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Temptation island: Carlotta and Nello crown the dream of love, but there is an unexpected event

Well yes, after having thrilled the viewers of Canale 5 by questioning themselves as a couple at Temptarion island 2020, Nello Sorrentino and Carlotta Dell’isola arrive today at their coveted wedding. To update the couple’s followers on the event of the big step on the altar – held today 28 May 2022 – is Carlotta, who in particular gives an absolute preview of two exclusives of her wedding: the first is that for the event the former Temptation island has entrusted the hair stylist Federico Fashion Style and the second instead concerns the identity of the bridesmaid.

This is the former face of Men and Women, Sonia Lorenzini, who shared the Big Brother vip 2021 with Carlotta. But that’s not all. Why then, among the stories Carlotta makes it known that she feels threatened by acne, when the wedding is close: “Could they let me be the pimples on the wedding day? They are also present ”. (Update by Serena Granato)

Wedding Carlotta Dell’Isola and Nello Sorrentino: Sonia Lorenzini bridesmaid

Carlotta Dell’Isola and Nello Sorrentino they are about to become husband and wife. While he remains silent on social media, probably too busy with the emotion of the moment, Carlotta continues to give fans little moments of the preparations that anticipate the big moment. So on Instagram she shows herself with curlers and ready for the hairstyle that she will be done by Federico Fashion Style.

Shortly after we see her struggling with make-up and between one photo and another of the photographers present there, she listens to the excited words of some family member. Among the stories published on Instagram he also reveals that Sonia Lorenzini, ex of Men and Women and of Big Brother Vip, will be his bridesmaid. The two met in the Cinecittà House and have become great friends ever since. (Update by Anna Montesano)

The emotion of Carlotta’s grandmother

Looking forward to saying the fateful yes and becoming the wife of In Sorrentino, Carlotta Dell’Isola posted a series of stories on Instagram showing the preparations and the snack table for the guests who will join her at home before going to church. Excited, Carlotta showed the initial stages of the make-up giving a shot to her grandmother who did not hide her emotion.

For Carlotta and Nello it is a great day that they will share with relatives and friends. To marry them, in the church of Nettuno, will be the parish priest who has known them since they were children. For the wedding of Carlotta and Nello, therefore, everything is ready for their love story (update by Stella Dibenedetto).

Wedding Carlotta Dell’Isola and Nello Sorrentino: today the yes to Neptune

Saturday 28 May, Carlotta Dell’Isola and Nello Sorrentino they get married. The couple, who became popular after participating in Temptation Island, will pronounce the fateful yes in the church of Neptune with a religious ceremony that will be officiated by the priest who has seen both grow up. The big party with many relatives and friends, then, will take place in the Castle of Bracciano where many VIP couples got married. Top secret the dress of the bride who has chosen to have her historical friends by her side, but also those she met recently during her participation in Big Brother Vip as Dayane Mello and Sonia Lorenzini. Inevitable, then, the presence of Giacomo Urtis, friend of the bride, who yesterday, on her Instagram profile, posted a photo with Carlotta.

After the yes and the big party, the couple will indulge in a lunda of honey. “We were supposed to go to the Caribbean, but the new travel dates coincide with the rainy season. We will then take a long drive along the American East Coast, from San Francisco to Las Vegas. From there we will go to Mexico “, unveiled the bride in an interview with Men and Women Magazine.

Wedding Carlotta Dell’Isola and Nello Sorrentino: the guests

Not only Dayane Mello, Sonia Lorenzini and Giacomo Urtis among the wedding guests of Carlotta Dell’Isola and Nello Sorrentino. In fact, there will also be among the guests Samantha De Grenet, Cecilia Capriotti, Rosalinda and Andrea Zenga as well as some members of the staff of Men and Women. The anxiety before the fateful one rises more and more for Carlotta who, before officially becoming the wife of Nello Sorrentino, she gave herself a bachelorette party in Puglia with her friends.

Furthermore, on Instagram, a few hours before reaching the altar, Carlotta gave free rein to her emotions: “Do you know what I like most about all these preparations? Sharing everything everything with you. Emotions, anxieties, joys and fears … I never would have thought, but we have really become a great little family (with some black cat it is, but that is part of the game too) “, she wrote and then concluded by thanking all the people who follow her – “Thanks girls. For the nice words, for the support, for being there each in its own way. You don’t know how much you appreciate it “.




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