Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 1/02/23 episode | Isa and Chia


Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 1/02/23 episode |  Isa and Chia
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Finally me Alice Barisciani I kind of understand it too, eh. It can’t be easy being in the study of Men and women since august, you’ve taken an obvious cap for Frederick Nicotera from day zero, having told him all your complicated life right from the first external session to reassure him that you have the content he craved, trying to shape yourself to whatever he wants in order to show him what a perfect geisha you would be out of there, trying to postpone every time you spins the mar*ni just for the sake of being told that, unlike its rival, “even though she was angry as soon as I surprise her her eyes sparkle, and I appreciate it so much!“… and after all this concussion to see with what a dreamy look he looked Carola Carpanelli outside, huh?

Turn your ass about always being taken for granted, about coming”completely ignored” when sitting next to you is your antagonist, that the tronista talks about feelings with her while with you at most a “I like” is also understandable, certainly. Why that “Alice court Frederick And Frederick court Carola” (cit.) we have all noticed it since mo. However, if despite this sad awareness you choose to remain sitting there anyway, my daughter, you are looking for it a little.

Honestly, I was sad to see her despair because “cHow am I supposed to do the one who understands the situation and no one understands mine? I have a heart too, I have a soul too, I feel bad about things too! I expect that Frederick approach even in those moments, not just say ‘I appreciate Alice because it is strong, because it is mature!’. I’m not mature about everything, okay?“.

And it is OBVIOUS that a 26/27 year old is not “ripe on everything“, God forbid, no one expects that. However, it must also be said that on the comparison between the ‘infantile and superficial‘ and the ‘lived woman‘ they dabbled in it for 4 months, huh. Alice And Maria DeFilippi first of all, always ready to underline theincredible difference between the reactions of the two rivals. On the one hand the capricious girl, on the other hers shows herself more sensible to try to bring grist to her mill by asking the tronista “Which character do you see yourself best with, out of here?“.

That she doesn’t always act like a “composed and mature person who smiles when he enters Carola” (cit.) there is, let alone. But let him come up with shots from iovovoinun sei teun caz *o guy “when Frederick And Carola they argue I tend to let them argue. They look like two children to me, two flies slapping against the glass!” there is a little less then.

However, since I’m often hypercritical of Nicoterait’s also right that you break a spear in his favor when he makes progress, aunt’s starlet.

And today I really appreciated (cit.) hearing him say, externally with Carolathat “I think perhaps I have exaggerated a little, I certainly cornered you a lot. It’s a sort of excuse… I don’t think you’re a child, I’m sorry you say that I don’t respect you because otherwise you wouldn’t be here“. FINALLY a step forward, FINALLY a pinch of self-criticism.

And I appreciated it too Carola who had the part where he told the tronista of the accident suffered by his father cut from the outside. And that he, not even he, would have said it, if Gianni Sperti had not again pointed the finger at her, emphasizing the absence of ‘important content‘. There were those who accused her of wanting to create easy hype menedonnian to conquer the public more than the tronista, she showed with a single gesture that she is exactly the opposite.

Bottom line, let me say that Biagio DiMaro he is what he is, one who”he deceives women, goes to sleep there and leaves them the next day. And she has been doing it for three years!” (although he didn’t come back alone in the episode…). But precisely for this reason to expect FROM HIM that “be sincere” makes you smile, come on.

Who worries me really it’s the people who despite everything they’ve seen so far still call for him, and even lose their health afterward. Except if you call me 12 times at two in the morning for Biagino I’ll send the Carabinieri home at dawn. But the screams of that Carla yesterday they reached decibels that only dolphins could hear, and all this for one who “he is not a serious person, he has no values!“. Does it seem normal to you?

Video from the episode: Entire episode – Claudio: “I cook!” – Alice’s outburst – Federico: “Alice, your reactions are exaggerated…” – Alice: “Federico, know that I have a heart!” – Alice: “Federico you have to shut up!” – Exterior of Federico and Carola – Maria: “Federico now Alice should smile?” – Carola: “Alice and I suffer and you Federico…” – Maria: “Biagio, would you go out only with Carla?”

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