Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 25/05/22 | Isa and Chia

Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 25/05/22 |  Isa and Chia
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There they are, Ida Platano And Riccardo Guarnieri while they toast to the umpteenth embarrassing pantomime they gave us in their luster a Men and women. Look at that glinting glances, what a sly expression! For the love that binds them despite everything and everyone, you say? Naaa, because they think they fooled us all, little stars! Too bad that to have taken the bite of love “so beautiful that it should not be thrown awayWere right Gianni Sperti And Tinì Cansinoahil them.

But even with all the good faith of this world (which they have already played for years ago, in hindsight), I mean … But how can we MINIMALLY believe them if during the SAME REGISTRATION we saw, in order:

Riccardo who complains for twenty minutes why Gloria Nicolettiit does not value what we have experienced”And bounced it without even giving him a coffee;

Ida who complains why Riccardo he also took away her greeting in order to avoid misunderstandings;

Riccardo who runs out of the studio in the throes of a fit of tears because the music curator (cit.) has put Make noise from DiodatoAnd Ida chasing him behind the scenes;

Ida And Riccardo who return to the studio and dance tightly in tears;

Ida ending with Marco Alabiso and makes it clear to Riccardo that “it’s never too late“;

Riccardo who hesitates knowingly avoiding giving clear and unequivocal answers (only to worry if people criticize him, porello …);

Ida that sbrocca, sends him affancul * and runs furiously from the studio, with Riccardo who goes after her to complain about her “slightly exaggerated reaction“;

Riccardo cheering by donating a bouquet of roses to Idatoasting with her and staging a kind of striptease cringe (because let alone if she missed the opportunity to show the only reason women still pay attention to him the sculpted physique).

All this circus during the SAME REGISTRATION, I repeat. But does it seem normal to you? Come on, come on! In the space of two hours these have gone from ignoring each other, to pining with pathos, to fraying badly to rubbing on the catwalk as if nothing had happened, and we must also believe that it is not all the result of a badly recited script? But how is it done?

I thank you that in a week we will get rid of ‘this horror combo AT LEAST until September, because really if we went on like this a little longer we would end up in analysis, nothing else.

Anyway let me tell you that without Tina Cipollari I miss the shows are great, huh. Even if they are committed, poretti, since mysterious (quote of the highest!) Armando Incarnato who swayed awkwardly on the catwalk dressed in cloak and mask (because “I could choose whether to have fun and amuse those who looked at me, or make a bad impression!“, And he has well thought of choosing them both rightly) a Biagio Di Maro who was biting into mozzarella to get publicity (even if the others gave him more while complaining about his cunning choice, in the end), from Fabio Nova that – plot twist! – preferred not to play the pianola as originally planned but to apologize to Tina because “I seriously offended her by making the figure of the chocolate maker, I can’t afford to be so disrespectful to a person!” to Alessandro Rausa who (predictably, given how the shows are going in there) won easy.

Special mention to that patatone di Alessandro Vicinanza who was ashamed as a thief to parade there in the middle (and how not to understand it!) and above all to that misunderstood hero of Franco Fioravantiwhich even on such a trivial occasion as a fashion show men and women he tried to erude the crowd by explaining the etymology of the term seduction and staging the fight that males usually have to face in nature to conquer females. But, ça va sans direit was not understood, and the 2 and the 3 flocked to the palettes of the foolish. Franco, don’t care about them, but look, giggle and pass. You are for a few, we know. But for this very reason we few love you.

Ps 1. Bellini Nadia Marsala And Massimiliano Bartolini, really beautiful! I had already imagined that it could work between them, seeing their exteriors, but hearing Gianni Sperti to say that he had changed his mind about this couple, to whom he initially did not give two lire, made me remember how he was instead silent in front of Isabella Ricci And Fabio Mantovani. Ah, my dear father Beaver!

Ps 2. Now, I don’t want to defend Gemma Galganieh, but I need not agree with ‘I’m Maurizio However. But one who passed within ten minutes of saying he wanted – “absolutely yes!“- continue the acquaintance with her by also reproaching her for the help he gave her in a difficult moment (for which she had already thanked him, among other things), and only because in the meantime she had said she wanted to close, but what is yet another ridiculous? Come on!

And it’s okay that she used to blow things up and that Maria De Filippi decided to beat her badly, lately, but to pretend to believe that he complimented her on the dress and not on the breasts (the famous men who notice the clothes and not the contents, ceeerto…) and that the message he sent her (and which began with “last night you charged me a little, and I couldn’t fall asleep …“) Did not allude to anything compromising right Gianni And Tinì they can do it, huh.

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