Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 01/31/23


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 01/31/23
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But I think this installment of Men and women will be transmitted in psychology courses at the university, there will be in-depth studies on it because I’m still in shock like one Valeriona Marini whatever, at the thought of what we have seen and above all heard.

I’m this close to suing Mediaset because objectively an hour of squawking than that Carla they will have caused irreparable damage to our hearing system and we deserve compensation!

What then I SWEAR, I revised the part of Biagio DiMaro And Carla twice (yes, double damage to the auricles and immediate need for an analgesic), but I can’t follow the speeches because the decibels reached by the lady’s voice go beyond what the human ear can perceive, I really didn’t understand what the hell they said for an hour.

But then I was shocked because in the last episode Carla she seemed like a very calm person, a meek and harmless middle-aged lady and instead today for a whole hour it seemed Ursula when Ariel sign the magic contract, what a scare, gentlemen!

That is, net of trash, which is fine (indeed I’m black due to the censorship on the slaps that have flown so much, we know that they have flown, and if we have seen those of the of Padua to Ricky I don’t see why not broadcast those trimmed to the king of mozzarella too), but how disturbing is the behavior of Carlasorry, but help, I even end up having to defend Blaise but honestly, in the face of an inconvenience of this magnitude, one cannot do otherwise.

A frenzy like that, the breaking into the hotel at two in the morning, the 12 calls in the middle of the night to that lady who, porella, was at her house sleeping with a net in her hair, the NO STOP shouts for an hour of episode, they would seem exaggerated and crazy to me even if it were a case of a wife who finds her husband in bed with her lover, let alone how absurd this reaction might be towards someone you’ve been seeing for a month and who hasn’t even soaked the biscuit ‘ (cit).

But then I died of laughter when she, AFTER AN HOUR OF NON-STOP SCREAMING, came out with: “Io i don’t need to talkaaaaaaaare, my ooooeyes talk to me

And then his eyes that spoke were more or less these:

men and women

And, honestly, I also found it absurd that Queen Mary somehow justified the crazy behavior of Carla leveraging on the feelings experienced, almost trying to blame Blaisebecause such an exaggerated reaction, in the studio and outside, is unjustifiable a priori, and IF feelings are triggered, there is no doubt that it is a type of sick feelings from which to get away with it, for heaven’s sake.

men and women

The new tronista surprised us with a super original presentation clip in which she told us she doesn’t want lying, rude and presumptuous men… crazy! And to think that all the other women in the world, when they are looking for a man, tend to hope that he is a liar, rude and presumptuous!

The ending of her clip tells us that she is a romantic girl, who wants a love as big as that of her parents: well, if these are the premises, I feel I can hazard a prediction that she, within a maximum of two weeks, will have already lost his head for one of his suitors for whom you will cover to exhaustion and from which he will beg for attention between now and May.

Obviously the most popular suitor looks like this Andrew, thirty-one year old osteopath doctor of VIPs, that being beautiful is beautiful (a type of beauty that perfectly embodies my aesthetic tastes) but the feeling is that it is also taaaaaaaaaaanto smart and ready to stage its beautiful script. Then, who knows, the ways of love are endless and maybe instead a beautiful relationship will be born, but be careful Roberta Di Paduaeh, because when Roby spots someone then danger is always around the corner, good luck Nicol.

Video of the episode: Entire episode – Gloria: “Riccardo reluctantly close” – Nicole: the first words – Biagio and Clea: post-episode dialogue – Maria: “Biagio, Clea and Carla… an intricate situation!” – Fire and flames between Carla and Biagio – Nicole and the suitors – Gemma and the great refusal

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