Medicine access test: in Puglia 12 places for every 100 candidates


Medicine access test: in Puglia 12 places for every 100 candidates
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BARI – Only 12% of aspiring white coats in Puglia will have the opportunity to sit on the desks and undertake the university course that will end in the ward, at the service of the sick. There are 5 thousand students from Puglia who on 6 September will be called to take the test for admission to the School of Medicine, the last with the dry test formula, in person and in paper form. Minister Cristina Messa has long announced the contents of the reform, in force since 2023: an increase in places equal to or greater than 10% and the abolition of the “quizzone”. Interested students will be able to book the test at universities as early as the fourth year of high school and will be able to repeat it at least four times in the two-year period prior to enrollment. The aim is to take into consideration only the best score obtained, which the students will enter in the system to give rise to the final ranking.

But the novelty that future freshmen will face in about twenty days concerns the contents: greater attention to disciplinary subjects and less space for questions of logic and general culture.

The rector of the University of Bari, Stefano Bronzini, appeals to the different modality of access to the academic career: «It is an effective selection method. Students will be better protected: access will no longer be restricted to a single attempt and the tests entrusted to distributive algorithms. I am perplexed, however, about the specialization courses, usually five years. Instead, as early as the third year, the trainee can be hired in hospitals ».

The outbreak of the pandemic has exposed one of the weaknesses of the health system: the shortage of doctors in hospital wards. Also for this reason, the rector of the University of Foggia, Pierpaolo Limone, intends to ask for an increase in places: «It is important to increase the numbers, without thereby lowering the quality of the courses. A skimming must be done, first of all in the interest of the children, and obviously in the interest of the citizens who have the right to receive the best care from qualified personnel. Our university has the capacity to train twice as many students. More professors will necessarily have to be hired for each course and new classrooms will have to be equipped in collaboration with the health facilities. In any case, the authorization of the ministry is needed ».

For the University of Bari, 300 desks are available in the Apulian capital and a further 60 in the Taranto office; in Foggia there are 180 places; another 60 in Salento. To the 600 places in state universities, 120 places authorized for Lum, the Free Mediterranean University based in Casamassima, in the province of Bari, must be added. The first year, out of 750 applications, there were 90 students. tests already carried out in mid-April, this time 1,070 competitors took part for 120 places up for grabs. «We are a private university – explains the rector Antonello Garzoni – but in any case with a limited number. Admission tests are provided to us by Cineca, the Italian inter-university consortium, and are structured like those of state universities. I remain in favor of the limited number because it allows a more effective planning of activities in synergy with the needs of the health system and a better quality of teaching, favored by the presence of a limited number of students per teacher. The Lum is available for a further increase of places, if there is the possibility of expansion. However, there is a maximum limit defined by the availability of the Miulli Hospital. The formative aspect of a degree course in Medicine must be carefully integrated with the assistance services so as to favor concrete experiences even during the study period ».

In state universities, the test is scheduled for 6 September in Italian and 13 September in English. Sixty multiple choice questions that candidates will have to answer in one hundred minutes including questions of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, logic, general culture.

Despite the revolution announced for 2023, there is controversy throughout Italy over the limited number. But the minister Messa says: «The limited number is necessary to keep the quality high, both in the case of a selection at the entrance and in the case of a“ barrier ”to the second year of university, as happens in France. From the academic year 2022-2023 there will already be a big change to access the Faculty of Medicine: no longer a single date, but a path that allows children from the upper IV to prepare, self-evaluate and be able to try several times during the year the test”. And he adds: “If we talk about the lack of doctors, what we are paying for was a past programming of only 9 thousand admitted to Medicine per year compared to almost 16 thousand in total currently foreseen, and about 5 thousand grants per year for schools of specialization. Today there are over 13,000 places for postgraduates, a program that we have stabilized with Minister Speranza also for the future and which follows last year’s peak of 17,000 with which we almost canceled the training funnel that had been created “, he concludes. . Also for the president of Crui, Ferruccio Resta, “it is not a limited number problem but you need the courage to plan and to invest in the priorities”.

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