Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 05/19/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 05/19/22
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I understand that we are at the end of the season Men and womenI understand that we don’t want you and we don’t want you, but we don’t even want to hit us with TOTALLY useless bets like today’s, come on.

My comment on the episode will be limited to being a recap of the uselessness that we have been listening to for over an hour:

– report of the viewer who has seen Gianluca kissing an unidentified girl: useless moment.

It was already clear to everyone from the previous episodes that Gianlu there is the disease of women, and Biagio Di Maror he also spoiled us that he has a special house used for full of zeal, with the whole neighborhood knowing and murmuring. Faced with this report of the alleged lemon to the unknown to us who cares? That is, it’s like watching a crime movie and spoiling the shooting when we already know who the dead are.

What a scandal is there in the fact that, while remaining in the program, Gianluca do you keep mating with random ladies? Someone will not believe that, for example, just to name a random name, Armando Incarnato is chaste since the last time he pretended to be with a lady of the parterre, right? We’re not that big mouthfuls and we don’t get off the soap mountain, right?

– yet another dissing between FabioPuntoNova And Tina Cipollari: useless moment. I mean, I don’t know if FabioPuntoNova was ever a famous photographer but, heck, if he wasn’t before now he surely is, I’ve seen more photos of him in the last week than my grandmother showed me on Sundays when she pulled out the scrapbook (and between the other between one thing and another the Nova he also garnered over 15,000 new followers on Instagram).

As I have already said, I find this question and answer useless, cloying and inappropriate: two adults who are offended on an aesthetic and working level do not make anyone laugh. Except the host, unfortunately.

Biagio Di Maro torpedoed the lady Sylviane: useless moment. The pole was already clear the last episode when the By Maro in reiterating that he had spent a beautiful eveninghowever, had already put his hands on saying that he was less involved than the lady, today he only gave the final thrust.

And it was very nice and shared the speech of Queen Mary about the fact that it’s not just about sex and that an evening spent talking and getting to know each other is worth more than 10 fucks though, you know Marymy grandmother used to say that washing the donkey’s head wastes time, soap and water, and if you have been filling the transmission with donkeys for years (we are in the metaphor, eh, listening lawyers I’m not offending, I’m metaphorically) then it is useless for you to pretend you want to wash his head because you KNOW VERY WELL that you will waste time, water and soap, and despite this you continue every year to introduce new donkeys and confirm the old donkeys.

men and women

– Between Bruno And Rosette everything is fine and the two will soon go to live together: this is a useless moment because I decide that I am bored. My thoughts still go to that poor lady who Bruno he had known, like, the night before he met Rosette, to whom he had already proposed to live with him, and who was replaced within 24 hours. The pragmatism of the elderly fascinates and disturbs me at the same time

Gemma Galgani which makes the moral a Biagio for the behavior with Sylviane: useless moment because Gemma has not been in a position to moralize anyone for at least 10 years.

Video of the episode: Full episode – Maria: “Gianluca they saw you passionately kissing a woman” – Tina: “I won’t be Miss Universe but you ..” – Maria: “Biagio is not 16 and …” – Bruno and Rosetta in full sail – Gemma : “Biagio you have lost the humanity you had …”

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