Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/17/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/17/22
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No, sorry, but now I want someone to explain to me what was the logical thread, the mental passage, the consecutive that came to mind a Queen Mary on the finale of today’s episode of Men and women when he said to Carola Carpanelli to sit on the knees of Frederick Nicotera.

No, please, someone explain it to me because I found that moment so surreal and so CRINGE that I had to throw away the headphones I was wearing on the pc!

That is but Mary but sorry but IN WHAT SENSE, BUT WHY never Carola he should have sat on the lap of that other one who would already have been cringe at the base because doing things on someone else’s orders is embarrassing in itself, but then WHAT THE FUCK DID IT HAVE TO DO WITH IT after what had happened in the episode, BUT EXCUSE ME QUEEN MERY.

That is Frederick he spent the entire episode practically insulting the Carpenellithe other one said outright that she finds it hard to open up on the physical plane because she doesn’t yet feel she has confidence, and the De Filippi comes with the big solution: Sit on his lap. OOOOOYIIIIII.

No, anyway, you know that to me Frederick And Carola they have always liked, and even after today’s episode I remain convinced of the strong interest of the tronista towards the suitor, but I think it was evident, today as never before, how completely incompatible the two are. He says A, she understands B and vice versa. I understand both of their points of view but I also understand that they will never understand each other.

The Nicotera, apparently, and from what I also read in a recent interview in the broadcast magazine, he is used to having an easy life with women, even in the interview in question he even told of women who fought over him (his modesty , it seems) therefore in front of a person who doesn’t give him half a demonstration and who always maintains a certain detachment, both physical and in verbal utterances, he gets his ass gnawed *. He gnaws his ass *.

All the nastiness spewed on the Carpanelli today they are due to the burning of side b that derives from not being able to create a communication channel AS HE WANTS, with the suitor. Even that tell her ‘if you want to leave go away, you could also not come‘ and blah blah blah, they’re the result of anger, because then when she’s really about to leave you start wagging your tail around her so she doesn’t really go away.

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Carolain turn, he says things that I understand, I understand his difficulty in making an external stream in which he tells his private ca*hs on TV, I understand his difficulty in indulging in physical manifestations when you still don’t feel enough comfortable with the person in front of you, and I also understand the bursting into tears when you’re nervous (parentheses: Federico nice, bursting into tears when you get nervous is not a fact related to age, I still today, at my ripe old age and with minors under my responsibility, when I am EXTREMELY angry or EXTREMELY nervous, I whine more than my daughters. And by the way, another parenthesis: when you’re nervous, it’s better to cry than shoot nastiness at the interlocutor xoxo), despite understanding all these things Carolahowever, I also understand that Frederickafter two months, also needs that little bit more that makes him understand that the interest is for him and not for the context in which he finds himself.

Basically I think the Nicoteraif Carola unbalanced herself a little more clearly towards him, if she did a more carefree exterior and with some flashes of physical contact, she would have no big doubts in choosing her, because it seems clear to me that she has took a hit from the start, but if Carola she doesn’t feel like behaving in a certain way, if it doesn’t come spontaneously and if the thing isn’t concretely fueled, well, one must only and exclusively acknowledge that there is no compatibility and amen.

In all this, however, if you want to have profile info Instagram of the Carpanelli you can ask Frederick, eh, kill, even the days of the week in which it comes out are marked! And she has seen videos that I, who follow her on social networks, have not even seen and had completely escaped me. What then on the phrase ‘it seems to you that I can’t manage to dance‘ I got a blow from 1930 which I tell you feeeermate. Well, let’s say that if these two already seem incompatible for the thousand reasons that we see in the episode, outside it would probably be even worse with her who rightly wants to live her 20s and him who thinks he has to give her permission to let her go to the disco with the friends.

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That Gemma Galgani she wasn’t interested in Santa’s grandfather it was clear, the gentleman on the other hand seemed really tender to me, let’s hope he can find a good lady. By now there Galghy she is so degraded that even her quarrels with Tina Cipollati are cut in the bud, it’s really true that Queen Mary it creates and destroys them in a second.

Of the umpteenth block out of the three of theAve Maria the only thing i remember is that video of Richard stripping in the dressing room while ranting about her ex from twelve years ago.

Here, take that video, mute it and, voilà: this is the ONLY one Richard that we always want to see.

Video of the episode: Entire episode – Maria: ”Riccardo if you were a woman and saw this video…” – Alessandro: ”Ida if the past becomes current again…” – Alessandro: ”I would go out even now with Ida.” – External by Gemma and Giovanni – Gemma and Giovanni: stop getting to know each other – Federico and Carola: clarification in the dressing room – Federico, Carola and the difficult communication

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