Men and Women, Beatrice Valli talks about the absence of her father | Isa and Chia


Men and Women, Beatrice Valli talks about the absence of her father |  Isa and Chia
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Beatrice Valli And Marco Fantini they are married last May 29 surrounded by the affection of friends and relatives. Interviewed by the magazine Gracethe former suitor said she had always dreamed of a love like the one that binds her to Marco:

My parents kept a video of their wedding: it was beautiful, romantic. I’ve always dreamed of one like this. My marriage was something unique because I believe in life, in my family and in this great love of Marco that has been around me for nine years.

There Valleys admitted that sex is a very important element in their couple:

It is essential, especially when you have children. If not enough is done, something is missing that both man and woman need.

Beatrice he then spoke about his family:

We are three female sisters (Eleonora28 years, Ludovica, 25, both influencers, ed) and my mom. My dad was always there when we were little, then my parents separated when I was 6 years old. My childhood is summed up like this: four invincible women against everyone.

Her dad was never very present:

It wasn’t easy not having a man around to support her. She took us to school in the morning and then worked from morning to night. When her father died they had had to close the family knitting factory. And so her mother worked in a shop that sold various objects in Correggio.

I lacked the protection a dad can give a daughter. When I was little, between work and playing football, there was always little. But what hurt me the most was my parents’ separation. I missed that father figure that I found in the stability I built with Marco. It is a wound that I will carry inside forever.

Despite this, her father accompanied her to the altar, together with the baby Alexander:

I gave him a chance, dad cared about it. As I walked, he was on the right, my son on the left Alexander. He is 9 years old, but for me he is already a little man. She made me become a mother, a mature woman, with him I faced joys and sufferings: she made me grow.

The influencer also recalled the birth of her first child:

I was in the third grade. I attended a professional fashion school and at the end of the year I had to take the license exam: then I could continue for another two years. But that year, 2012, there was an earthquake in Reggio Emilia. To take the exam they placed me in a separate room, alone with the teacher and another adult supervisor: it was a way to protect the pregnancy from possible shocks.

Her mom always supported her during her pregnancy:

Mom accepted it immediately, she understood me. The rest of my family, my sisters, my dad, it took many months to process. But I had decided: I would keep the baby even at the cost of estranging myself from my family. Then after seven months with the dad’s Alexander we broke up, we were too young.

Finally Bea admitted that from an early age she was fascinated by the world of entertainment:

I watched dancers and presenters on television: I identified with them, I danced in front of the screen. I looked at myself in the mirror, I liked to dress well and Mom has always been tied to fashion. At home she kept embroidering clothes for local brands, she loved seeing them.

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