Men and women, Andrea and Arianna do not think about marriage because …


Men and women, Andrea and Arianna do not think about marriage because …
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The one between Andrea Cerioli And Arianna Cirrincione is one of the love stories that most fascinated viewers.

The two boys met on the Canale 5 dating show, Men and women, when he was a tronista for the second time and she was his suitor. Right from the start, just down, Andrew he confessed to being impressed. In fact, theirs was a short journey because, driven by this love at first sight, the two decided to immediately live off the cameras. With these simple words, the tronista made the choice of him:

She made a difference. It is useless to stay here longer than necessary, I have been convinced since she came down those stairs.

Since that time the couple has remained solid and united more than ever, even in 2021, when Andrew decided to participate in theIsland of the Famous and therefore to separate for a few months from his fiancée. Once back together, the two boys resumed their life away from the cameras. The two, however, show their everyday life with extreme naturalness through their profiles Instagram. Their couple is liked precisely for this reason, because it is made up of moments of simplicity and pure love.

A few days ago the weekly Who he joined them while they are on vacation in a resort in Sicily just to understand what the secret of their love is. Immediately Andrew confessed what he felt when Arianna came down the stairs to woo him:

Of all the suitors she seemed to me the most normal, the girl next door, like I am. I liked her simplicity and her shyness, out of place since we were on TV. My fear was that she out of Men and women transform into the classic girl from a TV show. Instead she stayed thereArianna that I had known: authentic, special, down to earth.

To echo him also the same one he unveiled:

Men and women it was my first television experience: I arrived there, in Rome, without make-up, tired and hungry. He, of all the girls sitting posing as if they were on the cover, noticed that I was suffering and asked me what I had. He made me bring a sandwich. So much thoughtfulness and kindness struck me.

Although their relationship is about to turn three years and five months, the two boys seem to have no priority to get married. On the contrary, they even confessed that they both would like to become parents first. Together they already have two kittens and a dog named Derek and now they don’t rule out having a little baby. Andrew in fact he said:

It’s one of the things we talk less about.

It is also of the same thought Arianna who continued:

For now it is not on the agenda. One day yes, in church. A child even before the wedding. We think the same way, it is not necessary to marry to enlarge the family

But one thing they can’t resist is good food and they are taking advantage of it to taste the typical Sicilian dishes. About that Andrew he said:

As soon as we get back to Bologna I have to go on a diet. It’s been two years that I should be stinting ..

In recent days, in fact, the former tronist has shared thoughts regarding his physical form on his Instagram profile:

Honesty. Here we are … 2 years pandemic, island … Pounds recovered badly, laziness … I want to share this journey because I know there are many of us and I believe that sharing can help me and others. Nobody establishes the right “physique”, it is we who must like us. The hardest part is getting started. (…)

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