Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 9/01/23 episode | Isa and Chia


Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the 9/01/23 episode |  Isa and Chia
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How much I had missed this bunch of pigs, regà.

After about twenty days spent on Netflix And First watching good movies and TV series I felt almost strange, I’ll tell you. It was all too well written and above all wonderfully acted, I was not used to it anymore. I really needed to go back to guilty pleasure for excellence, Men and womenand to all his desperate protagonists. People that she trudges through her own minch * ate of her, that she thinks she’s stealing from the house of thieves but ends up shooting herself in the foot. And I see that with the new year they haven’t lost their good and old habits, aunt’s little stars.

We started 2023 with a nice peak of cringe, in short. A revived (and who would have ever expected it, after months and months in the shadow of her goddaughter Ida Platano!) Gemma Galgani, totally shameless and prey to a “psychophysical emotional turbulence” (cit.), Alessandro Sposito rooster version in the chicken coop e Paula Ruocco in the role of the seduced e abandoned belittled.

And I don’t want to sound cynical, but I struggle to save one of the three. Indeed, if just really if I had to choose, paradoxically the least worst would be the knight. Because that he has a real interest in women of at least three different generations (and totally different from each other in everything, not just by age) is frankly not credible, and that’s it. That he enjoys keeping his foot in more shoes, which the study center assures him, is little but certain. But that he could have fallen into the ‘trap‘ of that old fox’s Paola seems equally plausible to me, chevvedevodi.

Men and Women: Chia's opinion on the 9/01/23 episode

That it is a sin to think badly but often it is already right in everyday life, let alone Men and women. And to me today everything seemed so TERRIBLY TOO MUCH that if I had to give someone good faith (without betting a nickel on it, mind you. That we know all too well that the cleanest guy still has mange, around here …) I would give it to him. What “the trouble is that I have never seen the previous installments“. The one that is certainly more likeable but less experienced in television dynamics. The perfect scapegoat for beautiful ladies caught and with obvious drama queen ambitions.

Short summary: Alexander came to the studio saying that he and Paola they went out, they had fun, there was a good kiss but then they stopped and didn’t go any further because he still intended to get to know the other ladies. She just heard ‘kiss on the lips‘ she got strange and made a mother scene, to then confess at the end of the episode that “we made love with a capital A, and the next day I made off two packets of handkerchiefs for tears of joy, of emotion, because certain feelings hadn’t had them for years and I thought I couldn’t have them anymore“. But she didn’t tell him, eh, she has rightly waited for the episode to reveal it to him.

Come on, but how can you blindly believe the version of Ruocco? How can Maria DeFilippi take it for good, when it leaks everywhere? Just because she shed half a tear as she emphatically walked out of the studio to do some show does it mean that Alexander did he necessarily lie? What if both of them did it instead? Why rule out that BOTH have told their dose of solemn bullshit to cover their ass?

It seems clear to me that after the nasty business BOTH knowingly agreed not to say anything in the studio, but for WELL different reasons. It was convenient for him so as not to annoy the other ladies he was frequenting (e Paola it was on this that he leveraged, in my opinion, because he isn’t stupid…), and when he got to the episode he kept the version they had agreed on the previous evening. On the other hand, she really gives me the air of someone who has studied the dynamics of this program well, and her precedents in the middle prove it. In the previous recording you had sensed the potential that such a sought-after knight could have since his entrance, and you immediately found a way to wallow in it.

I really see it, good strategist (as he says Gemmona), to agree with Alexander to the hotel to make sure she didn’t tell anyone, but then as soon as she got there Helios rush to blurt it all out direction (cit.), so as to go from poor victim to one who after having spent a beautiful evening in the center of the studio everything is reduced to the usual ‘punch kiss’.

A version that would not have made a turn, if that detail on the “feelings that you have awakened me after years!” hadn’t made it all too. Definitely TOO. First, because they’ve seen each other half a time, a Gem you always perk her for the way she hungrily pounces on anyone who accidentally addresses her the word inconvenient emotions random to the first external, how is it that no one is strange in front of Paola who did practically THE SAME?

And secondly, regà, why did he say that these overwhelming feelings had been awakened by their night on fire? again and again. Of course, passion makes you lose your mind, please. But no, that’s not the case with Paola. She stated that she heard “explosion” at the exact moment in which he – in front of her who asked him how he was used to living his acquaintances, if he was a cohabitant or not – replied “in my case everyone at home“. Just then incredibly romantic and meaningful there, his words oh.

And I’m on this sensational vacc * ta shitI swear.

Video from the episode: Full Episode – Tina: “Stop staring at me!” – Gemma: “Agostino I was distracted by another acquaintance…” – A four-way confrontation – Tina: “Gemma, but how do you feel?” – Maria: “Alessandro, if I had been Paola I would have reacted very badly…” – Maria: “The rooms? Alessandro here is a message…”

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