Married Massimiliano Gallo and Shalana Santana, (real) wedding for the lawyer Vincenzo Malinconico


Married Massimiliano Gallo and Shalana Santana, (real) wedding for the lawyer Vincenzo Malinconico
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NoonDecember 3, 2022 – 17:06

The Neapolitan actor back from the success of the TV series married his partner, the Brazilian model and actress, with a very intimate ceremony: “We wanted to experience this moment only with our children”. Then the Instagram post: “Now feast on us with greetings”

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The lawyer Vincenzo Malinconico gets married, but this time it’s not about fiction and the lucky one is not the blonde colleague Alessandra Persiano. Maximilian Gallothe Neapolitan actor just kissed by the television success of the series based on the novels by Diego De Silva, today married his partner, the Brazilian model and actress Shalana Santana. It was the spouses who broke the news on social media, with rings already exchanged: «We wanted to disappear for a moment…They wanted to experience this moment in a completely private way…And we only did it with our children. Now, “eat us” of Greetings», she writes on Instagram tagging her new husband, who posts the same words. And the good wishes have arrived, in an avalanche, from the couple’s friends but above all from the fans of the two actors.

Love at first sight at a dinner party

The look of the bride striking for the successful contrast between the sobriety of the jacket with a masculine cut over trousers and the romantic crown of flowers with veil. He is flawless in double breasted blue. Rooster and Santana they met in Naples in 2011, they shared the stage on more than one occasion – as in the show “Stasera punto e a capo” of which he also signs the direction – and then they became a couple. He recently said that they had “also overcome the proverbial crisis of the seventh year”, and therefore were ready for the wedding, which arrived today. Gallo is the father of a twenty-year-old girl, Giuliaborn from his previous marriage and the Brazilian actress had a son with her ex-boyfriend, the Neapolitan dentist Alessandro Lukacs, contestant in Big Brother in 2001. Today theirs seems to be a peaceful extended family, as the many social photos that portray them together in daily moments, travels and anniversaries tell us. “At first it wasn’t easy for anyone,” said Gallo, alluding to the initial complications related to the fact that both had important ties with children behind them. One step at a time, a little caution, a lot of confidentialityand so, after love at first sight at a dinner, a subsequent coffee that they sipped thinking they had known each other forever, and a piece of the road together, orange blossoms also arrived.

The debut at five years

Massimiliano Gallo, 54 years old, son of the unforgettable Nunzio, one of the most popular interpreters of the Neapolitan song of the fifties, and brother of Gianfranco, also an actor, has a long career behind him in the theater, where he made his debut when he was only five years old. 35 films and 15 TV series, among which «The Bastards of Pizzofalcone»in which he played the complex commissioner Luigi Palma e «Imma Tataranni-Deputy Prosecutor», where Pietro De Ruggeri was. And finally the awkward Melancholic, who had convinced everyone that he could go crazy for a blonde. But, evidently, we were wrong.

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December 3, 2022 | 17:06


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