Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 27/01/23 | Isa and Chia


Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 27/01/23 |  Isa and Chia
Written by aquitodovale

Frederick Nicotera And Lavinia Mauro they are so damn similar that nothing but suitors, the study of Men and women they should leave him together arm in arm.

And if I say ‘similar‘ and not ‘identical‘ is right because the way of reacting to what does not suit him varies (which – ça va sans dire – is equivalent to EVERYTHING those 4 pigs who sit in front of them do). If on the one hand Frederick it’s more aggressiveraise your voice and start using random adjectives (adjectives that today we discovered that “Of course I don’t think so!“. So what the hell do you tell them to do, aunt’s little star?), on the other Lavinia is extremely petulant, and with his shrill little voice he bursts into that series of “did you call to see me? Why didn’t you call? You should want to see me, right? When you’re in front of me how do you feel about me? What do you hear?more lethal than a right hand Mike Tyson. This is the only difference between them. But otherwise they are incredibly made of the same stuff.

First of all, they are NEVER wrong. Impeccable, indeed. They are always there to point the finger at their suitors, guilty of never having the reactions they would like, but there is no mention of making a WHIT of self-criticism. It is a continuation of “you should have done this!“, “I expected you to say that!“, and NEVER ONCE do we hear them admit that “yes, actually I could have avoided stressing your soul over this bullshit“. But NEVER, oh.

Secondly, they think that everything is always due to them, either by role menedonnian or do you want because they just feel stocaz*o do the same. It’s always the others who MUST do, MUST say, MUST demonstrate, MUST give certainties, MUST put their pride under their feet (and when they do it, or at least they try, it’s never enough for them, by the way) . But if you dare tell them a “you have to answer me!” they get pissed * not even because “I don’t owe you anything!“. Ceeeeeerto.

Third, we want to talk about “all the shit they throw at them” (cit.) to their favorites, read Carola Carpanelli And Alessio Corvino? That A) if they think certain things about who they like, let alone who they disgust, and B) they can’t explain how they could have fallen head over heels for them if they are like that”childish“, “superficial“, “braggarts” and so on and so forth. And after all this barrage of compliments that every holy episode spews at him, do they also expect sweet words and hugs of comfort, pore joys? Come on, come on!

Frederick, in particular, seems to me completely dissociated from reality. It’s been 4 months that he’s been ranting throwing up at Carola the worst crap, but then”I’m not aggressive!“. He’s the one who, after some good exteriors, still manages to find the pretext to quarrel again, and if she understandably says she’s “fed up with this situation” he has the courage to say that “you’ve gone down like this A BUFFO“, as if she didn’t have twenty-four very valid reasons to run away. And if a certain girl is RIGHTLY pissed at feeling treated like a sc*ma girl in the world and says that “I don’t want someone like that!” he even has the hair on his stomach to say that “so I was right from the start“.

At the end of the fair Nicotera I justify it even less than the Mauro, huh. Because Frederick he faces two girls clearly interested in him, she two guys who “he’s like at school with questions, ‘let’s hope he doesn’t choose me’!” (never was an example more fitting, there!). So as much as I don’t approve of all this poisoning the soul of suitors, on the one hand I can however remotely understand it, on the other hand not even that.

In my opinion, however, the point is only one. Frederick And Lavinia they need to STOP expecting people to act the way THEY would like them to do. They must STOP having expectations and, if these are not reflected in reality, cag*areilcaz*o to those who are simply made differently and act differently from theirs. And they must STOP DEMANDING demonstrations but – in fact – absolutely not put those in front of them in a position to give them.

Let people FREE to be THEMSELVES, just always break their shit for everything! If then, even when they are free to act as they see fit, they don’t do anything that pleases you, then THERE, and only there, will it make sense to point the finger at them. Certainly not when you neuter them from the start, totally agg.

What then, I mean, but not even the most interested person in the world would have the emphasis to take a step towards you, in the face of all this toxicity. If there isn’t a recording shit in which you don’t sand these pigs for any bullshit, how can you expect from them then “a gesture of affection” (cit.)? Ellamiseria, oh! Before demanding demonstrations of interest, you should perhaps give birth to this interest. And as long as you drain his soul at these atrocious levels, I doubt it, that’s it.

PS. Alice Barisciani I’m starting to tolerate her even less than her tronista, however. Which is easy to do”the mature one” when everything goes well, when you are never questioned and when – in order to please him – you avoid discussing it and let him pass everything in cavalry. It’s a pity that I don’t see all this maturity either in the squalid curtains at the coffee machine, or in those very avoidable “she went to the dressing room crying“. Stop being an experienced woman to give yourself a tone, my daughter, so that when ten minutes later you threaten the tronista that “you have to pay attention!” and you snap screaming at him “but f*ck him, go! You’re a shitty moron, trust me!” all that fake tone you send it to hell alone, joy.

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