Maria De Filippi, the touching gesture after the tragedy: endless tears –


Maria De Filippi, the touching gesture after the tragedy: endless tears –
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Maria De Filippi and the gesture that surprises after the tragedy and leaves everyone speechless: this is what happened

One of the presenters who left the audience speechless due to her enormous professionalism and humility is the one that everyone defines as the Queen of Italian television: we are talking about her, Maria De Filippi. Among the programs she conducted we can remember Men and Women, There is mail for you and the talent Amici who has given space to numerous artists who are now influential in the television world. The presenter left everyone speechless with a very touching gesture.

Curiosities about Maria De Filippi (web photo)

The great Maria De Filippi has always had a significant role in the entertainment world thanks to her great professionalism and her talent. Her debut, however, was very far from the world of television; she graduated in finance and attempted a career as a magistrate. Something changed and the beautiful Maria De Filippi started working in a videotape company.

During a conference on music piracy she meets a person who will change her life forever: let’s talk about the then already known Maurizio Costanzo who, impressed by the professionalism of the woman, proposes to become his assistant, a role that lasted very little since she will subsequently replace Enrica Bonaccorti in the conduct of the talk show Amici. This will allow you to obtain the Telegatto for Best broadcast with guest entertainment.

Since 2000, however, he leads the well-known dating in search of love for Men and Women, followed by There is mail for you and the famous talent Friends who gave voice to several artists who are today influential in the Italian music and artistic panorama: we can remember Emma Marrone, Stefano De Martino, Alessandra Amoroso, Briga, Elodie and many others.

During the episode of the talent Amici 2022, the beautiful Maria De Filippi surprised everyone with a very touching gesture.

The touching gesture of Maria De Filippi

Maria De Filippi movie
The touching gesture of the presenter Maria De Filippi (web photo)

Maria De Filippi in the Amici program left everyone speechless with a very touching gesture that particularly moved the fans: the memory through a RVM of Mike Bird known as Michele Merlo, a young singer who died a few years ago.

The boy will always be in the heart of those who really loved him and thanks to Maria De Filippi, the choreography that Samuel Antinelli will bring to the stage is staged.

The boy is invited to rehearsal rooms by Elena D’Amario and Francesco Porcelluzzi who invite him to watch a very special movie where several scenes appear in which Michele Merlo carries on his path to Amici with some touching reflections moved by the singer during the reality show .

There are also several images and a long hug with the presenter Maria De Filippi. A video that leaves even the very young student Samuel speechless who states:After this video I have one more reason to dance it with my heart ”.

The dancer and student of Raimondo Todaro will perform on the notes of Butterfliesone of the last songs, released on the occasion of the first anniversary of his death. The unpublished was recorded a few days before his death, on 6 June 2021 due to a fulminant leukemia.

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