higher before. Going to the office costs more with rising fuel prices. But it also costs more eat or have a coffee.

In general costs in daily life have risen sharply and returning to the office has become much more expensive. This phenomenon has been defined in the United States as lunchflation. And if in Italy there is still no mention of it, at least not with this name, it is evident that the situation is no different.

How much has the expense of eating in the office increased

CNN explains, providing data based on the United States, that the food index has grown by 7.2% in the last year: in April 2022 the price of food has gone up 9.4% compared to the same period of the previous year. Prices in grocery stores rose 10.8%. Everything costs more: from coffee to salad, passing through pasta.

In Italy things are no different. Let’s think of the expensive breakfast, that is, how much Italian workers want a coffee or a cappuccino during a break in the morning they spend more than before. The National Observatory of Federconsumatori explains that the increase in the average cost of coffee at bars is between 17% and 18%, for cappuccino we are between 15% and 18%, for croissant between 17% and 19%. But also one bottle of water costs up to 45% more than before.

The average cost of breakfast in Italy it went from € 2.43 in 2021 to € 2.84 in 2022. In one year we are talking about 100 euros per additional person compared to 365 days ago. Similar situation also for the lunch break. In the US there are some estimates according to which the average cost has gone from 7 to 12 dollars.

In Italy there are no precise data, but we can all see in the newspaper how prices have increased compared to a few months ago. And, furthermore, the price of the pasta grew by 13%, as did that of bread almost 6%. The increase in the cost of the lunch break is therefore evident.

Lunchflation, how much does it cost to go back to the office

Returning to the office also has another consequence: leaving home and getting to work has costs. All the more so now that the price of gasoline has skyrocketed. Let’s see the Italian situation, where a cut on fuel excise duties of 30.5 cents per liter is in effect. Even with the cut, the cost of gasoline and diesel it is significantly higher than in the past.

Today a liter of petrol costs on average 1.87 euros, one of diesel 1.81. Just a month ago on a full tank of 50 euros they saved 5 euros. In December, petrol cost 1.72 and diesel 1.59. Before the pandemic – in February 2020 – even petrol 1.55 euros per liter and diesel 1.45. Translated it means that a full of 50 liters before Covid it cost 16 euros less compared to today. A significant increase.

The other expenses that fall under the lunchflation

There are also other expenses that are considered part of the lunchflation phenomenon. As CNN always tells, many people complain that returning to work at the headquarters also requires costs that have now been forgotten, such as those for makeup, clothes and other accessories. But also higher expenses for services such as those of the hairdresser, which was used less when there was no need to go out every day for work. And all these services and products are more expensive than before. Another effect of lunchflation.

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