Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/15/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/15/22
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That is but we are practically on the threshold of 2023, but I can still feel that a Men and women the accusation of ‘look for followers and visibility‘?

But please, please!

But Men and women it has been on the air for 20 years and in 20 we have now seen EVERYONE, really EVERYONE, even the apparently most God-fearing suitors, ride visibility and social following to make money, and STILL does ‘searching for followers’ REALLY need to be an accusation I need to hear in that study? I mean it’s paradoxical, it’s like if you go to a restaurant and accuse whoever is sitting at the table of being looking for stuff to eat!

But who is it that goes looking for love up Channel 5 from Maria DeFilippi if not those who like visibility and social following, come on!

Which then I the story of Carola Carpanellifollowing her on social networks, I had even seen her live when she posted it and I swear I was SURE that this thing would have been the subject of controversy, because Men and women turns and turns the same things always happen and today a Carola happened neither more nor less than what happened at the time a Julia DeLellisto Beatrice Valli (mama mia do you remember the avalanche of insinuations about Bea who was already an influencer while courting Marco Fantini? I rooted for her and laughed a lot when they considered her disinterested just because she already just got on with the job LOL) oa Camilla Mangiapelo… well, this stuff of the accusation of being doZi because you do something that can come close to what is what all these people participate in Men and women aspires to do, has become ridiculous.

But Frederick Nicotera he even went further, because he not only disliked the story in which Carola the brand of her skirt said, but from there he even came to question it altogether, even thinking that the exterior seen today (exterior, moreover, beautiful, in my opinion, perhaps so beautiful that it was necessary to do something to resize it… I don’t know if you know what I mean) the suitor organized it at the Trevi Fountaincomplete with a kiss to the tronista, just to do something striking in public.

I mean, got it, she’s on a show that’s on Channel 5seen more or less by 3 million people, but to have visibility it needs the external one Trevi Fountain where in all likelihood it was mainly Chinese tourists who stopped and watched them, who also filmed the pigeons shitting inside Piazza di Spagnaand that they were probably convinced that some local photo novel was being filmed.

And the even funnier thing is that then, after sti pipponi pulled a Carolabased on advances, the next external with Alice Bariscianiwill do it in an intimate and discreet place: the concert of Alexandra Amorosowhere 90% of the audience is that Marian who inevitably follows you, recognizes you and photographs you, rather than the poor unsuspecting tourists hanging around in the center of Rome.

And also the accusation, also moved by Gianni Spertion the fact that the Carpanelli is ‘suddenly changed, too sudden a change that makes one doubt it is false‘ seems ridiculous, it seems to me that the attitude of Carola is more or less always the same, the only thing that has changed has been the kiss which obviously also unlocks a level of intimacy and trust that wasn’t there before, but after three months of knowing each other that a kiss arrives doesn’t seem like a sudden thing, it seems to me something that has arrived extremely gradually, and now that the throne is starting, HOPE, to its final phase, it seems normal to loosen up a bit and release the brakes. And when it was held back and because it was held back and it was false, and when it let go and why it let go and then it was false, that is, but you also broke the balls, eh.

Federilisten to aunt, if the doubt that Carola is really interested in you must really torment you in this way, do a good thing, choose Alice and don’t worry, you have your beeeeeelle and loooooong chats full of content, and fat.

Which then, among other things, in light of what the Nicotera be informed in detail about everything that happens on social networks, I would say that it is he who should start to be less obsessed with it, my goodness, how anxious oh, this checked the photos, videos, followers, also monitor the pages that she start following, but that is, but this level of manic control is missing Pinuccia Our good soulhuh.

For the rest I shocked by the presence of Gabriele D’Annunzio to Men and women! I had never stopped to look at him well but Joseph it is precisely the reincarnation of Gabrielwho knows if he will recite poems during dinners, and who knows if after dinner he will have the same verve he had Gabrieluzzo (I know that even if you were donkeys at school and never opened a book of Italian, the filthy tendencies of D’Annunzio you all know them!).

I’ll end by saying anyway Men and women is a metaverse, a metaverse where Biagio DiMaro he is judged as someone who doesn’t know how to treat women well (which is very true), and he is the one to judge him Armando Incarnate (…), and a metaverse in which a Richard Guarnieri advice is given on how to behave in love, and to give them is Gemma Galgani (…).

Video of the episode: Entire episode – Biagio: “Silvia you are fake!” – Daniela: “Giuseppe I don’t feel wanted…” – Silvia: “Biagio it didn’t go as you say!” – Three ladies for Armando – Gemma: ”Riccardo? I’m not talking about him. Even if…” – Federico and Carola: the photo of discord –

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