Meghan Markle reprimanded once again, denied her revelations


Meghan Markle reprimanded once again, denied her revelations
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Meghan Markle aroused great controversy with his podcast Archetypes and his interview with The Cut magazine where he recounted certain episodes of his life at the Palazzo, giving his version of events which, however, was promptly denied by the people directly involved.

Meghan Markle, the controversy over the confrontation with Mandela

Meghan Markle said that during the premiere of Lion King in 2019 a South African cast actor confessed to her that her marriage to Harry sparked celebrations equal to those that took place after the release of Nelson Mandela. A statement, that of the Duchess of Sussex, which aroused the indignation of the family of the political leader, but also of the star who would have made this alleged revelation.

In fact, John Kani – who played Rafiki in the Lion King and claims to be the only male South African actor in the film – argued that Meghan “had to remember events badly”. To the Mail in fact, he specified: “I’ve never met Meghan Markle, it seems like a misstep on his part ”. Kani then underlined how she not only never spoke to Harry’s wife, but she wasn’t even present at that famous event she recalled.

Meghan Markle, the times she was proven wrong

It wouldn’t be the first time Meg’s revelations have been questioned. It looks like his tales do not always correspond to the truth. Or in any case she perceived them in a radically different way from others. The Sun he has bothered to list as many times as Lady Markle’s claims have been disproved. She counted 15.

Kate Middleton’s tears

Among the best known is the famous episode that took place between her and Kate Middleton before the wedding. Meghan said that it was her sister-in-law who made her cry over an argument over her bridesmaids’ dress, while instead it seems that her victim was the Duchess of Cambridge. Several witnesses confirmed this.

The secret wedding with Harry

During the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey said that she and Harry were married three days before their wedding in a private ceremony. But the date on the wedding certificate blatantly contradicted her. The Archbishop of Canterbury even intervened to contradict her, claiming that if she had signed that document with a false date she would have committed a serious crime.

The passport seized

In the same interview with Oprah, Meghan revealed that the Royal Family he took away her passport, car keys and driving license to keep her from leaving. But after meeting Harry, she went with him on trips abroad on at least 13 occasions. So she must still have her papers with her.

Forgotten emails

Then there is the case of the forgotten emails, relating to the Sussex biography that Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote two years ago. Brought to the attention of the Court of Appeal, Meghan had to apologize to the court for having just forgotten them. That correspondence was used as proof that the Dukes they had been informedcontrary to what they claimed, the contents of the book.

The first meeting with Harry

Lady Markle would also have lied about her first meeting with Harry. The Duchess she stated that she hardly knew who the Prince was when she introduced him to her and that she had not inquired much about the Royal Family before the wedding. But the very author of her biography, Omid Scobie, proved the opposite, namely that he had done extensive Google searches on the Monarchy and that he had known for years. Eugenie of York before joining Harry.

The accusations of racism

Then there is the whole chapter on the accusations of racism that he addressed to an unspecified member of the Royal Family who allegedly commented on the color of his son Archie’s skin. The question was brought to the attention of Queen Elizabeth who opened an internal investigation without reaching any outcome.

Meghan Markle, confirmed truth

In only one case, Meghan’s version has been confirmed and is the one relating to the fire in Archie’s room during the state trip to South Africa. A security officer supported the Duchess’s story while the Palazzo tried to downplay the incident.


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