Maserati, we have pinched the new Gran Turismo: it’s a beast (PHOTO)


On a common Italian motorway, we were lucky enough to meet the new Maserati Gran Turismo. Let’s go and find out.

Maserati is going through a very intense period in a future key, both from the automotive and motorsport point of view. Even the house of the Trident will be forced to adapt to the logic of the market, which want the electric to occupy 100% of our mobility to make it more sustainable.

Maserati (ANSA)

From next year, the Maserati will enter Formula E, the first step in returning to competition. The all-electric series will thus see the return of an official manufacturer after the abandonment of Audi And BMWbut fans have turned up their noses slightly in front of this news.

Indeed, the Trident has a glorious racing history, which ended a few years ago with the experience of the wonderful MC12 GT1. How can we forget that car? Literally impossible, given the beauty of the vehicle and the extraordinary results obtained on the tracks all over the world.

Many victories arrived at the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps with the squadron Vitaphone handled by Michael Bartelsa pilot who has graduated several times champion of the series together with ours Andrea Bertolini And Thomas Biagi. The same Bertolini brought the Quattroporte to the sky in the Superstars championship, a series similar to the German DTM that attracted many manufacturers between the 2000s and the beginning of the last decade.

Obviously, the Emilian manufacturer also boasts many other successes that date back to the dawn of F1 as wellsuch as the world title won by Juan Manuel Fangio in the maximum formula in 1957. The golden times were wonderful, and made this manufacturer a real Italian pride.

As mentioned, Formula E will mark the official return to competitions, but it is not excluded that other categories may boil in the pot. Just to give an example, Ferrari And Lamborghini officially entered the battle for the overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The Prancing Horse has already unveiled its Hypercar which will make its debut next year, while the Lambo will arrive in 2024 with an LMDh, which will also give it the opportunity to compete in the 24 Hours of Daytona and in the IMSA championship. The first two pilots made official are Andrea Caldarelli And Mirko Bortolottibut these new regulations are bound to attract many other manufacturers.

For now, give it Maserati nothing has moved yet, but the means and qualities are certainly not lacking if such a challenge were to be accepted. However, in the last few hours the GT2 model of the MC20 was presented, which will make its debut in the new championship organized by the Fanatec series, dedicated to cars in this category, where emotions will certainly not be lacking. The Trident has a splendid history both for what concerns the races and for the road cars, and from this point of view some big news are coming for the next months.

Maserati, we met the new Gran Turismo

Staying on the automotive theme, Maserati recently announced the launch of several new models on the market, which will go to embrace sustainable mobility. The goal of the house of the Trident is to completely electrify its range by 2030, and road tests continue unabated.

The first full electric will be the Maserati Folgore and the Gran Turismo, but a Segment D SUV is also being studied which will be totally powered by electric motors. Today, we at ““We had a real stroke of luck, since we met a model on the road in the middle of advanced testing.

In particular, judging by the shapes and what were the first indiscretions, this is the brand new Gran Turismo, one of the most iconic models launched by the Modena house in the new millennium. It will be the first electric model of the Emilian manufacturer, but for the nostalgic of the internal combustion engine there will be the possibility of focusing on a V6 Nettuno, the same one that equips the sensational MC20, heir to the MC12 we have already talked about previously.

The traction of this model will be rear with a maximum power of 630 horsepower with eight-speed automatic gearbox, a real beast destined to drive fans of this brand crazy. As for the electric version, there will be the presence of three electric motors, two of which are located at the rear and one at the front, up to developing the modest power of 700 total horsepower.

They will be powered by an 800 Volt battery pack, an impressive boost to say the least for those who want to throw themselves into the world of electric without wanting to wait for the banning of endothermic cars. As we have already said, for the Maserati this is a huge novelty, as this will be the first fully electric model in the Trident range.

Below, you can enjoy the images of the new beast, which we personally immortalized on the A14 motorway during a test, in the stretch between Roseto degli Abruzzi and Francavilla al Mare. Obviously, the livery exploited by the Maserati in question is a camouflage, that is the most classic that is also used in motorsport to hide the secrets from the competition. Here are the images of the new beast that will make the hearts of the fans of the Modenese house beat faster.

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