Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 01/18/23 | Isa and Chia


Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 01/18/23 |  Isa and Chia
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I don’t know how to do it from here to the choices, I really don’t know how to do it. What am I waiting for previews of Men and women with anxiety too, by now. But not because I’m impatient to find out how these thrones will end, that’s been understood since September. The only thing I long for is that the two tronistas put an end to this slow (and very boring) agony and finally get up from the mar*ni, because they can’t take it anymore.

I mean are we realizing that we’ve been talking about the SAME THINGS for MONTHS now? That we see the SAME BET on a loop, practically? Kiss with one*, sop to the other*, one* comes out of the studio pissed*at*, that other* chases, and then they argue, and then they calm down, and then they start fighting again. ECCHEDUECOGLI*NI Oh!

It will be around the end of October that there are three cats left (LITERALLY, really). That there is still all this indecision in the head of Lavinia Mauro and of Frederick Nicotera it is frankly not credible. And not so much because both have two opposites in front of them (not only because “she is blonde i am brunette“, obviously -.-‘), but more than anything else because their preference has been clear since that day. Postponing the petals to the bitter end, what’s the point, please? And instead we have ahead at least TWO more recordings (where – incredible spoiler! – they’ll kiss one* and argue with the other*, and vice versa, to infinity and beyond) before the choice, assuming that in the next one they kick out the attributes and pardon us. But, given the locateI don’t hope too much.

It annoys me to be repetitive, but the truth is that I can’t stand it anymore Lavinia neither Fredericktwo that would lead even the saints to exasperation.

There Mauro today outdoors with Alessio Corvino gave us the LESS HEARD kiss in the entire history of Men and women. 2 and a half kg of steak, please, but emotions zero. She who did”the pink panther for ten externals begging him for a kiss” (cit.), he who last time pretended to ardently want to make out with her (with a lot of fake piss * tura because she instead was sustained “for sale“!) but by chance he was already back to retracting his neck like turtles as soon as she stepped forward. Then when he realized that on the final of the external it was totally hunted down, with two hands immobilizing his face, he will have understood that he had no escape and that he had to, tongue out and amen.

But the perception of the tronista was the only irrefutable thing in this exterior. “Then it really means you don’t feel like kissing me. I don’t impose anything, it should come from you. The problem is that you don’t get the kiss, that’s what makes me think after a while“. Not enough, evidently, otherwise she would have been careful not to take this lemon home under duress, eh. But she’s happy…

Regarding Nicoterainstead, someone kindly warns him that the only one who does “mirror reflection like little girls” (cit.) in there it is REALLY HIM, goddamn?

Because it’s really unbearable that you keep pointing the finger at Carola Carpanelli like it’s the worst ever seen in that studio when IT’S HIM who has “made it all disappear” after a “beautiful exterior where I am fine” like the one at the Trevi Fountain, IT’S HIM who is too concentrated on himself not to notice that the others are not puppets capable only of pleasing him, and IT’S ONLY HIM who also has the presumption of ALWAYS blaming others without NEVER make a dash of self-criticism even by accident. All this seasoned with annoying tones and a discreet arrogance.

Today he was right Gianni Sperti (and when I have to agree with him it means it’s serious). “He keeps asking Carola to be another person“. And while he waits (in vain) for her to change, he treats her as well demmerd*. But seriously?

But if Alice Bariscianihe understands me completely, I really feel it. I’m fine with her, she can give me what I want” Then CHOOSE IT, for goodness sake. That maybe you’ve found the only one who has the stomach to mold itself to your wishes.

But give us a break, dammit, to us and to that bitch of the Carpanelli than in the face of someone so unnecessarily vain and feeling so incredibly stocha**o she has been too patient up to now, all right.

Video from the episode: Entire episode – A knight for Cristina – A knight for Michela – Elena: “Vito if you are not ready…” – Alessio: “Elena if you were confused…” – Elena: “My mind is busy!” – Outside of Lavinia and Alessio – Alessio C.: “Lavinia I am not your marriage counselor!” – Alessio C. abandons the studio – Outside of Federico and Alice – Alice: “Can I have a coffee?” – Alice: “Federico but really?”

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