Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/16/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/16/22
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There are many things that as a viewer I don’t lose a Ida Platano And Richard Guarnieribut with the stake of Men and women today has reached its peak, the absolute lowest level to which these two individuals have taken me. Shake my hands virtually because it takes a lot of effort to say it huh, squeeze me tight, close my eyes and say it all at once so maybe it will hurt less: today Armando was completely right.


Here’s what they did to me. That’s how they reduced me.

Yes, because now the levels of Embarrassment reached by these two plus the hardcover next to them (yes, AlexanderI’m talking about you, hello) they are so tall, these two have so smashed our chestnuts, they have brought us to exhaustion, they are so rambling and unsustainable that, yes, even Embodiedin attacking them, ends up saying sensible things and being right.

Look, really, I’m now on Idardi I’ve just finished my words, and also the insults that cannot be prosecuted, I’m really crossing out the days on the calendar waiting for the episode that will free us, at least for some time, from two of the characters in this horrid Venezuelan drama, but if I have to be honestly, for a couple of episodes now, the one who is really leaving me speechless (as, by the way, he usually remains, that man spends 3/4 of his life with his mouth to get some air) is really Alexander.

In short, now I from Ida And Richard I expect everything, and to describe what I think of them there are about 5 years of insults opinions, but Alexander he’s a bit of a new entry, he’s the new character of this fourth-rate TV series, and I’m eating my hands when I think back to when I defended him last year!

I mean I’m sorry but here, and right here, Armando he was TOTALLY RIGHT (my heart aches writing that, damn you Idardimaledeeeettihhhhh): a few months ago the Nearness broke off acquaintance with Ida because, among other things (including the fact that Ale he said he wanted to lead a light life a bit like Wedding ring the tronista, while Ida was already organizing his transfer to Brescia), he could still see behind the plane tree the shadow of Richard: here, how is it possible that now he goes on AFTER ALL THE WELL WE ARE SEEING HOLY GODOOOO!

No, but I go crazy, that is, but Ida until yesterday he stood there begging Richard to write her the note, spend ALL the episodes arguing with him (and there the of Padua he is TOTALLY right: “If I don’t care about an ex anymore, I don’t even care about wasting hours arguing with them“), even today when the Guarnieri entered the studio and spoke his first words, the plane tree she freaked out, started shaking, got up and completely lost control of herself, but you, Alexanderthat you see these things as we all see them, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE A LITTLE OWN LOVE?

And it is right here that, Alashe’s right Armandobecause I absolutely agree with him when he says that Alexander he sees everything and understands everything, IF he was really interested and taken by Ida with the cabbage that he would have remained there silent and silent like an inanimate broccolone, but since his interest is to go ahead in the program and to remain anchored to who (Ida) can guarantee him to always remain on the crest of visibility and can guarantee him an eternal entrance ticket to the Helios, then with the cabbage who’s pissed off for the foolish figure they make him look every time, with the cabbage who raises his voice and yells, if he raised his voice and asserted himself he’d have to leave the program by himself, and exit the program by himself he wants say close. Exit the program with Idaon the other hand, it’s a whole other matter, and so there he is, shut up, mute and pretending not to realize he’s less than a makeshift, or because after all a makeshift isn’t, Ida she is exploiting him and he is exploiting Idais a simple tacitly agreed transaction.

I’m sorry but this reasoning is the only rational reasoning that I can find for a situation that would otherwise be pure madness, because in today’s episode the plane tree she was still trembling for Riccardo and (SPOILER ALERTTTTTTTTTTTTT) the NEXT TOMORROW (because ONE DAY passed between the recording seen today and the next) she left the program with the hardcover. Do you understand that at this point thinking of an agreement, more or less tacit, to guarantee visibility, is the least disturbing hypothesis of all the others?

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Ah, anyway when the Incarnate started ranting randomly against Gaia Nicoletti I breathed a big sigh of relief because the one who has always shown to be in there returned, and therefore my agreement with him was fortunately very limited in the time. Fiuuuu.

Let’s grit our teeth friends, next week, at this time, the nightmare should start a truce. The Christmas truce. We deserve it.

Video of the episode: Entire episode – Roberta: ”Ida but the feeling for Alessandro?” – Riccardo: ”Alessandro ask yourself what Ida really thinks!” – Riccardo: ”Ida, do you know that Alessandro…”– Armando: ”Ida, Alessandro declares himself in love and allows all of this?”– Armando: ”Gloria, why don’t you go out with Riccardo?”– Riccardo: ”In front of me… ”– Maria: ‘Ida what did you discuss with Alessandro?”

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