Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on Luca Salatino’s choice (30/05/22)


Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on Luca Salatino’s choice (30/05/22)
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There is no thing that I am more on the mar * ni, when a Men and women comes the day of the choice of the tronista on duty, which divide it in two. Maaaamma, what a nuisance! And this is always true, eh, whether it is a choice that I am impatient to see (an event that has not happened for years, actually …) whether I care little or nothing. Now, I mean … but what’s the point, please? That is, it is not even a sadistic cliffhanger, since we have known so much for days how it ends. It ‘s just a solemn breaking of balls, that yes. Why, what a TRAVEL (cit.) whether we were passionate about it or not, already seeing the epilogue fragmented between Giorgio Mastrota And Patrizia Rossetti it doesn’t make you enjoy it at all, then if they postpone it until the next day, I feel worse.

Which, with all the good for Alessandro Rausabut the clips on him and Luca Salatino ranting from one dressing room to another, wandering randomly around Rome or cooking carbonara, we could have avoided them, that’s it. It was enough to shred those and / or the unmissable dance between the two at the end of the episode … et voila!, the time to see the right choice was all there. And yet nothing, as it has not been said. The key moment we will puppet tomorrow, touch resign. But seeing that the ending has already spoiled the previews we can say two words about it right now, in short.

I have to be honest, I didn’t really like the throne of Luca. In general I really believe that the Classical throne in recent years it has almost completely lost that appeal that for entire seasons kept the public in bated breath, in turmoil every time there was a new recording, always anxious for anticipations. For some time now the Throne over has totally taken over. The same Maria De Filippi it often gives the idea of ​​wanting to cut short with the external gods gggiovani to return as soon as possible to talk about the clashes between Tina Cipollari And La Pinuccia, to say. And even on social media, by now, the posts on Idardi (almost all insults, but so be it …), not those on the tronisti. Definitely the end of an era.

I arrived at today’s episode without much momentum, therefore, also because I saw Luca get excited more for the hug with Matteo Ranieri that in four months of external with Lilli Pugliese And Soraia Ceruti. I was convinced to make a bit of irony on the durelli that have dominated it for weeks and close it like this, with tarallucci and wine. And above all, I came to this choice with the idea that it would fall back on Aurora Colomboif she hadn’t run away early.

I thought that, anyone Luca had chosen between Lilli And Soraiawould have been just a fallback after the untimely departure of Aurora. And I still think a little bit, I’m honest. In these cases, only time will prove the opposite, eventually. But one thing seemed absolutely evident to me, in today’s episode, and it is the incredible affection that Luca trial for both of his suitors. Other tronists almost exuded annoyance towards the non-choice (someone also towards the choice, to be honest, but that’s another matter …), you could see that they had dragged her just because she needed the antagonist to the last. But he did not, despite the scazzi one episode yes and the other also in the end he really grew fond of.

But you saw her expression, in the box, while on their last exterior Lilli did she confess to him that she fell in love with him? A broken man! Or when Soraia she told him that her only desire was to know a good person, and did she find it in him? The eyes swollen, red and full of tears, the melancholy expression of someone who in any case should have given up on one of the two. In recent months, both have tried to put their fears aside in order to get to him. And she said well Soraia, Luca he was lucky because he had two girls in front of him “that I really love you“.

A year in the company of Pretzel – who today apologized for not being able to speak, as if he were usually a fine speaker … – it wasn’t exactly a health walk, that’s it. After all, one who needed the “looks of comfort” from Ida Platano And Armando Incarnato it can’t be so right, you know. However, objectively unreason aside, I think he’s a really good guy, as you don’t see many around there. Maybe a little bear (sometimes) and a little big baby (often). But that he has a big heart I think is beyond doubt.

We are so used to tronists who feel stuck ** or see one who gets excited talking about his grandmother and who even thanks “the drivers and those who stand at the entrance“Makes us strange.

Being with you in all these months was not easy, Luca, and you would have earned it all, of course. But I can only wish you to be happy, because you deserve it.

Ps. However, I am stuck in Alexander who told all amused about how he cheated his six-year-old grandson playing cards, and the Pinuccia who peddles her phone number to other random ladies.

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