Marco Masini: “They told me I brought bad luck, but I sang the discomfort of the nineties”


Marco Masini: “They told me I brought bad luck, but I sang the discomfort of the nineties”
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“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Back to the Future is that if I could talk to myself about 1991, the worst thing I could do is tell him what will make him suffer, how not to be wrong, talk to him about the pitfalls of love, of who wants you badly, in what to believe and what not, to what to entrust your heart and your hopes: I am happy with the path I have made and I would never want a wise advice from me today to change it. And if you make no mistake, you will never strengthen your existential and professional armor. Making a mistake is the most important thing in life ». Marco Masini wanted and should have started two years ago with the thirty-year tour since the beginning of his career, «You will fall in love with us – 30 years together». Then Covid arrived and like everyone else it stopped for almost two years. Now it starts again – from September 3 in Ostia, then on September 16 in Fiesole and then the rest of Italy – and to that title it was enough to add an “addition”: “You will fall in love with us – Over 30 years together”.

What effect does it have on you, Marco Masini, to look over your shoulder?

“It is nice to look at yourself as kids, with carefree but without making comparisons, because that factor so decisive and authoritative that is called” time “intervened in the middle, which has changed all of us, has changed humanity, in part it has even improved and partly worsened ».

The nineties are a magnet of nostalgia …

“It was a very special period, as in the 80s we were already looking for something that would take us out of a widespread general unease: our coup de grace, the final blow, was Tangentopoli, when politics and politicians fell like skittles my generation so entangled in so many doubts and fears no longer knew where and how to graft thoughts and feelings that revolved around an angry and raw discomfort. At least I was like that, and I didn’t have any social networks to let off steam with. ”

You were one of the greatest interpreters of that discomfort, the teenagers looked to her and to Vasco Rossi.

“That kind of request and message were necessary. And I felt a bit like a spokesperson for that discomfort, with my voice having a particular tone for which at a certain point it breaks and becomes an outlet of despair ».

What weighs you more than the choices you made or didn’t make?

“Failures always weigh heavily. I got stuck without paying attention to my teacher, Giancarlo Bigazzi, at certain times. Even if I later learned to believe in collaboration. He was my luck: a great author and producer, the number one at that time, and we had him right in Florence. But when you sell so many records and you feel omnipotent, indestructible, as if what you are experiencing will never end, it is difficult to listen to the advice. He wanted me to change, to evolve, but I ignored him, I didn’t feel ready to change. And in fact I fell and got hurt so much. And from certain falls you get up, yes, but very bewildered and you are left in pieces for a long time ».

That sense of “unease” with which he stuffed his songs that remained in the collective imagination, from Desperate to Beautiful bitch, Fuck you, Why are you doing it, has it disappeared or has it evolved too?

“For some things we cannot say that times have changed. I sang all things that are still relevant now: now, for example, we live a war close to home, and we live a life that needs to be ordered, calculated, because the deep economic crisis we are entering requires it, it is no different from that. that happened in the nineties. Then we experienced a political earthquake that marked us and to which we eventually got used to because the public debt increased and we didn’t worry about it, politics never got back on its feet and we didn’t deal with it. It is not unlike what we have experienced in these days of continuous earthquakes in Impruneta: in the end we also got used to the earth that trembles. Perhaps the difference is that at the time we were more scared than now ».

What was Marco Masini like as a child?

«Like the adult Marco. I was left with the awareness that the game of music is still the funniest game there is: chasing metrics and rhymes and a sound that escapes from a piano. As I was at 3, 4 and 5, the purest part of me remained. Apart from the physical deterioration, aging, the fact that when you grow up you are less and less attracted to small things and more and more tied to stringent needs, the rest has remained the same ».

In a way, is it as if he hasn’t aged?

“I welcomed a very white beard. But each one must like it as it is, even in white, and make the most of what that particular moment embodies. The beard now represents me a lot, as a sign of maturity. I don’t consider getting old a problem, apart from the fact that I used to go to the brewery with friends three times a week and now the beer gives me gastritis immediately and I suffer from back pain “.

What is the memory to which he clings in time of need?

“My mother, who I lost as a young man. I cling to her for spiritual support, as if she were a guardian angel, figuratively, secular. Although I have a vision of life between the atheist and the agnostic, I strongly believe in the “spirit”, something to refer to. My mother’s is a beautiful memory: I take from my childhood and adolescence a strength and courage that I might otherwise lose at my age. From unconscious and unaware of the things in life, my unscrupulousness made me overcome many challenges and achieve many goals that otherwise, with greater wisdom, I would not have achieved. I think of my mother in important moments, like the first time in Sanremo in 1990 ».

She has never left Florence, all her life

«Apart from a few years I lived in Emilia when I was doing dance music in Castelfranco d’Emilia, I was 17. There is a mutual need between me Florence, I have been a Florentine for generations. It is my father – who passed away last year – who “made” me a Florentine, who taught me to love the culture and irony of this city, a city that changes but stubbornly never wants to change ».

And the passion for cars?

“I’m not running anymore. As a young man I also competed with my Lancia Delta, it was Giorgio Faletti and Dodi Battaglia who introduced me to sports driving. I was always in that workshop in via Cassia, in San Jacopino, to fix the Lancia. Now, however, if they test my reflexes, they tell me “grandfather, go home” ».

Let’s talk about Marco and love …

«The love that I sang in the songs of the nineties was what I lived in real life. They were all sentimentally desperate songs because I was desperate and the guys who identify with what I sang lived it the same way. Love, women, were mystery, expectations, surprises, all things that no longer exist today, at least for us. Even if I have never “married” with feelings, today I approach them with greater prudence: prudence is what I have always lacked ».

It is not never married, never started a family … Did you not want to or did not succeed?

“They are not things that one wants, they are things that happen or do not happen. It is life that decides everything. I’m living this life alone, I’m happy anyway. I have two important reference points who are my sister and my cousin. They are the family. My sister has taken the place of my mother’s figure, my cousin of my father’s ».

Then came the dark years, those in which gossips accused her of bringing bad luck. Looking back today, do you forgive them or do you still condemn them?

“I have a great fortune which is that I have never felt hatred for anyone. I have always used any situation, even the most difficult, to grow and learn. What matters is to improve, and everything that has contributed to making life difficult has strengthened me and led me to write stronger songs. Maybe I would have written worse ones if I hadn’t gone through those dark moments, I wouldn’t have overcome the difficulties I had in meeting people again ».

Do you have no children, but at least one pupil?

“I don’t like talking to someone like a pupil. Often it is young people who teach me, not the other way around. We old people have become students now, because the future knows the young better than me and the parts are reversed. In The Band program I work with a band called Mons: they are 20 years old and have a great personality, they are very simple guys, but with a great musical sense and properties of language. Giving them some of my little experience is what I ask “

“I’m writing every day. I look a little at the world outside, after years of precarious life without being together with people, without hugs. I want to resume looking at the stories of people who come back to life: stories of love and aggregation, of great happiness and great pain. It is my starting over ».


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