Meghan Markle and Harry at loggerheads: “divorce within the year”


Meghan Markle and Harry at loggerheads: “divorce within the year”
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Meghan Markle and Harry would be in deep crisis. The straw that would break the camel’s back would be the trip to Britain for the Queen’s Jubilee, during which the Prince would realize how much he has lost following his wife to the United States. The Sussex relationship would be so compromised that the divorce could take place within the year.

Meghan Markle and Harry, it’s the end

To decree the end of the marriage between Meghan Markle and Harry is the seer Georgina Walker who, speaking to The Night Show with Mitch Churistated that the couple’s days are now numbered and this was evident from the different attitude of the Sussex during the few days spent in England for Elizabeth’s 70-year reign.

Walker actually confirms what she had predicted in 2018, as she herself recalled during the broadcast. In fact, the seer at the time had argued that the marriage between Harry and Meghan would last only 5 years, a prophecy that many members of the staff who worked for the Sussexes believed. Sources close to the Palace confirmed in fact that Lady Markle’s character would seriously undermine married life. Certainly, she managed to eradicate Harry from his family and the only kind of life she knew before meeting her. And precisely this would be the ultimate reason that according to Walker will lead the two to divorce.

Indeed, if the prophecy turns out to be correct, Harry and Meghan are heading into their fifth year of marriage in 2023 and by then instead of celebrating the anniversary, they could sign. the divorce papers making definitive a process that according to the prophetess has already begun.

Meghan Markle and Harry, divorce arrives: the prophecy

Georgina analyzed the behavior that Harry and Meghan had during the few public events they attended for the Queen’s Jubilee. “I looked at the energy between them. Meghan acted a lot, while Harry was pale like a ghost. I am beginning to think that he has really realized what she has given up “. And she stressed: “I think now it will be a real problem between the two of them. The fracture is coming ”.

Back in the United States, the Prince threw himself into polo matches where, however, he only remedied a fall and defeats. His wife was seen at the club hugging Harry’s team captain with him behind all downcast. Meanwhile, Markle seems increasingly engaged in the political life of her country, especially after the issue of the abortion law. Sources close to the couple claim that the former actress intends to seriously participate in the presidential election of 2024. If true, it would be big trouble for Harry and the rule of members of the British Royal Family banning them from publicly expressing their political views. In the past, the Sussexes had clashed with Trump, causing no little embarrassment to the Crown.

Meghan Markle and Harry, the unsolved problem

Even Meghan’s political ambitions could therefore become a problem and a source of discussion within the couple. Another theme is the relationship with Harry’s family. The Sussexes were spotted on their way to visit Oprah Winfrey. The Palace fears the pair are preparing another bombshell interview against the Windsors. And this will undoubtedly bring enormous displeasure to the Queen, whom Harry is particularly fond of.

Elisabetta, 96, is in a moment of great fragility. She had a difficult year, both due to her precarious health conditions – among other things she also contracted Covid – and to the scandals and tensions within the family, many of which caused by her favorite nephew.

Soon after Harry and Meghan escaped, rumors surfaced that the Queen he would have supported a divorce plan that could have brought the Prince back to London. Obviously none of this has been realized, but relations with the Sussexes also for the Sovereign are really very difficult, so much so that the meeting to introduce Elizabeth to her great-granddaughter Lilibet one year after her birth lasted just 15 minutes.


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