Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/10/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/10/22
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However, I begin to think that it is a conspiracy, like the editorial staff of Men and women wants to test the resistance of the viewer and for this reason after having trimmed three episodes of DI FILA starring Ida Platanotoday we were three quarters of an episode following a hoarse, and more dazed than usual, Gemma Galgani.

That is, objectively, the relay IdaGem no stop for 4 episodes is stuff that if in the end we all stay alive we enter the Guinness Book of Records, eh.

By the way, I don’t know if you have noticed, but now there plane tree it is so one woman show that when Queen Mary he asked her about the release of Gem with that Francoshe dismissed the matter with half a sentence and tried to regain possession of yet another block focused on her, talking about the alleged dialogues and winks at a distance between Alexander And Roberta.

I mean, got it? At this point Ida she is the pupil who not only has surpassed the teacher, but really wants to grab everything and not even leave her crumbs, he also ridiculed her by telling her to her face that the knight went out with her out of courtesy, the same one that is used to let her cross the way to grandparents! Poor Gemsyears and years to pull up Idato tell herlook at all this, one day it will be yours‘and then see what a treat he has reserved for you!

Anyway, I’m Franco clearly a dead man of fame like all his predecessors, one who has already made the count of hanging around in the studio for months with the excuse of the knowledge to be deepened and the feeling that must have time to develop, when the true truth is who has spent the whole episode planting sturdy stakes that can protect him from any intention, on the part of the Galganonato be able to switch to any form of physical contact.

Gemthen, today she seemed more stunned than usual and seemed not to be aware of the obvious fake in front of her, but DON’T FORGET IT, Gem is Gemshe knows the toy better than any of us, she plays the fool not to go to war, she would pretend to believe in the interest of Tinì towards her, if that would serve to hold onto her shriveled, skimpy notebook in the episode.

On the front Classical thronewhat to say, I remain of the idea that Alice Barisciani you keep making every single move wrong with Federico Nicotera: in short, you had an argument, he told you things that were not exactly nice, you showed a pinch of character and you reacted, and then what do you do? Time a few hours and you carpet yourself organizing the outdoor surprise and limonandotelo as well? I mean, but why? But keep the point for a moment, santoddio!

Which then, open and closed parentheses, he in external with Alice he was clearly scazzatissimo, he seemed impatient and eager to go home like me when I am in line at Post office. Today we learn that just before the surprise of the Barisciani he had done an external with Carola Carpanelli from which he had come out angry, so much so that in external with Alice he also speaks in the plural when he says’You piss me off‘.

Here, that is, how to say, if he is cold on the outside, if the kiss practically starts from you, if in the episode of that kiss I don’t even talk because he spends all his time arguing with another, how is it possible that Alice do not take a step back and give a brake to the avalanche of continuous confirmations that gives the tronista? I had said it in time about her and I confirm it: she has the mood of the geisha, she favors Federico in anything, and probably if they were together any quarrel would be resolved thanks to her taking a step back even when she’s right. Will it be a winning strategy? I can’t know because I don’t know the Nicotera and I don’t know what he is looking for in a woman, certainly, however, his approach is the furthest from me, that’s it.

In my eyes, however, it is quite clear that the tronista’s interest is all for Carolawhatever he does in his throne, in the end he is always a Carola that ends up: you kiss with Alice and gets angry because Carola does not react, does the external with Lucretia and gets angry because Carola she is not jealous, in short, the feeling is that the others are just a side dish that the tronista needs to provoke and bring out the character of the only one he really likes.

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And, to be honest, I don’t feel like I can totally condemn Federico when he says ‘don’t hear’ Carolawhy the Carpanelli it actually has a particular character, it doesn’t give demonstrations in words, it doesn’t give demonstrations by gestures, you have to cling to the crumbs it gives you, even today when the DeFy he asked her if she was thinking of the tronista at home, she replied something like ‘Myes, only that I am also very busy, if I study I don’t think about him‘, that is, understand that this thing – which I LOVE why Men and women over the years it has accustomed us to waves of doormat suitors who, when you see one a bit different, thrills you – can it generate insecurity in the other person?

TO Federico rode that Carola does not make him clearly understand that he is interested and, in my opinion, it hurts even more to realize how interested he is. In short, let’s say that in this throne I see the suitor in a situation of ‘power’ compared to the tronista, and I don’t mind because really in the studies men and donnians it is absolutely the exception to the rule.

They are cute, come on. They would probably last as long as a cat on the ring road for a myriad of reasons, but they stay cute, and after the intensive sessions of Ida, Riccardo and company, they make me just the effect of a breath of fresh air.

Video of the episode: Full episode – Maria: “Do you think Franco likes Gemma?” – Franco: “I’m curious at the moment I’m not attracted to Gemma” – Maria: “Would you kiss Gemma?” – Maria: “Franco you’re justifying the future two of spades” – Federico and Alice: the hard-nosed confrontation – Federico and Alice after the outdoor – Federico: “Carola won’t get me!”

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