Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode dated 26/01/23


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode dated 26/01/23
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The pornstar gaaaaaaaaate!!! I was waiting for the bet Of Men and women almost only for this, I swear!

Especially since then I had the unedited account of the mole present in the studio who told me that when Paula Ruocco brought up this alleged red light past of Alexanderthere was behind the scenes Rudy Zerby fixed on Google to search for any traces of the knight’s pistol on the web!

No, I die laughing when I think about Rudicchio ours who in his most recent research finds the pornazzi of Alexander and insights into the hallucinogenic properties of nutmeg

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In any case Paola she’s an essential trashy character, eh, say what you like but she’s so surreal and with so few scruples in disgracing others, that we absolutely have to protect her as if she were an Egyptian amphora.

Apart from that I don’t know if you understand the concept that she is Alexander they said loveooooooooore, loveOOOOOOOOre, loveOOOOOOOOOOOre (with the A maIIIIUUUUUuscola), but then I still wanted to throw half a spear in his favor in the sense that, net of the LOWNESS of publicly revealing private confidences (moreover on such an intimate aspect), however, I didn’t share the reproach of not being able to talk because she dumped her on Alessandro the first night they went out… what did that have to do with it, sorry? I mean, it’s not that Paola he pulled that stuff out to accuse Alexander to be interested in sex, he brought it out (I repeat, WRONG) to support the thesis of his total disinterest true Gemma Galgani which, coincidentally, between Paola, Pamela And Desdemonais the only one to which the knight during dinner did not make sexual allusions (also because, porello, he didn’t even have time to make them since he was already thinking about it a very fiery gems).

It was enough to say a Paola that it was a low blow to reveal some chatter made privately, accusing her instead, not even so covertly, of being easy because as an adult and vaccinated woman she decided to have a healthy fuck (with the t maIIIIIIUUUuscola) we ended up being wrong again more than she was in the wrong (yes, JohnI’m just talking to you).

Armando Incarnate he will have to go to communion after seeing the exposed flesh of Cristina Tenutauh how vulgar!

Which then, for heaven’s sake, everyone evaluates on the basis of their own tastes and parameters, but if you tell me that Christine is vulgar and then from 10 to Desdemona which in that winking video was of a cringe that I still have my head hidden under the pillow in embarrassment, then it means that your parameters vary according to the grievances you have from person to person.

However, I didn’t like them either Christine neither Desdemonaso, right because instead I am for equality.

Richard Guarnieri who attacks that girl because while having a coffee she would have dared to belittle the program, making fun of the low intellectual effort required to participate in it, she really left my mouth wide open. But what an incredible meltdown is this man having? But what is this new guise of furious gossip thirsty for fame who, in order to attract attention to herself for another five minutes (as if the WHOLE HOURS in which she has been smashing the fray for YEARS weren’t enough), has to shit a girl totally free?

Ahhhh how I would like to hear the private conversations with relatives and closest confidants, of all these immaculate ladies and knights, they NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have dared to make half a criticism of the SacraRedathey will NEVER make fun of the program’s trash, they are faithful and immaculate servants.

Video of the episode: Entire episode – Elena’s fashion show: “Tonight poker of seduction” – Silvia’s fashion show: “Tonight poker of seduction” – Paola’s fashion show: “Tonight poker of seduction” – Paola: “Alessandro Sp. did you boast that as a young man…” – Cristina’s fashion show: “Tonight poker of seduction” – Desdemona’s fashion show: “Tonight poker of seduction” – Desdemona: “Alessandro Sp. treat women like handkerchiefs…” – Beatrice’s fashion show: ” Poker of seduction tonight” – Laura’s fashion show: ”Poker of seduction tonight”

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