Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 20/01/23 episode | Isa and Chia


Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 20/01/23 episode |  Isa and Chia
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When today at 14.45 I turned on the TV I thought I had the wrong channel, at the time.

Which I wanted to see Men and womenbut in the foreground there was a guy never seen before who listed all the cars he owns, the square meters of his real estate and how many restaurants his immense summer club in Pesaro includes.

At one I thought it would come out Alexander Borghese with the menu, and instead peeped out Maria DeFilippi to add that this Claudius he also has 16 apartments for rent, and to the women he frequents he gives away trips, rolex from 15k and rings”like those of Lady D” from 20k. Followed by one Tina Cipollati wonderfully venal that warned the ladies that “Claudius he’s already busy with me! I’ll leave you the number immediately, which all these harpies here in front of as soon as they hear that you have a house in Cortina…“. But before dancing to it – or going outside, not even at the time when it paraded Kiko to the tronista on duty – will have to verify that the Bentleys is true, of course.

In this program we talk about love!“, but then you end up spending 20 minutes analyzing a 730. I love it.

The good Claudius, however, is not simply wealthy but also discreetly philanthropist. “Thanks to Rotary I have helped to eradicate polio, to build schools, hospitals and wells in the most disadvantaged places in the world“, he said proudly. And speaking of “poorest places in the world” how to miss the Heliosactually.

And in order not to interrupt this magical atmosphere of goodness and charity for the less fortunate, today I have decided to throw a spear in favor of Richard Guarnieri. Which for heaven’s sake, it’s always a lion’s heart that “you decide!“, to put your hands forward and wash them at the same time. And that if he made sure that the knowledge between Glory Nicoletti and thatHumbert died in the bud it was right for mere possession, not for who knows what irrepressible feeling.

But I will tell you, I found him particularly sincere, in this juncture of the acquaintance with the lady. If at the beginning he was – as usual – elusive and inconclusive, during the holidays he took a little more step, we have to give him credit. Of course, we are talking about Richard, it’s not like we can expect fireworks and clamorous statements shouted into megaphones. But precisely because we are talking about him, he admits that he likes to be with Glorythat the fact that they never argue is strange and at the same time important, that they can talk about anything and always understand each other is no small thing, here.

Of course, who says that “perhaps it should have already snapped” anything more does not bode well for a happy ending. But he was extremely sincere in admitting that “I fell in love with this studio, it was the strongest moment of my life, and I would like to get closer to that. Sure there’s a longing to be with you, to spend time with you, but it’s not love. Can I look for a love like that again? I can?”.

Then he continued: “I’m in love? Not at the moment. What we’re experiencing I’d like to continue to experience, it’s a strong desire to be with you and I wouldn’t want to lose it. I don’t know how it will go, but throwing it away like this – since the time we spend together is beautiful – I’d be sorry“. Dunno, I don’t know about you, but what would seem like just a small step for man already seems like a giant leap for the Guarnieri.

Also why, let’s be clear. Even just to make a smack a Ida Platano and to the overflowing happiness that the little match girl is flaunting daily on social networks together with the Nearness (without double ends, eh, she doesn’t want to make anyone gnaw, let alone!) Richard he could have faked who knows what feeling for Glory and leave the transmission with her just so as not to give it to her ex. Full barrel and drunk wife. But I do appreciate that you’re putting in the effort to be a little man, little Star, and exit the Santa loop from Brescia. It’s not easy but he can do it, come on rich!

Today he also got out of the trap of the new lady for him quite well. Who tried Maria DeFilippi to say “if you are taken by Glory whoever comes through that door shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not that you have to see it and then decide, or not to see it to not be in condition, otherwise one doesn’t leave the house. She’s a complete stranger, who you might meet at the coffee machine tomorrow, you should have the peace of mind to see her and tell her you’re not interested“, but if he had said right away “yes, let’s get her in!” I doubt that the reaction would have been the same, that’s it. In any case, they let her in anyway, to lead him sadistically into temptation, but although she was actually a beautiful woman, he reiterated that “this is not the time to let another person in“.

It’s almost certain that it will end up in disgust, we know it. But I appreciate the attempt to Richard to become a real child, joy of aunt.

Video from the episode: Entire episode – Tina: “Today in the studio is January 6th…” – Gianni: “Riccardo but do you feel love for Gloria?” – Gloria: “Riccardo don’t you feel love for me? Leave me alone!” – Riccardo: “Gloria we are at a crossroads…” – A new lady for Riccardo – Gianni: “So, which couple are Gloria and Riccardo?”

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