Marco Bellavia and depression live on Big Brother Vip. The expert: “The population is more sensitive than what has been seen on TV” – Il Fatto Quotidiano


Marco Bellavia and depression live on Big Brother Vip.  The expert: “The population is more sensitive than what has been seen on TV” – Il Fatto Quotidiano
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The release of Marco Bellavia from the Big Brother Vipthe mea culpa of Alfonso Signorinithe disqualification of Geneva Lamborghini and the elimination of John Ciacci. It is not only this that leaves viewers the epilogue of what Signorini himself has defined as a “horrible television page“. The former conductor of Bim Bum Bamafter having confided to the other contestants to suffer from depressionwas bullied by the pack, with phrases like “if you have gods problems stay at your house ”,“ this is just stupid ”,“ go to the neurodeliri“,” Shut up “and receiving solidarity only from very few tenants. A difficult situation that certainly did not help him. Thus, after an interview in the confessional with the authors of the transmission and the production psychologist, in recent days Bellavia has been out. “It is known that even today there is a tendency to minimize and stigmatize the pathologies mentalwhich is not the case with other diseases, but I believe that in this case theherd effecttogether with that of the spotlights ”explains a Gianluigi Mansihead of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit of the Zucchi Clinical Institutes of Carate Brianza (San Donato Group). “Today, however – he adds – regarding these problems the population it is more sensitive than what we have seen on TV ”.

A theme not to be passed over in silence – In the live broadcast of the first Monday evening the ‘showdown’ for the others arrived competitorsasked for days on social media, where there has been a wave of indignationwith harsh criticism of the transmission for first allowing Bellavia to enter and then for being offended and mocked for her parents problems. The showdown was there, with someone who actually understood it severity of the incident and others more interested in justifying themselves and saving themselves there career (for those who have it) than to understand the consequences of theirs actions. This story, however, dictates one reflection. “I agree that it was a horrible page of television and well they did it to take measures – adds Mansi – but I really hope that the speech will be reopened, perhaps dedicating an evening of deepening on the topic. As long as the incident does not pass over in silence ”. Even more so thinking that those who watched on TV how Bellavia was treated after talking about hers problemmay not only suffer from the same pathologybut also undergo acts of bullying. “These are difficult times – explains Mansi – and we have a duty to spread one culture of inclusionespecially among very young children who are the most exposed ”.

The different reactions to the difficulty – It was the same to tell what happened to Big Brother Gentlemenwhich he admitted he did not understand before the departure of this edition of the television program – despite two interviews – the real difficulties of the competitor. “Marco showed a psychological fragility that has worsened over time. They have passed days difficult – he said live – ugly, horrible images were broadcast. Marco’s exit is linked to a problem with him, but also to yours indifference, to your neglect of his pain, I do not mean all, but many of you. We were all wrong ”. Faced with Bellavia’s difficulties, the reactions were different. From total indifference tooffensive attitude that, in some cases, the competitors have tried to justify with more or less credible reasons. This led to the sentence pronounced by Ginevra Lamborghini (“It deserves to be bullied“) And punished with disqualification. But she was certainly not the only one. In fact, the production sent to flash televoting John CiacciPatrizia Rossetti, Elenoire Ferruzzi And Gegia and the public decided that it should be Ciacci who left the programfor the hostile attitude towards Bellavia, triggered – according to him – by amisunderstanding linked to the nomination expressed by the former conductor of Bim Bum Bam against the tenant who – among other things – would not have understood them real difficulties.

The expert: “Today there is more sensitivity than what we have seen” – The question arises spontaneously and goes beyond the reality: it is never possible not to understand if a person suffers from or not depression? “In general, it is possible not to recognize depression if it hides behind others symptomslike apathy, the need to hire substancesself-harm, i food disorders. These are the new frontiers of depressive disorder. In this case, however, the competitor had clearly talked about his problem ”. And he had launched an appeal to the others tenants: “If one person is in need and the other 22 help him, he will do it. Alone she can’t do it ”. October 10 will be world day of the mental health and arriving at that date after this story is one defeat for everyone. During the episode of the ‘showdown’ there are also those who said they understood perfectly against which one problem the competitor was fighting, but had difficulty helping him, because “he needed the support of a professional“. It was the youngest who showed the greatest empathy, with a few simple gestures or, trivially, by asking a few more questions. But what can be done to help those in need, even if you are not one psychiatrist? “It is important not to trivialize the disease – she explains – and to ensure that these people do not feel guilty, because these are the classic ways in which the pathologies mental. Rather help them understand that they are the ones victims of a pathology that has a related biological accurate“. Often we tend to forget it: it stigma it does not only concern the disease, but also the treatments that are often refused. “I repeat, however – adds Mansi – that what happened in the home of the Big Brother Vip I don’t think it would have happened outside, because the population is more mature. Especially compared to the depressionbecause it is a pathology that almost everyone has lived through directly or indirectly people care. There are other psychiatric pathologies where the stigmatization is even stronger, such as drug addiction. And where it tends to feed in people who are affected by feelings like the shame and the sense of guilt. This is why it is important to talk about it ”.

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