Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 26/10/22 | Isa and Chia


Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 26/10/22 |  Isa and Chia
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I am a viewer of Men and women simple, basically. I’m happy with little. I don’t care who he hits Armando Incarnato in worldview is not much better than him, in the end. It’s enough for me to hit him, that’s it.

See today Federico Dainese laugh in his face blatantly giving him the “loser, you’re a loser!“Realigned my chakras, right. Especially in a studio where someone likeEmbodied is passed by GENTILUOMO. Armando Incarnato a GENTLEMAN, do you understand?

A guy who a few moments later – just to justify his umpteenth senseless theater with a random lady, the right choice to keep the shack going and then unload on her all the guilt of a story that (strange, eh!) Did not go – exclaimed “but even if I had to give you the 730 because you like the man he is in a certain way!“, Giving to that Cristina I miss too covertly the gold diggerwould it be a GENTLEMAN?

And I’m also sorry that Monicathat everything seems to me but stupid, has taken the little letter that Armando he wrote to her attaching it to a rose. Because it’s not that “he understood how I am!“When he told her that”you are rare, you belong to those women who make noise even without moving!“(By the way, who is the ghost writer ofEmbodied? Because I don’t believe that these poetic utterances come from the same person who then in the studio, with no notes in between, addresses the tronista with a “if you BEGIN saying that blah blah“, Huh!). He the only thing he understood was who he was aiming for to be able to try doing some circus again this year, period.

Why second Maria De Filippiit’s the second time he’s playing“, Instead we are already at the third. In three seasons, excellent average by the way. He had done it two years ago when he tried to blow Lucrezia Comanducci to Gianluca De Matteis (and he also succeeded, huh, too bad then casually did not want to continue to know her by leaving the studio …). She did it last year by putting together that whole series of crafty post-episode clips Denise Mingiano just to go and tease Matteo Ranieri. And she would do it again this time, if only Monica had obviously remained in the studio.

Because the (fake) interest ofEmbodied it is limited to the exact perimeter of that study, we know. There inside, the suitors of others praise them, flatter them, she talks about them as if they were the most precious stone in the world and beats her chest, yelling that “this girl has great value, only you did not understand it!“, But as soon as these set foot out of the Eliospuff!all forgotten. MonicaWho?

So yes I’m a simple person and when today Federico I hit him amused and then he was strange if that other was upset because “I didn’t offend you, I said you’re a loser, it’s a personal opinion!“I laughed badly, I admit it. Candidly, just.

Then let’s leave it alone if as well Federico as a tronista is discreetly disappointing me, that is another matter.

Even Ida Platano (which is not known for being a lynx, let’s say so. For being so hungry for a red light that even today she managed to get a grip on other people’s issues yes, she is famous, but not too witty …) she realized that to the Dainese from Monica didn’t give a bat, I mean, what did it cost him to be a bit lighter? To the eye even if she had avoided bringing up children and concrete projects he would have preferred them anyway Noemi, let alone when he put the load of 90. It was not a thing for him, and we are going to have different visions of a story, God forbid. But maybe a little more honesty wouldn’t hurt at times.

It is now clear, Federico has a mood light, as the Santa of Brescia would say. He is not interested in discussing and confronting, he is only interested in the fact that there is physical attraction and few breaks in the ba ** and around. That’s why he gets along well with someone like Noemi.

One who feels cool in pointing out that he snorted with her rival while having a good time with her. One like that silly that comes up with “don’t tell me you want to have children if you go to Ibiza and Formentera“, As if one thing excluded the other, and not even realizes that he has said a sensational shit. And above all one who had just drawn conclusions about an unknown eximony based on her profile Instagram (social network known for being a faithful mirror of reality, in fact) but which then broke when Monica spoke of his ‘seriousness’ because “you mean that I don’t do it seriously, let me understand? You just don’t know me, my darling!“. Occchei.

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