Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/20/22


Men and Women: Isa’s opinion on the episode of 12/20/22
Written by aquitodovale

One thing that will never cease to fascinate me about the historical figures of Throne over Of Men and womenis the ability to defend justice and fairness in front of people who, even if they want to exaggerate, are still guilty of a millionth of their wrongdoings.

But we want to talk about the verbal assault reserved today by Armando Incarnate to Antonella Perini?

That is, but as far as I’m concerned it is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT that what he said Armando whether it’s true or not, but calm down in the meantime because seeing certain ways and tones is already unpleasant in general, but then because in any case HE is not in a position to point the finger at anyone, eccheccazzooh!

People who have been bivouacking at the Elios for YEARS and who think that we are all idiots in believing that they really give a damn about finding love, people who, over the years, perhaps forget it, but have some incorrect things, even towards the broadcast and the public made quite a few (hello Noel Antwould you like to tell us a story about Armando?!), people who are not and will never be in a position to point fingers at others because these others will hardly ever reach the same levels of fake.

But then, another thing, EVEN IF it were true that Antonella she wanted to hang out with people she didn’t like just to keep the show longer, HOWEVER Armando he said it only today, after learning that the dating with that Luca in reality it is very good and has become profound, and instead in the name of its IMMENSE transparency it has not revealed it immediately by informing us and the SacraReda of the sneaky game of that bad girl of the Perini?

What am I supposed to think, what if instead Antonella hadn’t gone into depth with anyone and had continued to support only him, would he have stood up to her and helped her to stay within the program as long as possible by deceiving everyone?

What then, forgive me, but when the Perini he says that during his outings with Armando there was a kiss, and she didn’t tell about it because it was right Mr Incarnate to advise her not to do it because “otherwise you come out badly and they criticize you“, I BELIEVE THEM BLINDLY, BUT BLINDLY! Also because it wouldn’t be the first time Armando puts this trick into practice, those with a good memory will remember that he even did the same thing with his current bff Ida Platano so it’s just a modus operandi already nice and run-in.

You are known paper, my friends, no one believes you, no one falls for it, and don’t worry about who ‘gets you dirty’ because in reality you are already very good at doing it yourself.

In all of this, however, that Luca he seems to me a very nice, cheerful and positive man, I would like it if the thing between him and Antonella went on to face of those who, always for years, have seen people against whom they have pointed the finger leave the program respecting the purpose for which the transmission exists and demonstrating what TRUE transparency is.

Final notes:

Cristina Tenuta throughout the studio and after months of being there is only able to feel interest in Armando. Cristina Tenuta in recent weeks he has spoken several times to defend Richard Guarnieri. TO Cristina Tenuta Armando likes and defends Richard. We have to help Cristina Tenuta.

Daniella Manganaro she thinks that the gentleman she is dating is jealous of the fact that she is still in touch with Biagio DiMaro. But that pig in my opinion is more incredulous and perplexed than jealous, I would be too if the woman I frequent boasted our Mr Mozzarella among his best friends

– “Whoever strikes from SABOLA, from SABOLA perishes“. Guys, she also gets paid for her interventions. Queen.

Video of the episode: Entire episode – Gloria: “Riccardo on what basis do you want to continue with me?” – Cristina: ”Gloria I defend Riccardo…” – Riccardo: ”In short, how should a man behave?” – A lady for Riccardo – Armando: ”Cristina you say you want only me and then..” – Luca and Antonella in full swing – The rapprochement between Gloria and Riccardo – Daniela: ”Claudio asked me about… Biagio!”

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