Medicine Test: The Most Convenient Neighborhoods in Rome For Future Students


Medicine Test: The Most Convenient Neighborhoods in Rome For Future Students
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The is approaching date of the day of the admission test to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery which will take place Tuesday 6 September at 13.00 in universities throughout Italy.

Pending official data, we know that there are a lot of subscribers and that they will receive thetest result on September 14, 2022about exactly one week after the test.

Many subscribers for one limited number of seatsbut the fact is that many would-be doctors will flock to big citiesspecially Rome and Milanto start those who will be 6 very long (but beautiful) years before arriving at the much desired goal of the medicine degree.

Where would it be cheaper (logistically, but also for the pockets) find one room for rent for them? Let’s start seeing together where future medical students in Rome should live.

Where are the medical faculties in Rome

The faculty of medicine in Rome are more than one and more than one university, both in the public and in the private sector, offers this educational offer plan. Specifically, here are the three main ones:

  1. La Sapienza: the faculty of Medicine and Surgery to Wisdom comprehends 8 coursesdivided between 3 main offices:
    • Policlinico Umberto I on the central campus;
    • Sant’Andrea Hospital in the northern suburbs of Rome;
    • Polo Pontino in Latina;
  2. Biomedical Campus;
  3. Catholic University of Sacred Heart.


Where to live if you are studying medicine in Rome

After understanding what the 3 main universities in which to study Medicine in Romethe question remains: where is it cheaper to live if you study Medicine in Rome?

Here are some convenient neighborhoods to live for future medical students.

Where to live if you study at Sapienza

Here are the best neighborhoods if you study at Umberto I Polyclinic:

  • San Lorenzo, Pigneto: lively, popular neighborhoods with a lived-in and particular look. These neighborhoods are very close to the campus (especially San Lorenzo) and concentrate many places open every evening. They are not necessarily indicated if you search calm, but they combine well with the‘adjacency to the faculty (rich in study rooms), the practicality in connections (they are adjacent to the Termini Stationat stops of the tram as the 3 and 19and numerous bus) and the need for low prices. There average of the price per square meter for a rent in San Lorenzo and al Pigneto and of 14.73 euros.
  • Bologna, Polyclinic: the area of Piazza Bologna it is the perfect choice for those who want a room in one central area it’s at a few steps from the La Sapienza campus. In addition to having a stop of the Metro line Bis located between two main stations: Termini and Tiburtina, the latter the closest. The rentals they are slightly more expensive than in San Lorenzo and Pigneto con 15.73 euros per square meter.
  • Pietralata: the neighborhood a north of Rome offers a very interesting opportunity to domicile for university students. The area is slightly outside the usual nightlife of university students, but with a price of 12.58 euros per square meterit could really be a great opportunity for those who want to safeguard their wallet.

If, on the other hand, he had been selected to go to study at the detachment at theSant’Andrea Hospital?

  • Cassia, Grottarossa: although they are mostly neighborhoods residential and devoid of great entertainment, especially for freshmen, would be very close to the hospital and would have the advantage of being cheaper compared to the noble San Lorenzo and Piazza Bologna. 13.51 euros per square meter for a rent.

Lastly, if you were about to undertake your course of studies in Medicine at the detachment of the Polo Pontino in Latina, the dynamics would be slightly different:

  • Latina: the city is smaller and more contained, with the possibility of renting a room in the center for just 8.61 euros per square meter.


Where to live if you are studying medicine at the Biomedical Campus in Rome?

The Biomedical Campus it is located in a peculiar position within the city of Rome. Outside the ring roadis located between the Hamlet Trigoria And Castel di Leva. A quiet place, out of the dynamics of the big city where you can also find very affordable rentals. To reach it, we always recommend using the machine.

  • Trigoria: the price per square meter for a rent is 11.90 euros per square meter.
  • Mezzocammino, Spinaceto: less close than Trigoria (you will need to take the ring road to get to campus), but it is a good alternative to stay close to the city, but also to theEurneighborhood alle gates of southern Rome complete with all services and public transport. The price of the rooms for rent is around 13.22 euros per square meter.

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart: where to look for a room for rent

For students of Medicine of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heartthe comfortable and affordable housing alternatives are substantially 2:

  • Battistini, Torrevecchia: it is a very convenient area to reach the hospital (with thebus 146) and where they can be found rooms for rent to 12.56 euros per square meter.
  • Triumphal, Montemario, Octavia: slightly closer and with lower rental costs (12.32 euros per square meter).

* The data reported in the article refer to the month of July 2022 and have been processed by experts

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