“Maybe I’m gay”: Carlo’s confession that embarrassed Diana


“Maybe I’m gay”: Carlo’s confession that embarrassed Diana
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We can’t say we really know everything about stormy marriage “crowded” from Charles And Diana, but the new background, unveiled by biographer Christopher Andersen in his new book “The King: The Life Of Charles III”, to be released on November 8, is truly disconcerting. Anecdotes that give us a merciless portrait of the new English sovereign, as well as delving into the pain of a too young and misunderstood Lady Diana.

“Murder was feared”

In his book, quoted by Page Six, Andersen describes the relationship between King Charles III and the Princess of Wales how “Highly flammable”, incandescent, to the point of making the couple’s staff believe that, sooner or later, someone could get seriously hurt. A bodyguard reported to Andersen that the clashes between the princes would be so brutal that “Violence seemed inevitable”.

The estate of Highgrovethe scene of many of these outbursts, was full of rifles and pistols and the collaborators of Charles and Diana would have feared more than once that those weapons could be used: “The men in charge of the safety of the royal family members were very concerned that in a ‘fit of rage’ some of these [armi] could be used for a suicide, to commit murder or both “, writes the biographer.

A terrible situation whose first symptoms date back to the period immediately preceding the royal wedding, which took place on July 29, 1981: “Worn out with anger and frustration, the bride and groom cried the night before the wedding.” Carlo would have cried because he was in love with Camilla. Diana would have melted into tears because she would have discovered that her future husband loved Parker Bowles. Same reason for sadness, or the current one Queen consort, but declined in two different ways. The wedding only made things worse. Andersen says: “[Diana] threw epithets [contro il marito]mocking his obsession with the boring Camilla “ And “Chased him through the corridors, the stairs, from room to room” with all its fury.

“I could be gay”

The anger would escalate when the then Prince of Wales, after Harry’s birth in 1984, “Had interrupted sexual intercourse” with Lady Diana. A choice that, of course, the princess would have taken very badly, to the point of asking him, during one of their terrible quarrels: “Why don’t you sleep with me?”. The answer of the future Charles III would have been sarcastic and cruel: “I don’t know, dear. Maybe I could be gay ”. Words that would have irremediably wounded the heart of Lady Diana.

In another episode narrated in the book, however, the prince would have asked his wife for respect “Guaranteed by his position”, provoking it: “You know who I am?”. There princesshowever, she would not have been intimidated: “Diana replied that he was a animal” and would have added: “You will never be king. William will succeed your mother. I’ll take care of it “. Who knows what Lady Diana meant with that last threatening sentence. We may never know.

Did the divorce hurt Carlo?

Andersen’s book does not seem at all a cure-all for the image of King Charles III. The problem, however, has a much more distant origin, in the separation from Lady D., which took place in 1992 and in divorceobtained in 1996. Patrick Jephson, Diana’s former private secretary, said in an interview with ITV, quoted on Twitter: “I think separation and divorce hurt [Carlo] and I think they continue to damage it. After all he was older, he had more experience, presumably he was the wiser of the two in that marriage …[Carlo] he knows he was wrong and carries that sense of failure with him, but he did his best. In general, I believe that public opinion condemns him for failing ”.

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